Take Your Life Higher – Manifest the Life You Want 10x Faster #28

Sometimes manifesting is as simple as asking for help. Yep, you read that right. You see when we can combine our weaknesses with someone else’s strength, we can get to where we’re trying to go a lot faster, right?

For example, let’s say we’d like to go to Disney World, but we’ve never been before. We know there is so much to see, but we really want to see the castle. Could we get to the castle on our own? Sure! It might take us a while, we might misstep and get lost a few times, but we could probably get there. Well how about this, what if we had our very own personal guide who knows the park so well, and could not only get us there, but do so in the most efficient manner. That’s what we’re talking about! We can partner with someone, or ask for guidance and help from someone who is in a position to help us, this is how we are able to manifest our dreams even faster.

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