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What Is This Episode About…

This episode is part four of our five-part immersion series. This week, we complete the Awakened Life Formula with a lesson on manifestation and how we can visualize our dreams into our reality.


John teaches this week and focuses on components of manifestation. We mentioned before that the awakened life is all about healing and opening up the mind, body and heart Manifestation is all about the heart and mind. It helps us fill our hearts with purpose and gives us the drive we need to take action and achieve our dream. The emotions we feel motivates our behavior.


John teaches us that our minds help us visualize our dreams. If focus equals feeling, we need to be cognizant  of the feelings we hold onto. Our minds will manifest those feelings into what we experience. He tells us that if we work on picturing and believing in the life we want, we can achieve it. We need to allow our minds to see our dreams and open our physical environment to those desires.


Listen and learn how we consciously open our minds to funnel our dreams into reality on this week’s episode of The Awakened Life.


Key Takeaways

  • Introduction of today’s topic, Manifestation (0:34)
  • Completing The Awakened Life Formula (1:48)
  • Achieving yoga release off the mat (4:39)
  • Why it is important to fill your hearts with purpose (4:51)
  • How focus equals feeling (5:23)
  • How we manifest dreams (9:49)
  • Ras Receptors, what are they and how they help us visualize our dreams (11:27)
  • Beliefs vs actions (15:45)
  • Our explanation of the Law of Creation (20:59)
  • Why it is so important to be specific with your dreams (24:36)


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This episode was released June 17, 2020

Episode Transcript…

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Hello and welcome to Episode Four of the Awakened Life podcast. Today we are super excited to share with you how to achieve a yoga like release off of the mat. It’s really about unlocking that supernatural power of self worth and self love in everyday life. We’re excited about this episode because what you heard in previous episodes was movement, how movement is so much more than just the physical poses and how it sets us up for the next pillar of meditation. Really the truth of what yoga is all about how to get to the mind is still the movement meditation brings us to what we’re going to talk about today manifestation. This is the awakened life formula, move, meditate manifest. It is the key to achieving an awakened life. We’re excited so  let’s jump on in.



Welcome to The Awakened Life podcast where we’re going to give you the exact blueprint of how to live an awakened life. A life filled with purpose, passion, and power. We are the Yax brothers John and Chris, and we’re here to share the truth that yoga is so much more than stretching. It’s the oldest personal development system ever created. The problem is that most modern day yoga focuses solely on getting better at poses, and promotes this idea that if you get good enough, one day, your life will magically fall into place and your struggles with the world will end. Listen in each week, we reveal the truth about what yoga actually is, and how it’s designed to bring the life of your dreams into reality. If you’re ready to take immediate action to live an awakened life, join our private Facebook group Yax Yoga Lab and get two of our most popular yoga courses for free.



