Security Is An Illusion – Make A Living Doing What You Love

create a career out of what you love

What Is This Episode About…

Did you know that 85% of full-time employees in the world are unsatisfied with their job? As astonishing as it sounds, this is the reality. This translates to about one billion people. These people don’t love the jobs they go to each morning.

The majority of us think we have to work on a job we hate to make money so that then we can do what we love. Why not go straight into what you love doing? You may be tempted to answer that it is the job and financial security you are looking for, but this is a mind construct. Security is an illusion. The COVID pandemic has wiped off millions of jobs that were previously considered ‘secure’ just as it happened with the depression in 2008.

The time to move in the direction of what you love doing is now. The Awakened Life Formula helps us with this. We get up each morning, move our bodies then sit still and meditate. This sets our mindset in the morning and helps us know exactly what we want, where we are going, and what we need to do to get there.

Listen in to this episode to learn how the Awakened Life Formula can help you move in the direction of what you love doing.

Key Takeaways

  • 85% of full-time employees in the world (about 1 billion) are unsatisfied with their job (01:28)
  • Job security is a mind construct and an illusion (03:12)
  • Moving in the direction of what you love doing (05:07)
  • The Awakened Life Formula to win your day and move in the direction of what you love (06:26)
  • What gets you excited and sparks you to get up in the morning (07:37)
  • Being focused on where you want to go (08:56)
  • How to visualize or model where you want to go (09:10)
  • When there is a shift in the world like right now, focus on the opportunities that come up (10:15)

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When Was It Released…

This episode was released July 22, 2020


Gone Are The Days Of Seeking Enlightenment In Caves (It’s Time For The Householder To Wake Up)


enlightenment through meditation


What Is This Episode About…

Chris discusses the history of what ancient masters did to find enlightenment and how it’s time for normal people to do the work to wake up.

The bigger picture behind yoga is enlightenment. This seems a distant idea to many people but is it something that we should all be striving for. The ancient masters renounced the world to achieve enlightenment. The had to leave behind the worldly possessions and their families. They were in search of the meaning of life and their sense of self.

For us, we do not have to renounce the world and leave our families, but we need to go after that experience of enlightenment. It is time for the householder to wake up. The normal people of this world have to seek the true meaning of life. They have to realize the real sense of self. This is what I am talking about in this episode.

Its time for us to work in this world and walk towards enlightenment through meditation. I believe everyone should meditate. On the path to enlightenment, there are these moments of bliss, where we realize who we really are. This way, we don’t get lost in our relationships, our businesses, our careers.

Tune in to this episode and learn how meditation tethers us to what’s real and makes us realize our sense of self on the path to enlightenment.

 Key Takeaways

  • What the ancient masters did to achieve enlightenment (02:22)
  • It is time for the householder to wake up (03:32)
  • It’s time to do the work and walk towards enlightenment through meditation (04:03)
  • How meditation helps us realize our real sense of self (05:45)
  • Meditation helps us connect with our sense of self which makes us whole (09:38)
  • To teach is to demonstrate (10:47)
  • Tether your experience of who you are to something that is real (12:27)

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When Was It Released…

This episode was released July 15 , 2020


3 Keys To Achieving Any Goal


three key elements to achieving any goal- S.A.M method

What Is This Episode About…

In this episode, John describes the 3 key elements in achieving any goal. He also explains the importance of having a vision and knowing where you are going.

Having goals in life is very important. The people who do amazing things in life have clear goals put down in writing. They have a vision and know where they are going. The goals help them get there. It sounds simple but writing down your goals helps us move in the direction of achieving them because they are top of your mind on a daily basis. The goals become an affirmation.

In this episode, I share with you the three key elements of achieving your goals. However, you need to clarify your goals first. You can’t achieve unclear goals. Many people don’t know what they want. That’s why it is important to be crystal clear on where you want to go, you’ll then set goals to get to that destination.

Once you set clear goals, you need a process to achieve them. The S.A.M method is a powerful process that helps us achieve our goals. S.A.M stands for Scheduling, Accountability, and Measurable. Listen in to this episode as I dive deep and explain how to apply these three key elements to achieve your goals.

Key Takeaways

  • The importance of writing down your goals (01:35)
  • Clarifying your goals (02:55)
  • Being crystal clear on what you want and where you are going (05:09)
  • The SAM method and how it helps you achieve your goals (06:00)
  • Scheduling holds you to a different level of achieving your goals (08:02)
  • You have to hold yourself accountable (08:53)
  • Make your goals measurable by having a deadline  (11:10)
  • Persistence is more important than intensity (12:00)

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When Was It Released…

This episode was released July 9, 2020


The Four Steps To Waking Up – How To Make Real Progress In Becoming More Conscious

Four Steps to Waking UP

What Is This Episode About…

In this episode, Chris explains the meaning of waking up. More than physically being awake, we need to be conscious of our abilities to achieve our dreams and ditch the negative bias we are trained to believe.


Chris breaks it down into four steps: unconscious unskillfulness, conscious unskillfulness, conscious skillfulness, unconscious skillfulness.  He teaches us how to break negative patterns and be aware that there is another way. Once we are conscious of the opportunity, we can track, find, and create the best versions of ourselves.


Chris teaches us how past experiences can manipulate our focus and impact our behavior. He shows us how to alter our feelings related to those experiences and gives us the chance to grow from then rather than getting stuck in a pattern. Listen for more on this episode of the Awakened Life Podcast.

Key Takeaways

  • The meaning of waking up (2:43)
  • Natures evolution impacting our way of thought  (4:07)
  • Unconscious unskillfulness (6:57)
  • Being conscious of your unskilfulness (8:59)
  • Conscious skillfulness (11:03)
  • The law of little things (11:30)
  • Unconscious skillfulness (14:30)
  • Creating new patterns in the future (17:14)

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When Was It Released…

This episode was released July 1, 2020

Episode Transcript…

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Chris Yax  0:00  

What’s happening everybody, John and Chris here. Welcome to this episode of The Awakened Life podcast. We were so excited for this one.


Yeah, we are talking about a framework of how to wake up, there’s four steps. And so what does waking up even me waking up is to track


to find to create the best version of yourself the best version of your life.


And so everyone says they want it right. We all say I want growth, I want expansion. I want to become a better version myself. I want to be a more conscious person. But the reality is, we all have the self sabotaging behaviors where we say one thing, but we actually do the exact opposite of what we say. And this training is what we’re going to show how that happens and like how to navigate around it so that you don’t self sabotage the very dreams


John Yax  0:51  

that you say you want Chris gonna break down step by step where we get caught and how to overcome that. And so we gave this teaching to one of our private groups. It was via Facebook so you’re going to hear us say hashtag this and like that bear with us. It’s an awesome training Chris Brock the house. So let’s jump on over to it. Thanks so much, guys.


