Is Yoga A Religion? What’s The Difference Between Spirituality And Religion?

is yoga a religion

What Is This Episode About…

John and Chris discuss the fact that yoga is not a religion and how it pre-dates all known religions.

What is the difference between religion and spirituality? Is yoga a religion? If you have often searched for answers to these questions, then look no further. In this episode, we talk about all these concepts, what they mean, and how they relate to your life.

Religion is the belief and worship of a higher power. Spirituality is the focus on the spirit or the soul above materialism and the physical world. You can have a spiritual experience inside a religion. Spirituality is an individual experience while religion is a group experience.

In spirituality, you can connect to a higher power through your spirit and soul by employing techniques such as yoga. In religion, you worship the higher power and only connect to it through someone else. Someone like a priest, pastor, monk, etc. 

Yoga is a spiritual practice. The essence behind spirituality is freedom. We are freed from misperceptions of what we think life is about. We are then aligned with what is real.

Key Takeaways 

  • The importance of meditation (06:44)
  • Yoga predates all known religions (09:00)
  • What is the difference between religion and spirituality (09:45)
  • Religion is a group experience while spirituality is an individual experience (11:29)
  • The biggest difference between spirituality and religion (12:11)
  • We have the power within ourselves to make that connection to radically transform our lives (17:17)
  • How to make your life have a lot less drama; align with what’s real (18:01)
  • The essence behind spirituality is freedom (21:14)
  • The value of religion is the group experience and community support (22:18)

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When Was It Released…

This episode was released August 19, 2020

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