Okay, so just a little quick recap. The Awakened Life Formula. So this is what we’re teaching guys, The Awakened Life formula it is movement, meditation and manifestation, the three components to yoga that are not taught. Everybody focus’ on this first component and spouted in yoga that this first component all you have to do is move get on your mat and do yoga and your everything will happen for you have better relationships and better lives and you’ll find your dream work and everything will fall into place. And, and and we very quickly get disillusioned because we’re missing the other parts that are so important. Right? When we start to connect, right, I talked about this a few days ago about the movement, like when we use a systematic framework, a systematic methodology to move our bodies. We will keep our bodies young. It’s not about doing gymnastics, it’s about staying youthful and energized. Right so that I can do the things I love to do all the way up to the end of my life, right play with my kids and surf and do jiu jitsu play, right? Be able to play in these bodies, right? They shouldn’t fall apart as we get older. The other big component to the movement that I talked about was the how it’s such a beautiful catalyst to teach us how to become focused right to to create that awareness that is necessary for the next stage of meditation. And Chris talked about this yesterday. We’ve been meditation about how meditation is vital because we get caught in these negative feedback loops. And it’s part of nature. Our species survived and lived as long as it has because our ancestors focused on the negative right when the negative back then was a tiger jumping out and eating meat. The negative back then was noticing the snake over the flower right and so but our old brains still have that now we don’t have bears and tigers jumping out, snakes jumping out at us, we have an argument we had with our significant other we have a traffic jam, we have the our employer saying something funky to us. You know, we have these little things in life that the simulators still work off the old programming that it has for millions of years, takes that into a simulation, and we get caught in these negative feedback loops. And so what Chris was going with this is when we establish meditation, as the second pillar to the foundation of this, were able to shift like that tool of programming the mind works, whether it’s negative positive and we can shift it in a way that allows it to be positive. And this is the next step into what I want to talk about today, which is manifestation, which gives us we get all these components aligned. It gives us the ability to live an awakened life. And that’s what it’s all about. How do we live in waking life? So, Dave, Oh, you guys ready for this? So here we go. So day four, and we titled day four achieving yoga like release off the mat, unlocking the supernatural power of self worth, and self love in our everyday life. This comes down to it as you can see, like movement is about the body. Meditation is about the mind. manifestation is about the heart. What I’m going to talk about today is a way of filling our hearts with a purpose so that I be compassionate, and so that I have the drive to take action, right? So that power in my life, and so this is all about the heart. And what does it take to manifest your dreams? Most And heart equals manifestation, emotion, heart equals manifestation. We’ll talk about this later. But emotion drives behavior. If I don’t have this heart component, I’m not going to take action, I’m not going to be able to move in the direction of my dreams. Even before that, I have to get clear. We’ll talk about that in just a moment. So hold on tight guys. role for focus equals feeling, focus equals feeling, right? Whatever I focus on creates a feeling. That feeling creates the experience of living. Whatever you hold in your mind, on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life. This is the basis for manifestation. Right? What we hold in our mind, in a consistent basis, is exactly what we will experience in our lives. When I first started in this path, and I’m sure you guys have heard like, the secret, right they there was a book and then a movie. They made a book about the movie or vice versa, right? That all came out and was like, ah, all I have to do is think about a million dollars and a check shows up in the mail I also have to do is imagine myself driving my new dream car and then it somehow shows up in my driveway. They had good teaching in it, but a lot of what happened is people took that and like, I’ve tried it and this stuff doesn’t work. The law of attraction is Bs, and the secret is Bs and but it was around that time when that came out the Christian or like, when is something there’s something to this. And this was our, the beginning of manifestation for us. What do we do every year on December 31, usually pretty inebriated, we would write down on a piece of paper our dream for that year, write it down and figure out what we wanted. I kind of figured this is crazy. We figured out like 15 minutes before the ball would drop. And so we’d write it down on a piece of paper and everyone that we’re with we Okay, we got to write down our intentions for the year. This is our new year’s resolutions. And then we’d have a fire going and right at 12 o’clock we would throw those pieces of paper into the fire. The idea is a super hippie dippie tree. Huggy soft, so bear with me. And the idea was that in those intentions would burn into the fire, the smoke would go into the ether and out into the universe, and then it would manifest. Guess what happened the next day. Besides a hangover, I couldn’t remember what I wrote on that piece of paper. Right or vaguely? Right. And if I did, it didn’t really matter. Because a week later, I didn’t remember and a month later, I didn’t remember and I’m like, wonder why my intention isn’t, isn’t unfolding. I can’t quite remember what it was. So that was kind of the beginning of like, the law of attraction. If you like, Oh, yeah, I write my resolution down at one time a year. My plan for the entire year. My goal, my dream, the vision of a bigger experience of living. I write it down once a year, and it’s on December 31. And I’m usually slightly intoxicated. And then I wonder why those resolutions don’t work or a couple months later, I fall off