Welcome to The Awakened Life podcast where we’re going to give you the exact blueprint of how to live an awakened life, a life filled with purpose, passion, and power. We are the Yax brothers, John and Chris, and we’re here to share the truth that Yoga is so much more than stretching. It’s the oldest personal development system ever created.


The problem is that most modern day yoga focuses solely on getting better at poses, and promotes this idea that if you get good enough, one day your life will magically fall into place and your struggles with the world will end. Listen in each week as we reveal the truth about what yoga actually is and how it’s designed to bring the life of your dreams into reality.


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Chris Yax  2:07  

Hello, hello, hello. Welcome to this live training. Today we’re going to be talking about the four steps to waking up. And so, like I am awake Are you really? That’s the question. And so if you are live with me right now if you give me a like and a loved let me know that you’re here that you’re present watching, I appreciate that. So today, the four steps to waking up. I think it really starts with an understanding of like, what does it mean to wake up? Because obviously


we all wake up every day if we didn’t wake up, we’d be dead, right? And then this isn’t a conversation we’re talking about something else


or not talking at all. But the idea of waking up means that we have like, become asleep in relationship to what we believe like we can achieve in our lives. What we can do in our lives. And this is like the core of what Yoga is all about. So if you’re like, Wait a second, I’m in the x lab and like, why are they talking about four steps to waking up, because at the core of what Yoga is, it is to wake up to your truth to your potential to the reality that you are much more than you think you are. And this training is going to help outline exactly what that is. So this waking up is a metaphor, like we’re sleeping of like this dream of us of who we are and what our potential is. And it’s born from our history, from all the things we’ve experienced, that ends up being the caves that we lock ourselves in. We lock ourselves into it. And so I want to outline the process by which we we go about waking up. Now, before I get into it, and I talk about these four steps which are hidden behind here. What is important to understand is that what I’m going to talk about and where we’re going, is like nature’s design. It’s nature’s design, literally Born from evolution, we have, like, become who we are, because of survival, right? We have these brains that have evolved over millions of years to have one priority. number one priority is survival. Right? survival, survival, survival, meaning, it doesn’t care if you’re happy. Your brain doesn’t care if you’re at peace. It doesn’t care if you achieve your dreams in life, unless it has something to do with you surviving and then passing your genes on literally there’s four things that it cares about, and how it reacts. It’s like, I want to either fight or flee, right survival. I need to feed I want to eat or I want to procreate. And now those are the things like that’s the priority and that’s why so in order to achieve survival, we have hard wired in here hardwired in our In our like the software of our brains like the how it operates a negativity bias. What does that mean? It means that in our environment, our brains are programmed to focus on the negative, the things that could potentially cause us harm. So when you’re thinking, I mean, telling stories to yourself, what you end up telling stories about our worst case scenarios. And then we tell these stories over a long enough period of time stories based on experiences from the past. And when we get stuck in these negative feedback loops. This is what I mean by being asleep, or stuck in these negative feedback loops of thinking and experiencing life. And we think this is just how it is. This is just who we are, and it’s not. So the four step process to waking up is a way of saying I get that evolution. I appreciate you like prioritizing survival and allowing us to be here to even have this conversation. But I now get to choose how I want to see my work. How to operate. And this is what’s so cool about this you actually overlap is that we’re able to deliver like information in here that normally prior to this we were only being able to do inside of our teacher trainings, people pay thousands and thousands of dollars to be a part of it. So we’re soaked because we get to like this teachers at heart and we want to help people. So this what we’re doing


cool. So where do we start? We start with


unconscious on skillfulness. Now we borrow this framework from Mazda. Yeah, Matt, we borrowed this from psychiatrists or psychologists. I forget exactly what it is, but Maslin and we’ve changed the terminology. In fact, just today we were talking about we’re going to change it again. So where we start was his unconscious unskillful pneus this is where we changed it because it majo us in competence. And I’m like, that’s a little harsh, little stone a little too much shade on us. Back up Maslow You don’t know me, so unconscious unskillful pneus. And what this means is we are not aware that we are past And that we have a choice in what the what we’re doing and the decisions that we make. Meaning what if you’ve ever said, this is just who I am, you know, I’m for me, I’m just impatient. It’s just who I am. That is unconscious on skillfulness because that impatience rears its ugly head, in my relationships with my wife, with my kids, with my family at work at when I’m driving like it’s there. And if I feel like this is just who I am, right, that means I’m unconscious. And I’m unskillful because this pattern of being impatient is not helping me live a better life, right, it’s actually detracting and causing the suffering, right pain on some level tension between relationships, this low level of anxiety. So unconscious on skillfulness simply means we’re not aware that there’s even a possibility of changing in our lives, right? And the patterns that we have are unskillful. Why are they unskillful? Because they’re just being repeated from the past. All we’re doing is just repeating experiences in the past, and I’ll articulate this I’m going to talk abstractly for a bit and then I’ll tell the story about It to kind of encapsulate what I really mean by all this. Okay, so then we start doing practices like if you’re here, you’re interested in yoga, you’ve done yoga to some point, that is an awareness practice the way you really want to supercharge your process of waking up, start meditating. And by the way, we’re going to teach, like the truth about what movement really does are mass and meditation and how we manifest this beautiful life. This awakened life that we talked about in a five day immersion that we have coming up, it’s actually starts this coming Monday. So if you’re interested in that, I’ll let you know how to how to get it be a part of that. Okay, so we start an awareness practice, a movement, practice something that allows us to reflect so we get to see Oh, wait, there’s is that do I need to be that way is do I have to be impatient here? Is there another way I could be with my wife when I’m waiting for her to get ready so we can go to dinner. And this is when you elevate to being conscious of your unskillful nest Oh, and this is where it hurts


is where it hurts when you Become aware that you have another way that’s possible


