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5 Ways To Achieve An All-Day Namaste

How to keep a clear head and calm spirit in the hours following your favorite yoga class.

Your 6:30 a.m. yoga class leaves you feeling rested, focused and grounded for the day ahead. Then your first set of work emails pour in, you get caught in commuter traffic and spill coffee on the front of your pressed suit.

Many of us enjoy yoga because it begs a certain lifestyle of peace through the chaos of our regular days. And while we may be able to strike a confident Warrior Pose in the quiet moments before the swell of our responsibilities come into play, those attitudes can be lost in moments of high stress and unexpected pressure if we’re not careful to keep a healthy mindset in check.

Here are a few ways to combat the daily catch-you-off-guard surprises for an “all-day namaste.” Read more


Watch Our Most-Viewed Video of 2015 (1000+ Views)

Check out this beautiful, dynamic flow by YYC. The practice of yoga combines balance, flexibility and mental and physical energy. Hope you are inspired in your own practice today.

Thank you to Jon Pears for the production of this video.


Secrets to a Wide Leg Press Up

John Yax demonstrates how to work the press up, starting with a wide-leg press up for an easier experience. Try to work one leg at a time and play with the balance since having one leg lifted makes for a lighter second leg to lift. Try this technique and let us know how it goes in the comments below.


What’s Missing From Most Yoga Studios?

John Yax talks about what is missing from most contemporary yoga studios. Most yoga classes focus on just one aspect of yoga – asanas and postures – but there is much, much more to a yoga practice than poses! Find out what that is by watching this video.


Tension vs Compression in Forearms (Video)

John Yax talks about tension versus compression in forearms and how the ulna and radius bones play into this in certain poses. In poses such as forearm balance and even downward facing dog, the goal is to keep elbows and hands adjusted as needed to keep shoulders stable and not lose stability and structure when trying to get thumbs down to the floor. Try adjusting the distance between your thumbs in a forearm balance pose and let us know how it goes!



Tension vs Compression in Warrior II Demonstration Video

Christopher Yax discusses tension versus compression in the body, demonstrated here in the Warrior II pose. When you practice yoga consistently and over a long period of time, you may reach the point of compression. This does not mean the pose ends, it means that your approach to the pose has to be adjusted for a lifelong and sustainable practice.


Jump Through Yoga Demonstration – Part Two of Two (Video)

Christopher Yax continues the second part of this advanced pose breakdown. Christopher demonstrates how to jump through with bent knees (moving both fast and slow) and also how to jump through with straight legs (moving both fast and slow). The trick again is to get your hips up high and to use the muscles along your back line and core to move your lower body through your arms. Blocks can also help assist as you build into this pose, or if your body type is one that needs the extra length for your arms. Don’t forget that the real aim of yoga is to experience the truth of who you are, and that these advanced postures are just for playing with your strength and flexibility. Happy practicing!



Jump Through Yoga Demonstration – Part One of Two (Video)

John Yax breaks down the beginning of the jump through. To get your feet to come through your hands, your hips have to first be high enough to give you that room. Start with doing donkey kicks to train your body to stack. After you’ve practiced stacking your body, work on creating moments of hang time. When you have succeeded at gaining hang time, then try to lightly land your feet between your hands. Next week we will show you the next phase of progression for the jump through.


New Workshop: Live a Life of Love, Love the Life You Live (Saturday 12/5)

Laura and Lindsey

Live A Life of Love, Love the Life You Live

How would you live your life if fear was not a factor? Join Laura Stevens (RYT 500) & Lindsey Wrable (RYT 500) to learn tools to use your fears as a compass for change and choose love in each moment of your life to live the life of your dreams! Workshop will also include group discussion, meditation and 60 minute practice. This workshop is open to all levels.

Hot House Yoga West End Studio, Richmond
Saturday, December 5
1:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Teachers: Laura Stevents (E-RYT 500) and Lindsey Wrable (E-RYT 500)
$49 if registered by November 21 ($69 if registered November 22 or later)
Note: This event will sell out. Register today!
To register, sign up at the front desk of any Hot House Yoga location or call (804) 622-0099.


Full Pick Up Yoga Demonstration Video

Building on last week’s “Pick Up Prep” video by Chris Yax, his brother John Yax demonstrates how to get your feet underneath you and slide through to a full pick up. The trick is to get your hips up, draw your heart and weight forward, and rock your feet through. Be sure to practice your lolasana and remember that momentum will be your friend here!