so As the secret came out, we started studying a little bit and realized, okay, maybe there is something to this. And we started realizing, okay, you need to write them down and then have it with you kind of consistently. So our next experience with this is we right before we open up the studios, we wrote down exactly what we wanted in the studios. It was a list of maybe like 10 things or something like that. Chris wrote it, and I wrote it. And so then after we wrote it, and we read it, we were talking about a little bit of it a night of that, and then we folded it up and put it away, didn’t look at it again. didn’t even know where it was. Studios opened up, and we’re doing our thing. And about a year after the studio is being opened, Chris finds these in his desk, these things like Dude, look at this. And we looked at what we wrote. And the majority of what we wrote down had come true. So we’re like, Whoa, that’s pretty cool. Let’s motivate us to take it to a deeper level. Now, what we realize in the deeper studying of this stuff of manifestation, how do I create the life of my dreamz what we realized is, I need consistency. I need to read it daily, I need to understand it and see it daily. I’m going to go into the why we ended up doing this in a bigger way and created literally created the wives that we had. Right, literally created, the homes we’re living in right now literally created the business, the studios and the the work that we do. We deliberately created it, we got very clear on what we wanted to do, how we wanted it to feel what we wanted it to look like, we dream big, and we dream specific. And then we were consistent in the application of that. And I’ll get into the why in just a moment. So how about right now? There’s a lot. So how things manifest, right how things manifest. What you see here is this kind of arches here this these loops at the top, this is ABC and at the bottom. This is ABC at the top this the first line of ABC represents attractor patterns, these attractor patterns, we know them as thoughts. I want to say this right now because this is going to make a difference. We’re doing this consciously or unconsciously, we are always doing this all the time. This is how life works. We are constantly creating the life that we’re seeing. Most of us are doing it unconscious. This is the problem guys, most of us are doing it unconsciously. Right, we’re creating this life, but we’re doing it unconsciously we’re like, damn it, why am I seeing experiencing the same thing over and over and over again? Like why can I have a different life? The attractor patterns, the thoughts that we keep thinking that the what we’re holding in our mind on a consistent basis melds into this matrix of possibilities, this matrix of all possibilities, right. So this gets into these loops, right summation of all possibilities are consists of energy and action. So I can think about something on a consistent basis and it drops into The World Energy. But this is most important. What I’m thinking about dictates the actions that I’m taking. So it’s energy and action, right? It’s energy and action. It’s what’s going on in the world, the energy, right, the bigger energy of the world like the quantum field, whatever you want to call that, that organizes the beautiful organization of everything that is plus my the actions that I’m taking, that are intertwined. We’ll talk about that a little bit, that create observable results that create the results, my thoughts, plus the energy of everything that is combined, because we’re co creating here guys combined with action that I take creates the results. This is happening all the time, whether we like it or not, whether we’re conscious of it or not. And what we’re saying here is that if we become conscious, if we be awake to it, this is why this is The Awakened Life if we wake ourselves up to this ability, this is This gift this birthright that you have, you’re able to do it on purpose, you’re able to create the life that you see in your mind that you visualize that you see yourself living like that you actually wrote down as homework the other day. So, this brings us to the raspberry scepters raz ra S stands for the reticular activating system is the receptors in the part of the brain that highlight the things in our environment that we tell it to highlight. And here’s where it ties back in. What we hold in our mind on a consistent basis is how we experience our lives. What we hold in our minds on a consistent basis, is what we’re telling these rats receptors to pay attention to. Right this isn’t foreign to you guys. You understand this? You’ve had the experience of it in a really great example of is like when you went to buy a new car, and you’re you did the research online probably if you’re like me, you did a lot of research online, and you checked out the the making the model the one you liked, the space and the mileage all that stuff and then you picked up a color. And then you went to the dealership and you maybe test drove one. And then you maybe didn’t buy just then but you you’re on your way driving back home. And guess what you start to see. Right so let’s say that the car that I was looking for was a was a black Toyota Tacoma. And I researched like yeah, I want to get a black Toyota coma like this, this tires and, and blah, blah, blah. And then I went to the dealership drove one and I’m driving back home and guess what I see all over the place when I didn’t see that. I didn’t see it before. But all of a sudden, everywhere I see black Toyota Tacoma us all of a sudden, what the hell just happened? Did everyone all of a sudden buy a black Toyota Tacoma and started driving it around right then? Like, how does that happen? No, they were already there. Your environment already has everything in it already. We just haven’t told the RAZR assessors to pay attention to it until we do until we say razz receptors. I really like this pay attention to it. This is an important to me pay attention to it. And all of a sudden you see it everywhere. This is how the browser sectors work. And this is how we consciously create. What it is