when you become aware that you see you now see that how your being isn’t skillful. And why does it hurt? Because, you know, there’s another way you have this awareness practice, you’ve you’re self reflective enough so that you’re like, man, there’s like that I don’t have to be that way. There’s a potential of me being another way. In fact, or maybe it’s not, I don’t have to be that way. But I don’t enjoy being this way. I don’t enjoy being impatient. Literally the level of anxiety that I’ve lived most of my life and just like impatiently waiting for the people to show up and to be a part of what I’m doing and to get there on time. It’s like it is more suffering that I’ve incurred in anything else in my life just in patients. And this is now I’m aware of it. Now, what happens after this? What happens? Right? Well, what happens here is most people be like, Oh my god, I wish I was unaware. You can’t regress. You can’t go back. To being unconscious, once your eyes have opened, you can never close them again. And what this level says is there is another way. But right now I don’t have the capacity to embody in the moment and actually act on that other way. And this is what the catch. So how do you get from here to here we have to have some type of awareness, practice yoga, meditation, sometimes just just being in nature. For me, most of the stuff that I do is awareness packs like martial arts was an awareness, practice. Surfing is an awareness practice where you’re immersed in the moment and you get to be self reflective, right? So we do practices here that allow us to see what we couldn’t see before, and you cannot and ignorance isn’t bliss By the way, bliss is bliss. Ignorance is ignorance. Ignorance is causing suffering, suffering, bliss causes bliss, like so that’s a lie, don’t believe that myth. So but then we have conscious skillfulness And this is like, Oh, I now see a pattern that is causing me. anger, anxiety, anger, regret something that like is a negative aspect that I don’t want to experience. And now I start practicing. The other way of being. And this is what’s really important here. It’s the law of little things. I wish in my heart that at once I saw the pattern, and I was like, oh man, I’m super impatient. I should probably work on being less patient. Poof, magically, I am bestowed patience. And I walk around with effortless ease. And I have infinite patience for my brother, who’s a Libra, who is slower than anyone I’ve ever met in my life. No, that doesn’t happen. What happens now as you see this, you now are given the opportunity to have conscious skillfulness This is the reality. So let’s go back to how the brain works. When you focus on something long enough, this is how we acquire skill, we have to focus consciously on it and we focus consciously on and we focus consciously on it, we focus consciously on it to a degree that it becomes embedded in our subconscious. Because the brain is all about efficiency. It doesn’t need to have all of this information, top of mind because it then can’t process information in an effective way. So what happens is when you focus on something long enough and you acquire a skill, whether that skill is skillful or not, it then gets embedded in your subconscious as a program. And this is why we’re walking around sleepwalking is that we’re just have all of these subconscious programs embedded from evolution survival, embedded from our life experiences, like for me, it was one of the biggest programs I had was I didn’t I felt like the in the puzzle piece that is me. I was missing the piece. That was lovable because my dad left when I was like two years old. And I took responsibility for that I took the blame for that, which made me hate him for years. That was a subconscious pattern that I played out over and over and over again. And for most of my life, I was just thinking, this is just who I am. I’m just an angry kid at my dad, my dad is an asshole, right? And that’s just who I am. And then I started yoga,


right, I actually started martial arts. And it was just this pressure valve release where I could just


punch something, right? Got all the aggression that I had in my life out. And then I started practicing yoga. And I was like, Oh, I’m now aware that this is killing me literally, like on a physical level. I’m not happy. I’m not I’m, I’m in pain. It’s killing me. And then I started being able to practice when you see it. Now, what happens is, this goes back to the programming thing. You now in your brain, you’re saying, hey, brain, this is significant to me. Please focus in my environment, on the things that will help me gain more patience and what your brain says is good. I’ll do that. What I’m going to focus Your attention to are all the moments where you have the opportunity to be patient, meaning all of the things that trigger you to be impatient. This is how it works. This is the unfortunate truth is when you get to this awareness that there’s an unskilful Miss, what you then programmed in the brain is I now need to be more focused on those areas so that I can like build the muscle, I can take the action to become more skillful. And this is the years years years long process for me in the forgiving of my dad, I would go back to like a man, I hate him and then I’d be like, no, forgive them. And then I was like, Oh, I need to I need a tactic. I need to talk to him. I need to understand them. So I understand them. And I would understand why he did what he did when he was younger, and why he made the choices to leave and leave his six kids and I understood them and then I was like, Okay, now I’m going to practice forgiveness again. And I’ll practice forgiveness again. And when you do that enough, this is my point, the law of little things. When you practice when you flex the muscle for me a forgiveness when I flex the muscle of patients over and over and over again, where you end up is to be unconsciously skillful, meaning you then wire into your subconscious. And this is what we’re going to change. It should be unconscious that should really be subconscious because that’s what’s actually operating. You wire into your subconscious a skillful way of being. What does that mean? Now when I think of my dad, what comes up is, I love him. Not I hate him. I’ve literally over the years taken this me waking up to the truth of who I am waking up to this potential of how I want to relate to him. It went from I hate him to now when I think of him, I love him. I love and I say it wholeheartedly, right, because I’ve gone through this process of just taking and it’s way deeper. Like for this training, I just want to keep it like 30,000 foot level, because the way in which you go about practicing is very specific to the situation that you’re dealing with period. But the practice is the practice meaning we have to flex the muscle enough here to get to this programming of the mind to then have an appropriate skillful heart opening, mind clearing, like not being stuck in the past response. And that’s the way you wake up you go from just being aware, like or being totally unaware, this is where most people are just walking around sleepwalking. This is just who I am. I’m an angry person. Okay, let me know how that works for you. Then you have an awareness practice. Maybe you have a conversation with someone and caught like conversing, communicating as an awareness practice. If you’re listening, and all of a sudden you’re like, Oh, wait, there’s a different way of being,


right. That’s why therapy is so powerful. They’re just like bodying this different way of being giving you these different insights about your history and different ways of looking at it. Then you practice that way of being over and over and over again, until it becomes a pattern that is healthy in your life. But here’s the deal. Here’s the last thing I’ll leave you with. This may be a pro It now, but is it appropriate in five years in one year and 10 years, these patterns may not be relevant to you, even if they’re healthy now something they shift in your life where it’s unhealthy later, right? Most of us have these patterns. Like for me, it was the self defense mechanism when I was younger, to have to take on the responsibility of my father because it gave me some semblance of control, even though it was hurting me. And that was skillful at that time when I was three years old, and I couldn’t make sense of what was happening was my dad leaving my Mom, where’s my dad? Why aren’t they together anymore? Right at the time, me like holding the mantle of like, it’s my fault. However crazy it sounds was a response that I needed to get me through that time period of my life. Fast forward to my early teens, and all of a sudden this thing is killing me. And so the point is, to practice to have an awareness practice gives us insights into how we’re being so that we can start dismantling them and rewiring better responses to life. And this is a continual process. It’s a continual process, because this is super important. And this is happening in all areas of our life every day all day long. And what’s so important about this is then it reframes all of the things that are happening that you perceive as negative, it reframes them so that you can have enough space to see like, is it negative? Or is there a shift that needs to happen in the way I’m seeing this, to then achieve this next level of awakening, right of waking up to this next level of growth and expansion in your life, to act literally, to increase your capacity to handle more and live the life that you actually want to live? Because otherwise, what we’re doing is we’re just repeating our former selves. That’s all we’re doing. We’re just literally repeating ourselves over and over and over again, wondering why life is so hard when it’s been so hard forever. And we’re just repeating ourselves over and over and over again. If you want to do deep dive deeper into this type of information. We have a free five day immersion coming up, right? It starts this coming Monday, on June 15, at 12 o’clock, if you haven’t registered, we’re having everyone register so that if you miss a live session, you can get the email. And that’ll have the link to the replay where we’re going to be holding all the replays. So if you’re interested in attending the immersion again, it’s all free. There’s no charge for it. Just comment down below hashtag immersion, and we’ll send you over the link and that link. If you have someone you’re like, Man, this is good stuff. They need to see it you can share that link with anybody. We’re like this is wide open, it’s free. So we just want to get as many people in there to help as many people as possible. So anyway, I hope this is helpful. If it was helpful, give me a like give me a love or if you wouldn’t mind giving a hashtag value. The reason we asked you to do that so much is that not only does it give us a sense of if like what we’re giving is what you’re looking for, but it also allows us to reach more people because when you start commenting and liking and loving all of a sudden the algorithm In Facebook’s like, hey, there’s something important going on, hey, we want you want to go check out what’s going on over there. And so it really helps just increase our impact, which we really appreciate. So anyway, that’s all we got for step two waking up. Here it is, and man is the process that will change your life forever. So thanks so much for watching. I’ll see you in the immersion. Thanks so much.


