How Death Can Set You Free

how death sets us free

What Is This Episode About…

We had a good friend pass away recently. And dealing with that reality gave us insights into how to live our fullest life.

The reality of life is that one day, we will all transition. Our unwillingness to deal with this reality keeps us from living life to the fullest. We misperceive the permanent for the impermanent and the impermanent for the permanent.

What we mean by this is that we live our lives as if everything will remain as it is. When we go out of the house, we assume we will come back. The reality is that we don’t know. Our time is limited, and tomorrow is not guaranteed. Live life to the fullest today. 

If there is anything that you’ve always wanted, do it today. How do you go about life to the fullest? One is by taking care of your unfinished business because you never know when it will be too late. Two, let the people in your life how you feel about them, and three, don’t hesitate to go for the things that you love in life.

Tune in to this episode and learn how to live life to the fullest by acknowledging your own mortality.

Key Takeaways

  • Misperceiving the impermanent for the permanent and vice versa (01:37)
  • Celebrating the life of one of our friends (02:02)
  • Live life to the fullest today; tomorrow is not guaranteed (04:16)
  • Do what you have always wanted today (06:37)
  • Would you live your life differently if you knew when you are going to pass? (08:13)
  • Take care of your unfinished business today (09:35)
  • The biggest regret people on their death bed have (10:47)

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When Was It Released…

This episode was released November 18, 2020

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