that we want to see where we want to go the direction of our lives and what we want to manifest in our lives, we begin on a consistent basis comes back down to that story about like burning our intentions and never not really thinking about or writing the intention down and putting it away and never read it. Right. When we do the creation on a consistent basis, when we when we tell her as receptors, hey, this is really important to me pay attention to it, we start to see it in our environment. And those things start to mess. This is where the energy of the universe, the quantum soup that we are all in all the time. This is where it starts to co create our lives. And what I mean by that is, it’s there, right? We just haven’t told our brains pay attention to it. So that when that conversation comes up that Oh, yeah, I was really think about it moves us in a direction. We see that thing that moves us in the direction it takes us in that direction. into that space. So this is how creation can work for us or against us. If we’re not conscious, this will be a negative feedback pattern. If we are conscious, this will create the life of our dreams. So there’s four boxes here, the first one says potential. Next one says actions. Next one says results. And the last one says beliefs. What happens to us is we have a specific set of beliefs. These beliefs are based, like Chris talked about this area, we can literally take what Chris talked about in the four boxes and overlay them on top of this, and it would it would completely coincide, completely coincide. The beliefs are based off stories, Chris talks about this. So we all have a story that holds a belief. It holds up a belief that we have, right so we have this set of these sets of beliefs and these beliefs, create the potential that we think we have in our lives, right? The potential this potential that we believe we have creates the level of action that We take or don’t take those actions create observable results, right, create the results in our lives. Those results then create the beliefs. The belief then create the potential, the potential creates the actions that we take the actions that we take creates more results, the results, enhance or hold up those beliefs and then increase the potential so if my uses example of this, like if I believe, right from my history, I had a bunch of bad relationships and I believe I’m just unlucky in love. I’m just not when it comes to love. I just don’t have what it takes, right? I’m not good at it. I’m just unlucky. I always meet the wrong person. There’s my belief, right? This creates a potential of me looking in my environment for that person that I want to spend my life with. This creates the actions I see someone beautiful I’m like Nah, I’m unlucky in love. I’m not even talk to them. Actions create the results. Ah, they walked off. They didn’t even look at me. They didn’t smile. that reinforces the beliefs and so on and so forth. This works for everything. Another great example of this is Roger Bannister, right, Roger Bannister, you guys don’t know who I was administered in 1954. He was the first man to break the four minute mile. And what I mean by that is he ran one mile in three minutes and 59 point 4.6 seconds. I just got in. Right, right. And so he was the very first person to break the four minute mile. He didn’t have any results. He didn’t have any results, so no one had ever done it before. And so he didn’t have anyone to model in the belief, the common belief with everybody is that it’s impossible. And so his belief, although he probably had, like, I believe I can do it. I believe I can do it. I believe I can do it. He didn’t have anybody on the whole the belief in the world was it’s impossible. His potential, because of that belief is potential like, Yeah, I don’t know if I can pull this off his actions right now. Actions where it’s not going to happen. And the results are that now what he had to do so, in order for us to break that, especially if it’s something like the four minute mile, we can’t tap into beliefs that’s too hard. We can’t tap into potential that’s based off our beliefs. We can’t tap into action. We have to tap into results. Chris spoke about this yesterday, but this is what how we bring it back in is we get results in advance. And so what Roger Bannister did we get results in advance. What Roger Bannister did is he had to visualize himself completing a mile in under four minutes. He had to sit still and visualize him completing that four minute mile. Or that that three, that three minute and 59 second mile. When we visualize we create results in advance. Those results will shift our belief systems about whether it’s possible for us that shift the potential all of a sudden he’s through visualization, he believed there’s a potential I could do this I can pull this off. And then he trained his butt off. And he kept training kept trainings like I know it. I know, guys, it wasn’t in the body. It wasn’t in the mind. I mean, the visualization part may have but he pulled it into a feeling he pulled it into his heart. Emotion drives behavior. Roger Bannister got freakin emotional about this. I know he did. He got emotional. He pulled it into his heart so that he could start doing the actions and getting the results and so in his training, he started getting closer and closer and closer and all of a sudden the results started enhancing and shifting his beliefs like this is possible his belief shift is potential. I know I can do it. His actions do Boom, boom, boom, boom. Well, guess what? He pulled it off. He ran the four minute mile. Now here’s the crazy part guys in the same year. I got to rephrase this because this is important. Before Roger Bannister, nobody had ever done it. They thought it was impossible for a human being to run. That fast. It’s like literally like 22 feet per second they have to go like you book in, right? You’re running. That same year. Two other gentlemen ran the four minute mile. What happened? What all of a sudden they were like, Oh yeah, Roger Bannister did it so we’ll do his techniques. No, they said Roger Bannister did it.