John Yax  20:19  

Thanks so much for listening to the Awakened Life podcast. Do you want to connect with us and a community of like minded Yogi’s who are on a mission to live in Awakened Life? Then join us in our private Facebook group yaks yoga lab now just head over to Facebook and type in yaks yoga lab. When you join you’ll get access to two free yoga courses are stability series and flow series, which will help you take the first step on your path toward an awakened life. Go join yaks yoga lab now.



How To Live A Life With Purpose, Passion And Power

How To Live A Life

What Is This Episode About…

In this episode, Chris recaps the past four days of the five-day immersion course. He teaches us how we can achieve our dream life, our awakened life, by training, being consistent, and accountable in our lives.


Chris begins with a brief summary of each lesson. He talks about our understanding of being versus becoming and how they support each other. What movement actually is and how if we can first understand our bodies, we can enhance our movement. How meditation is designed to stop our negativity basis and how we can alter our feelings by adjusting our focus.


Also, Chris has a reminder about their online classes. The coronavirus took hit on their in-studio business. Rather than letting the pandemic stop their growth, they made the move to digital classes. Free users will now have access to one free online class Monday- Friday and paid users will have access to two classes Monday- Friday and a live class on Saturday and Sunday. These changes went into effect in May. This is a sustainable business for both John and Chris, but they still want to so what they can to make sure everyone has the chance to achieve their awakened life.


Key Takeaways

  • How to live a life with purpose, passion, and power (0:10)
  • Changing the way they are doing live classes (1:58)
  • Day five of the immersion and how everything fits together (4:41)
  • Recap of the last four sessions (5:28)
  • When you put it all together, life takes off (8:47)
  • Recap of day three of the five-day immersion (9:02)
  • Recap of day four of the five-day immersion (11:50)
  • Visualization (15:50)
  • Linking the days together (18:27)
  • Training, consistency, accountability (24:33)

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When Was It Released…

This episode was released June 24, 2020

Episode Transcript…


Welcome to The Awakened Life podcast. I’m john, this is



Chris. And we are excited today because we’re going to jump into how to live a life with purpose,



passion and power.



So what today is all about is linking movement with meditation with manifestation and seeing how they relate to each other, and how to apply these in your life. Also, there are two missing ingredients that will help you take your dreams and make them into reality. That’s what we’re sharing with you today. We’re super excited.


Welcome to The Awakened Life podcast where


we’re going to give you the exact blueprint of how to live an awakened life, a life filled with purpose, passion, and power. We are the Yax Brothers, John and Chris and we’re here to share the truth that Yoga is so much more than stretching. It’s the oldest personal development systems ever created. The problem is that most modern day yoga focuses solely on getting better at poses and promotes this idea that If you get good enough, one day your life will magically fall into place and your struggles with the world will end. Listen in each week we reveal the truth about what yoga actually is, and how it’s designed to bring the life of your dreams into reality.


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Alright, welcome to day five of the yoga immersion. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for showing up and for just being a part of this offering and we couldn’t be more excited. Here we are on the final day. And so before I jump into like, kind of the recap and what’s next and all the all the stuff we want to talk about today, I want to just talk a little bit it’s a little bit of housekeeping. We’re going to be changing the structure the way we’re doing live classes. And the reason Like so if you don’t know some of you are local and you know that john and i We own a hot house yoga, there’s two yoga studios, and in late February, early March is when the Coronavirus started like we’re actually in Costa Rica fulfilling a retreat. And we heard like it was starting to get bigger and we came home and we came up on a Sunday on that Tuesday was the last day of classes and we shut down at that point. It was mandatory shut down a week later, but we just knew that it was the right call to help people. And it’s devastated our business, quite obviously. But over the past five years, we’ve been kind of dreaming about what an online experience would look like. And so when we close the studios down on like, the Wednesday was the first day that we’re actually closed that same day, we started live streaming. And literally, like, we were flying by the seat of our pants, we had no idea what we’re doing. We’re just like, Listen, all I know to do is to teach and we can’t teach in the studios and we’re not open so what can we do so we went online and immediately Okay, I don’t know structure. I don’t know how we’re going to like compartmentalize what we’re going to do and you’re like, Listen,



let’s just Like, let’s give live classes to everyone.



And john and I, we busting our hump doing two live classes a day and a live class on Saturday and Sunday for the last like over the last five weeks. And so what we’re now as we kind of settled into the routine, and we’ve started like building the community online, what we realized is that we just needed to make some adjustments. And so what we’re doing going forward, this is going to be like this coming week is all going to be the same. But the first week in May is when we’re going to start making these changes. And the changes are if you’re a free member. And that means if you’re a part of our yaks, yoga lab, Facebook community as a free member, and you’re there and just being a part of the community. We love you and we thank you. But what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be offering free classes to everyone who’s a free member inside of that community, five days a week. So Monday through Friday, at one class, it’ll be the four o’clock class every single day, Monday through Friday, and all of our paying members. We’re going to be continuing to do the two classes a day Monday through Friday, and then the live class on Saturday and the live class on Sunday. And so what We’re really trying to do is just try to figure out how our online business looks. I mean, this is john and I’s livelihood and like we want to, we want to be of help, you know, people need it and know you know how valuable Yoga is. But we also have to look at, like, how we can serve better and the people that are in our community as free members, the people that are in our community as paying members. And so that’s what’s gonna happen going forward again, this coming week, I’ll be sending out links to the classes, it’s going to be the same. We’ll be doing two classes a day, all through next week and then a class on Saturday class on Sunday. I just want to give you the heads up that that’s kind of what’s coming. Okay, so here we go. This what I really want to talk about day five, day five is all about bringing it together. How do we make that dream life a reality. And so, when john and i sat down and we even had that was the beginning of the inception of what we were doing with this five day immersion,


