About Us



Yax Yoga Concepts was born from the Yax family. There are six siblings that make up the immediate family. At an early age, their parents exposed them to the practice of meditation and the power of loving-kindness. Their experiences growing up taught them the importance of taking care of each other, the value of community, and how a healthy body and mind is a necessity to live a full life. Without knowing it, they were being introduced to the core principles of yoga.

The Yax brothers (John, Christopher, and Jimmy) started off on the path to yoga through martial arts. Through the teachings of Jeet Kune Do Concepts, they learned the importance of staying open minded, and to embrace growth and change as much as possible. The Yax sisters’ (Colleen, Sarah, Elizabeth) path to yoga went through dance, body work and personal fitness. One by one, they all came to yoga for different reasons, but with a common desire to help people live well.

In a continual pursuit of excellence, coupled with their passion for the practice, John and Christopher developed a unique approach to yoga called Yax Yoga Concepts. Yax Yoga Concepts is based on the philosophy which adheres to being open to evolving with the needs of the individual and the community. This methodology incorporates the most effective practices from various styles of yoga and spiritual traditions, blending cutting edge science with grounded wisdom teachings. The result is a holistic approach to the understanding of personal transformation.