The story of it’s impossible stories hold beliefs, the story that it’s impossible. shattered. Roger Bannister shattered that story. All of a sudden the belief in the world was Holy smokes, somebody ran the four minute mile. It’s possible. And all of a sudden that same year, two other gentlemen did I think by the next year, it was up to like 30 people doing it right? It will mediate shift, right? immediate shift. This works in our lives constantly. And so the access point to this is results. And this comes back to meditation or our ability to visualize what it is that we want where we want to go. So this brings us to the law of creation. framework, how do we get into the framework? What do we do exactly in the law of creation? What is it is there is like so okay, john, you talked about this, you talked about that, that and the the boxes and this and like an understanding, is there a framework and Chris and I put together a framework, this is the framework that we’ve used over and over again, the first is find clarity. Second, is create necessity. I’m going to talk about, unfortunately, the time that we have today, I can’t go through all of them and break them down. And we can go to the unsecured with all of these, but I’m going to cover these two, with a little bit more detail today. But find clarity, create necessity, discover limiting beliefs. What is it that that goes back to the four boxes, where are we stuck? And how do we get out of being stuck, get results in advance? We talked about that. One of the most powerful ways of getting results in advance is to establish a meditation practice and then shift the meditation practice into visualization practices, to help us achieve that and then fifth is take action. I can under My purpose and I can have all the passion in the world. But if I don’t have power, if I’m not able to actually take one foot and step in front of the other move, I’m not going to create anything right so taking action, practicing daily, we talked about that I got to be consistent with it. We there’s a, there’s a framework around that also. And then staying present, and staying present comes back down to my rash receptors are starting to fire up, check out my environment, don’t get caught up in the mind stories and sleepwalk my way through life. Open my eyes, look around, talk to people engage in life as it’s happening because you will start to see your goal, your vision start to manifest in your life, you will see the things that fall into place when they need to fall into place. So I’m gonna do a very quick, deep dive on this. I really wish I had more time with this. So first finding clarity. This is number one. And finding clarity is important because we got to know where we’re going. So the question what I have appears, do you know what you want? Or are you drifting? Think about This guy’s like, if I got into if I got so I love this now. So if I got into a sailboat, and I put it out into the ocean, and then I was like, Alright, I’m out in this ocean. And I’m so busy with swapping the deck if that’s an actual thing anymore. So I’m the deck, I’m tying up knots, I’m doing this, I’m so busy, like with the doing this of the boat, that I don’t ever set a destination, what’s going to happen? I’m going to drift. I’m going to sit in that sailboat and just get taken by the waves taken by the current get taken by the storms, like I’m gonna get pulled and taken all over the place. I’ll drift. When we get into our boats, we have to know where we’re going. So in the ears of Chris and I coaching, we’ve, like one of the biggest things that comes up when working with people is that because this is one of the first things we ask, What do you want, and the response is, well, I don’t want this and I don’t want that and I don’t want that. So this is the next piece of this, like when you get in the boat, and you put her out into the ocean. How are you going to get anywhere? If you say, Well, I don’t want to go to the Bahamas, and I don’t want to go to Jamaica, and I don’t want to go to Barbados and I don’t want to go to Costa Rica, and I don’t want to go to Colombia, you guys get my point, right? Like, that doesn’t help. This highlights the negative bias. If I’m thinking about all of the negatives, my mind is saying, I don’t want that and I don’t want that. And I don’t want that. And I don’t want that. That still exists. Drifting guys still leaves us drifting. We have to be very specific dream big, Dream specific. What is it that you want? What is it that you want? And then the next piece to this is, is what you want? Here’s the reality. We’re all chasing feelings, everything that we want. We’re chasing a feeling. If I want a million dollars, I didn’t know I really want a million dollars. You don’t really want a million dollars. You don’t