the cornerstone of it was like, we want to teach the truth, the untold secrets about what yoga really is, right? Especially as everyone started pivoting online, or just like classes. After class after class and we were building some momentum to start teaching this in our live trainings and then the Coronavirus is like, man, we’re out out. So we’re like, Okay, this is what we’re gonna do, we’re going to do a live immersion and we’re going to tell everyone the truth, because people need to know the real value. I feel like most people who practice yoga are sitting on the top of this iceberg, right? And then there’s so much beneath the water. And we wanted to dive in deep and tell you about that. So that’s what we’re gonna talk about. So if I recap, day one, what was happening is we’re looking at like, what like, what’s this? It seems like this contradiction of being and becoming, and what yoga seeks to remedy. Is that contradiction, it seems they seem like they’re competitive like wait, because being and that’s what I talked about in day one was being is this experiencing your truth as a birthright of you being alive? That your whole your complete, that like the literally the substance of your being is love. And the access point to that is Through surrender, and through acceptance and contentment. And at the same time, we have this other aspect of becoming, where we’re striving to be better people to learn more information to make tomorrow better than today to keep walking in the direction of our dreams to expand our capacity. And so when you look at it for the face value, and this is what like, the lie about it all is is that Wait, they don’t contradict each other, they actually support each other. And so then we broke it down. And what we really started focusing on on day two with movement was the Awakened Life formula. And so what the awakened life form that are the three core pillars of what yoga actually is, and john talked about movement, and how most people in the yoga world think movement, as far as on our mass should end up looking like gymnastics. And here’s what I’ll tell you. You don’t see any 4050 or 60 year old gymnast, you don’t because it’s not sustainable. The way we approach movement is twofold. One We’re looking to be healthy at 100. If I’m gifted with life to be 100, if I am still drawing breath when I’m 100, I want my body to be able to stand the test of time. So the way we approach the practice and what john talked about through how we’re the same and how we’re different the myofascial methodology that we use, that’s the way the body is designed to move, and how we’re all different, how and the way that stuff is made up inside of us how it’s put together is completely unique to you. Like, how fascinating was that? It’s so cool, because it’s really the truth. We are all the same, but we are all different, right? And understanding that is the key to making sure that our practice is supporting us and helping us in our lives. And here’s the other thing. If we’re in pain, but we’re looking to do gymnastics, it’s not going to heal us. But if we’re in pain, we’re also not thinking about what our future looks like. Literally it’s day by day survival. Like, all I want is to be out of this pain, low back pain or if you have issues with your hips or knees, right, the first thing you have to focus on is this temple that we have called our bodies. And this is why we approach the practice the movement the way we do. Now, here’s what the real secret is. So we do that that’s our physical practice that keeps us healthy at 100. It keeps reclaiming lost youth as we age, we get younger. But what it’s really doing is it’s also allowing us to change our state. So we move to support meditation. And this is what I really want to like hammer home today is each one individually, it’s cool, it’s good. But when you put the three together and actually see the sequence of events that happens and how they support each other, that’s when life really takes off. And so we move for the health and the well being of our bodies to stay young. We also move to meditate. And that was day three meditation. This is what actually Yoga is if you take like we talked about the origin story about like, when it started, it wasn’t up dogs and down dogs, there were no handstands and other people were doing it but didn’t call it yoga, or like that’s probably gymnastics actually have no idea like 6000 years ago,


it was meditation. If you look at all the like the books that were like the very beginning books, the oldest texts of it, it was all about meditation. And so what is meditation? So we talked about it, and yes, it’s designed to like stress relief. And that’s like, it is a stress relieving thing, but not in the way people think. And when I talked about was, what’s really going on is we have these old brains. And these old brains that are their number one priority is survival is forcing this negativity bias. So if you’ve ever thought like, man, I just feel like such a Debbie Downer. Everything I look at, I’m always like, Man, this is gonna end soon. Or if something’s happening, like, Oh, yeah, of course, this is happening. And when I project out, I’m always having this like, conflicts and arguments in my brain, like the simulation. years like everyone else, you’re not unique in that way. We all do it. It’s because of our evolution. And that’s



what’s so important for me to articulate is like,



Listen, you’re crazy is my crazy, it’s all of our crazy. And so the process of meditation, what it’s doing is it’s helping us to reframe our identity, right? our identity, and what it means like Who am I? And how does it feel to be me. And I’d give those four boxes, remember that the four boxes, the identity, and then the experience, right? identity is who I am or who I think I am really. And then the experience is we perceive it as positive, negative or neutral. We lump them every experience into three buckets. Now, your identity influences the the experience, your experience, then, because you don’t like it or you love it, or you’re just ignoring it, you start telling stories to yourself. And this is what’s so important. I wanted to say this because the stories in that bottom right corner, they support our beliefs, which is this corner box, the stories that we’re telling ourselves or the way we hack into our beliefs, how we’re viewing what we believe is true about the world what we believe is true about us. In our potential, and who we are, which then when you have a belief long enough, it becomes this is just who I am. Have you ever said that to yourself?



This is just who I am. I wake up in the morning, I’m calm. And so until I get my coffee, just who I am. Let me ask



you a question. Did you always drink



coffee? When you were five years old and wake up? We’ve asked, Well, then, most likely not. So what we’ve done is we’ve patterned ourselves these subconscious patterns from these actions that we’re taking over and over again, formed our beliefs and our beliefs form our identity. And then at that point, we’re like, this is just who I am. So then the question is, how do we break through that? The break through that through the stories, you’ve got to hack into our stories and understand, are they empowering or disempowering? Okay, now, that’s meditation. What is the value of meditation is that it brings us to manifestation in very specific ways. JOHN talked about focus equals feeling. Now think about this. Think about what I talked about in meditation and how we’re telling ourselves These stories and that because of our evolution, those stories tend to be negative. And if they’re negative here, how do you think that makes you feel here? Right? You feel down, you feel sad, you feel angry, right? You feel upset. There’s a morning I woke up, and I was going to be a busy day. So me that I woke up, my brain just started focusing all the stuff that had to be done. And all of a sudden, I was anxious. And like, when I get that way, I get like, I get very, like, internalized and I don’t look up and I don’t I very like to myself, my wife got up and she was like, Hey, Hey, how you doing?



And I was like, Oh, hey, what’s going on? She’s like, what’s going on? Like, what happened? Why are she knows, you know, we’ve been together a long time. She knows. And I was like, I was like, Oh, I’m sorry. Just give me a minute.