want a million pieces of paper with dead presidents on it right? You don’t



What you really want is what is a million dollars represent? What’s the symbol, we chase symbols all the time. Like, I want this and I want that I want that, because what we’re really trying to do is because that symbol is going to give me a feeling. And so this is important, like get super clear, super clear on what is the feeling that I want. And a lot of times the simple may connect with it. Like if you’re like, No, I want a million dollars because I want financial security, then maybe getting a million dollars will give you some finished credit, but maybe a million dollars will make you so crazy busy in your work that you don’t have time for your family, right? Like the other thing that happens is like so let’s say that I’m like, Well, I want somebody in my life that I can go on walks with someone that will cuddle up with me in bed, somebody that when I get home, all they want to do is jump on me and kiss me. And that’s really what I want and all the sudden you end up with a dog. The dog, I’ll go we go on walks. cuddles up in



bed with me.



When I get home, she jumps up on me and kisses my face, right? Like, no, I don’t like. So we also have to get clear like sometimes saying, No, I want to be specific. This symbol is an actual human being that I can go on walks with and cuddle with and kiss and blah, blah, blah. So you guys get my point. We got to be very clear this we there’s a system we use for this, but then we got to be very clear on Is it a symbol we’re chasing? And more importantly, what is the



feeling that I’m really looking for?



That that symbol represents? Find clarity, know where you’re going, you have to have a destination. Even if it’s a simple destination, I was like, well, I feel content. I’m good. I’m a simple destination. I in the next 90 days, I’m gonna have a better relationship with my wife and I do today whatever the thing is, right? Have a destination because this begins to fill your heart, right this because, whoo. Now I have purpose. And if I have purpose, I have a destination. Guess what I have now I start to get fired up. I sort of get passion about start to move in that direction. Right? And this brings us to the next piece create necessity. What is your big Why? Why do you want that? Why? What’s your big Why? Because this is what happens when we set our destination we know where we’re going and we start to move in that direction. We’re gonna stumble, we’re going to fail and we’re going to fail and fail and fail and now I want you to be really clear I’m going to be I’ll be quick with this. Failures don’t exist. They don’t their mind construct ah tried and failed. No, you didn’t fail you got a result. It may have not been the result you wanted. That’s cool. But you know now what didn’t work and this is vital. This is so important. Right? We have to and guess what the masters at any discipline are the ones that get the most results that got the failed the most and kept doing it. Our big Why? gets our butts back up when We fall are big why gets us out of bed in the morning we’re like, oh my god, another more I just want to sleep in. I don’t want to chase my dreams anymore. It’s too hard. Just drive like no get your butt out of bed because you’re doing this. I’m doing this my wife, I’m doing this for my kids doing this for my, my family in their in his family. And like, I’m doing this there’s a bigger, why that drives us. Emotion drives behavior. If I can get around that big, why I can understand this is why I’m doing this. This is why I get up in the morning. If I can get my vision aligned with a big why a necessity. When I fall, I’ll get back up when I follow get back up and I’ll keep doing it until I get the results that I’m looking for. So that’s all the time I got for today. I do want to throw some homework at you guys. The homework because ready, homework journaling what is at stake and who will be If you don’t succeed, and what I mean by don’t succeed, you don’t get your best life. What does that stay? And who will be affected? If you don’t succeed on getting to your best life? Be specific on that, guys. This will start to align you with your bigger Why? Why is it that you want what you want? Right? Cool. So join us tomorrow guys. Chris is going to pull all of this together. He’s just going to do a recap and pull it all together. And we’re going to talk about like, so now what we’ve gotten all of this information you start to see it right we have this life, we understand where we want to go, we understand what’s blocking us once we understand what are our big Whys within successes Now, what’s the next stage? How do I implement? How do I create consistent How do I create this level of accountability? How I pull this together with people that are going to help me in this process? How do I bring it to fruition? And Chris gonna jump into that tomorrow? Gotta be there. It’s gonna be awesome. Yeah. That’s it. Cool, guys, I just thank you so much so often that you guys are here. Again, this is our passions what we love to teach and love to help people with and get them get you are to to that vision of your best life to an awakened life. So they love everybody. Thank you all these thanks so much for listening to the Awakened Life podcast. Do you want to connect with us and a community of like minded Yogi’s who are on a mission to live an awakened life? Then join us in our private Facebook group yaks yoga lab now just head over to Facebook and type in yaks yoga lab. When you join, you’ll get access to two free yoga courses our stability series and flow series, which will help you take the first step on your path toward an awakened life. Go join yaks yoga lab now.


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