And I had to stop and I reflected just on the last 10 minutes, and I realized nothing had happened. nothing had happened. It was just what I was focusing on. And that focus creates that feeling and our feeling creates our reality. JOHN talked about it as well. As receptors, so we prime the brain to say, hey brain, my brain, I want you to focus on this today, I just spilled my coffee, it’s gonna be a shitty day, I want



to focus on everything in my day



that reaffirms that it’s a pretty bad day. And all of a sudden, your brains like cool. Let me show you what’s significant about your environment that affirms that it’s a bad day. And these are the feedback loops. This is when john went into, oh, we have this potential here. And we have these actions here. And the results here, and then our beliefs here that create the feedback loop of how we manifest things, and it can be a downward one. If you believe that you’re unlucky in love like I did for years, my potential to find the person that I want to be with in my life is way low. The actions that I take to find that person way low, I’m not I’m literally, I’m cutting a leg off before I run the marathon. And then guess what the results I get. They’re born from the actions which are born from the result from the potential which is born from the beliefs and then it becomes this real And forcing feedback loop. And then so how do we flip that? How do we flip that? And this is when we go back to meditation, where we begin to visualize Now you might ask the question, What am I visualizing Chris? Well, there’s the process of creation that john, I think he did two or three steps in. And the first thing you got to be clear about what you want, not just what you want, because we’re chasing symbols, right? I want a million dollars. Great. But that’s the external. What does it mean? What do you want internally? Or what do you want internally? Why do you want that? Because there’s, it’s a representation we’re chasing symbols, meaning we don’t want the dead presidents on the bills. We want what those represent to us financial freedom, self sufficiency, right independence. So that is it. And then so then, this is my point is like a movement is what meditation meditation does support manifestation because we get clear we have this self sabotaging stories that are aren’t empowering, and we we navigate through those and we make them more empowering by changing the meaning of them. And then We take what we want and what were the process over here of creating that life and understanding what’s at stake and who’s at stake to make that happen. So we are fueled by heart fueled by emotion. That’s why manifestation is the heart because it takes heart to go after your dreams, when it’s supported by meditation, because we got to focus the mind. We got to focus the mind and then begin to feel it. Even visualization. This is such an important point. If you’re feeling and you’re seeing the connection, that’s what’s most important for me right now. You’re seeing the connection between movement between meditation and between manifestation. You’re understanding the Awakened Life formula and how it links together because that’s what’s so important right now. So then, think about what visualization is. visualization is right now, right here in this moment, bringing your mind but more importantly, your heart and feeling what is it like living that dream life? What does it look like? What does it feel like? Does it taste and smelling? Who’s with me. And what will happen is you’ll visualize and all of a sudden the brain, it’s not interesting enough, I want to focus on something negative, and then you bring it back. That’s what meditation is. And then you get back into it and feel it. What’s happening is you’re getting results in advance. That is where the juice is getting results in advance in one of two ways. You either visualize it, and emotionally like this is we love affirmations, we love them. But if they stay in here, and you don’t begin to feel it, you’re on top of the iceberg again, you got to feel the emotion, feel the visualization as a reality right now, that meaning you’re vibrating energetically on the level of VAT, which you seek. What does it feel like? What is it what what does it feel like in my life? What is my daily life look like? What is being with that significant other feel like right you To put on clear vision of who that person is, which we would suggest you do, what does it feel like on a daily level? What is a day in the life of me being with my, my soulmate? What is that like? You just go through the process of feeling your mind gets distracted, you feel it. Some of you are visually to visualize it, but my point is results in advance. And if you can’t get results in advance by visualizing it, find someone who is where you are. This is why Roger Bannister is such a freaking pioneer, because he didn’t have anyone like he could model he had to bring it into his mind in his heart and make it a reality.


Does that make sense? That’s the entire Awakened Life formula that john and I’ve been practicing that has made the biggest difference in our lives. I mean, right now, the lives we live, where I live, and my wife and my house and our children have all been born from this process, deliberately creating our lives, practicing the true essence of what the movements designed to do. So now at 40 I can do anything thing I’ve been doing since I’ve been 20, meditating so that I’m present and I’m focused and I can live the reality of my dreams. That’s how they all link together. Because that’s step one. You got to have the train, you got to have the knowledge, the understanding of what does it really entail? But that’s not it. There’s another step to this. So I’ve been meditating since right around 20 years old, I just turned 40 in March,



horrible time to have a birthday in March of 2020.



And what I’ve learned from my meditation practice, is that it only works if you work in i wish i and this is what like, I think we all have this kind of belief. And what we really desire is, I wish after this five days, all you needed was information. You’ve got Oh, that’s Oh, you know what, that’s it. That’s true. It’s meditation, and then manifestation. Let me go live my life. And that’s it. And it’s not true. Because here’s the truth. We’re not here for concepts. ideas and knowledge. It’s the start point, or here for the experience. And this is what I mean, in meditation. When I was practicing consistently, where I noticed the changes in my life first, or in my relationships, in my relationships, all the sudden, I’m a very impatient person. As you can tell, I’m kind of fired up most of the time, like john will attest to this, like, he’s like, Hey, dude, should we do it or not do like, do it. You’re right now it should have been yesterday. And so like, patience has been my like, biggest cross to bear. And so what I noticed when I’m meditating, is that I’m not reacting to the behavior of my children, meaning I’m not yelling. I’m not getting upset. I’m not like, thinking they should be doing anything other than what children are naturally designed to do. I’m actually able to listen to my wife. I can hear her literally hear her so that it’s not what she’s saying. But what’s embedded behind what she’s saying? I have literally empathy. That’s one of the three benefits that I talked about. I can feel because I understand my experience of living, I’m able to speak and her experience of living, and I can relate to her in an honest, authentic, open way. And to be real honest, over the years, I’ve fallen off my meditation practice. And this is where I see it first, where it comes out first, where I see the ugly head of my impatience is with my children. Right, I’m less patient, I’m more reactive, I yell more, I get more upset by little things. I can’t hear my wife literally hear her. Obviously, I’m listening. But I’m not really listening. While she’s talking. I’m thinking about what she’s saying means to me in my life. I can’t relate to her because I’m lost in my own I me and mine sense of self. What I learned from those experiences is this. You have to be consistent. JOHN, I call it the law of little things. If you’re not doing the work, it’s not going to work. So all this is great information, but it’s absolutely useless if we’re not willing to get on our Math and practice, if we’re not willing to get on our meditation cushions and be if we’re not willing to grab our journals and write down, however excruciating, however painful it is, the vision we have of our life, the things are holding us back what’s at stake. So we have a really clear reality and honest truth of where we are right now. None of that works if you’re not willing to work. That’s why consistency is the second step in actually making that dream Awakened Life a reality. But that’s not it either. There’s the third thing. The third thing beyond the trainings beyond the consistency is what I learned from being with my brother in this lifetime. You know, we started I started martial arts at that time, because it’s too long of a story but because of I mentioned it a little bit on one of the posts was like, my dad wasn’t there and I had, like this abandonment, and it made me feel unloved. Like there’s a piece of me, that lovable piece that was missing because of that. And so I cope with it for many of my teenagers Through drinking or alcohol through drugs. And it’s not abnormal for teenagers to do that. But the reason I was doing it was different. It wasn’t just to like party and have a good time. I was trying to feed something and fill something up with those things that it could never could never happen. But I had I formed relationships, right? Because those are the people that were hanging out doing the things I was doing. And then I started martial arts. And as I started martial arts, I started just a different path. And what I realized was my friend group that was here, they weren’t supporting where I wanted to be. And so I had to describe I had to literally like, in the real term, unfriend my friends, and it wasn’t like a big like tumultuous thing. I just stopped calling him stop hanging out with them.



And then like add yoga years later,



and it was like anyone who was left was like, dude, you are now like off the deep end, we’re done. And it was okay because then it was just another leveling up for me of this new experience for living for me. And then I honestly I’ve got like one really good friend aside from john In my life that I can like call any time he’s here, he’s lives locally. There’s other like acquaintances, and friends and stuff. So like, obviously, I love a lot of people. But I mean, like the people I grew up with the people that I that like helped me throughout my teenage years, like I don’t really have any of those friends that I communicate with on a daily basis. And it made life hard because we need people to support each other. But here’s the good fortune I’ve had in my life. I’ve had john, he’s been my accountability partner, the person that when I wake up, and I know I don’t feel like meditating, I don’t feel like going in and feel like practicing. I know he is because that’s the type of person he is. and it holds me to a higher standard, because I know he’s doing it and I want to state not in the competitive but I want to keep leveling up. It’s the people in our tribe, that people that we surround ourselves with, that can support us when we fall that can support us. We don’t feel like doing the things we know we should. I can be with us when we succeed and cheer our victories. accountability is the third aspect. We need the training. Yes, we need the consistency. Yes. But the third thing is accountability. We need people in our lives who can support us. Because this work is not easy, you know, from the journaling that you’ve done from like being willing to share your story and the support that we’ve gotten from the other people how important it is to have a tribe of people accountability in our lives to keep us on the path. And those are the three things if that makes sense. That’s really, really important. You can have the training, that’s good. You can have the consistency get on your mat. That’s good. But what happens when we stumble? Like we need those people in our lives, those champions that help us up and cheer us on, that are honest with us? Those are the three elements now, it’s really important, like everyone tracking, I guess my question is, do you understand how movement meditation manifestation linked together? And then if so, then do you understand how like, it’s training, right? We gotta have the knowledge. It’s consistency. It’s doing the work. But it’s also accountability to support system to keep on the path to keep accountable to the people that we love in our life, because we’ll do more when we know other people are doing it than we would do if we think we’re by ourselves. Now, you may be feeling a couple different ways right now, because we’re getting to the end of this and we’re like, maybe like super excited, like all the journaling, you’re like, you know what some of your posts like I am living my dream life. Whoo, you’re so flippin thrilled for you. Some of you may be like, Oh, I don’t know, I’m a little freaked out. I’m like, I’ve uncovered stuff that I’m not really happy with. But wherever you are, wherever you are, whether it’s, I’m excited, or I’m freaked out. We hope you’ve enjoyed this five day immersion and like, and if you have like questions or thoughts or concerns, please let us know. And we’re like, we’re just so humbled that you chose to be here that you chose to take the time out of your days to listen to john and I ramble on about what we what we are so passionate about. And I just want to say thank you from the heart. And I’ll think I’ll thank you for john as well. Thanks from the heart and



we wouldn’t be able to do this



without you all. So from my heart to yours, We will see you inside and we just thank you big law.



Thanks so much for listening to the Awakened Life podcast.



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How To Unlock The Supernatural Power Of Self Worth And Self Love

The Awakened Life

What Is This Episode About…

This episode is part four of our five-part immersion series. This week, we complete the Awakened Life Formula with a lesson on manifestation and how we can visualize our dreams into our reality.


John teaches this week and focuses on components of manifestation. We mentioned before that the awakened life is all about healing and opening up the mind, body and heart Manifestation is all about the heart and mind. It helps us fill our hearts with purpose and gives us the drive we need to take action and achieve our dream. The emotions we feel motivates our behavior.


John teaches us that our minds help us visualize our dreams. If focus equals feeling, we need to be cognizant  of the feelings we hold onto. Our minds will manifest those feelings into what we experience. He tells us that if we work on picturing and believing in the life we want, we can achieve it. We need to allow our minds to see our dreams and open our physical environment to those desires.


Listen and learn how we consciously open our minds to funnel our dreams into reality on this week’s episode of The Awakened Life.


Key Takeaways

  • Introduction of today’s topic, Manifestation (0:34)
  • Completing The Awakened Life Formula (1:48)
  • Achieving yoga release off the mat (4:39)
  • Why it is important to fill your hearts with purpose (4:51)
  • How focus equals feeling (5:23)
  • How we manifest dreams (9:49)
  • Ras Receptors, what are they and how they help us visualize our dreams (11:27)
  • Beliefs vs actions (15:45)
  • Our explanation of the Law of Creation (20:59)
  • Why it is so important to be specific with your dreams (24:36)


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Participate in the Five Day Immersion Course at https://www.facebook.com/groups/yaxyogalab

When Was It Released…

This episode was released June 17, 2020

Episode Transcript…

The Transcript Is Auto Generated And May Contain Spelling And Grammar Errors



Hello and welcome to Episode Four of the Awakened Life podcast. Today we are super excited to share with you how to achieve a yoga like release off of the mat. It’s really about unlocking that supernatural power of self worth and self love in everyday life. We’re excited about this episode because what you heard in previous episodes was movement, how movement is so much more than just the physical poses and how it sets us up for the next pillar of meditation. Really the truth of what yoga is all about how to get to the mind is still the movement meditation brings us to what we’re going to talk about today manifestation. This is the awakened life formula, move, meditate manifest. It is the key to achieving an awakened life. We’re excited so  let’s jump on in.



Welcome to The Awakened Life podcast where we’re going to give you the exact blueprint of how to live an awakened life. A life filled with purpose, passion, and power. We are the Yax brothers John and Chris, and we’re here to share the truth that yoga is so much more than stretching. It’s the oldest personal development system ever created. The problem is that most modern day yoga focuses solely on getting better at poses, and promotes this idea that if you get good enough, one day, your life will magically fall into place and your struggles with the world will end. Listen in each week, we reveal the truth about what yoga actually is, and how it’s designed to bring the life of your dreams into reality. If you’re ready to take immediate action to live an awakened life, join our private Facebook group Yax Yoga Lab and get two of our most popular yoga courses for free.



Okay, so just a little quick recap. The Awakened Life Formula. So this is what we’re teaching guys, The Awakened Life formula it is movement, meditation and manifestation, the three components to yoga that are not taught. Everybody focus’ on this first component and spouted in yoga that this first component all you have to do is move get on your mat and do yoga and your everything will happen for you have better relationships and better lives and you’ll find your dream work and everything will fall into place. And, and and we very quickly get disillusioned because we’re missing the other parts that are so important. Right? When we start to connect, right, I talked about this a few days ago about the movement, like when we use a systematic framework, a systematic methodology to move our bodies. We will keep our bodies young. It’s not about doing gymnastics, it’s about staying youthful and energized. Right so that I can do the things I love to do all the way up to the end of my life, right play with my kids and surf and do jiu jitsu play, right? Be able to play in these bodies, right? They shouldn’t fall apart as we get older. The other big component to the movement that I talked about was the how it’s such a beautiful catalyst to teach us how to become focused right to to create that awareness that is necessary for the next stage of meditation. And Chris talked about this yesterday. We’ve been meditation about how meditation is vital because we get caught in these negative feedback loops. And it’s part of nature. Our species survived and lived as long as it has because our ancestors focused on the negative right when the negative back then was a tiger jumping out and eating meat. The negative back then was noticing the snake over the flower right and so but our old brains still have that now we don’t have bears and tigers jumping out, snakes jumping out at us, we have an argument we had with our significant other we have a traffic jam, we have the our employer saying something funky to us. You know, we have these little things in life that the simulators still work off the old programming that it has for millions of years, takes that into a simulation, and we get caught in these negative feedback loops. And so what Chris was going with this is when we establish meditation, as the second pillar to the foundation of this, were able to shift like that tool of programming the mind works, whether it’s negative positive and we can shift it in a way that allows it to be positive. And this is the next step into what I want to talk about today, which is manifestation, which gives us we get all these components aligned. It gives us the ability to live an awakened life. And that’s what it’s all about. How do we live in waking life? So, Dave, Oh, you guys ready for this? So here we go. So day four, and we titled day four achieving yoga like release off the mat, unlocking the supernatural power of self worth, and self love in our everyday life. This comes down to it as you can see, like movement is about the body. Meditation is about the mind. manifestation is about the heart. What I’m going to talk about today is a way of filling our hearts with a purpose so that I be compassionate, and so that I have the drive to take action, right? So that power in my life, and so this is all about the heart. And what does it take to manifest your dreams? Most And heart equals manifestation, emotion, heart equals manifestation. We’ll talk about this later. But emotion drives behavior. If I don’t have this heart component, I’m not going to take action, I’m not going to be able to move in the direction of my dreams. Even before that, I have to get clear. We’ll talk about that in just a moment. So hold on tight guys. role for focus equals feeling, focus equals feeling, right? Whatever I focus on creates a feeling. That feeling creates the experience of living. Whatever you hold in your mind, on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life. This is the basis for manifestation. Right? What we hold in our mind, in a consistent basis, is exactly what we will experience in our lives. When I first started in this path, and I’m sure you guys have heard like, the secret, right they there was a book and then a movie. They made a book about the movie or vice versa, right? That all came out and was like, ah, all I have to do is think about a million dollars and a check shows up in the mail I also have to do is imagine myself driving my new dream car and then it somehow shows up in my driveway. They had good teaching in it, but a lot of what happened is people took that and like, I’ve tried it and this stuff doesn’t work. The law of attraction is Bs, and the secret is Bs and but it was around that time when that came out the Christian or like, when is something there’s something to this. And this was our, the beginning of manifestation for us. What do we do every year on December 31, usually pretty inebriated, we would write down on a piece of paper our dream for that year, write it down and figure out what we wanted. I kind of figured this is crazy. We figured out like 15 minutes before the ball would drop. And so we’d write it down on a piece of paper and everyone that we’re with we Okay, we got to write down our intentions for the year. This is our new year’s resolutions. And then we’d have a fire going and right at 12 o’clock we would throw those pieces of paper into the fire. The idea is a super hippie dippie tree. Huggy soft, so bear with me. And the idea was that in those intentions would burn into the fire, the smoke would go into the ether and out into the universe, and then it would manifest. Guess what happened the next day. Besides a hangover, I couldn’t remember what I wrote on that piece of paper. Right or vaguely? Right. And if I did, it didn’t really matter. Because a week later, I didn’t remember and a month later, I didn’t remember and I’m like, wonder why my intention isn’t, isn’t unfolding. I can’t quite remember what it was. So that was kind of the beginning of like, the law of attraction. If you like, Oh, yeah, I write my resolution down at one time a year. My plan for the entire year. My goal, my dream, the vision of a bigger experience of living. I write it down once a year, and it’s on December 31. And I’m usually slightly intoxicated. And then I wonder why those resolutions don’t work or a couple months later, I fall off


so As the secret came out, we started studying a little bit and realized, okay, maybe there is something to this. And we started realizing, okay, you need to write them down and then have it with you kind of consistently. So our next experience with this is we right before we open up the studios, we wrote down exactly what we wanted in the studios. It was a list of maybe like 10 things or something like that. Chris wrote it, and I wrote it. And so then after we wrote it, and we read it, we were talking about a little bit of it a night of that, and then we folded it up and put it away, didn’t look at it again. didn’t even know where it was. Studios opened up, and we’re doing our thing. And about a year after the studio is being opened, Chris finds these in his desk, these things like Dude, look at this. And we looked at what we wrote. And the majority of what we wrote down had come true. So we’re like, Whoa, that’s pretty cool. Let’s motivate us to take it to a deeper level. Now, what we realize in the deeper studying of this stuff of manifestation, how do I create the life of my dreamz what we realized is, I need consistency. I need to read it daily, I need to understand it and see it daily. I’m going to go into the why we ended up doing this in a bigger way and created literally created the wives that we had. Right, literally created, the homes we’re living in right now literally created the business, the studios and the the work that we do. We deliberately created it, we got very clear on what we wanted to do, how we wanted it to feel what we wanted it to look like, we dream big, and we dream specific. And then we were consistent in the application of that. And I’ll get into the why in just a moment. So how about right now? There’s a lot. So how things manifest, right how things manifest. What you see here is this kind of arches here this these loops at the top, this is ABC and at the bottom. This is ABC at the top this the first line of ABC represents attractor patterns, these attractor patterns, we know them as thoughts. I want to say this right now because this is going to make a difference. We’re doing this consciously or unconsciously, we are always doing this all the time. This is how life works. We are constantly creating the life that we’re seeing. Most of us are doing it unconscious. This is the problem guys, most of us are doing it unconsciously. Right, we’re creating this life, but we’re doing it unconsciously we’re like, damn it, why am I seeing experiencing the same thing over and over and over again? Like why can I have a different life? The attractor patterns, the thoughts that we keep thinking that the what we’re holding in our mind on a consistent basis melds into this matrix of possibilities, this matrix of all possibilities, right. So this gets into these loops, right summation of all possibilities are consists of energy and action. So I can think about something on a consistent basis and it drops into The World Energy. But this is most important. What I’m thinking about dictates the actions that I’m taking. So it’s energy and action, right? It’s energy and action. It’s what’s going on in the world, the energy, right, the bigger energy of the world like the quantum field, whatever you want to call that, that organizes the beautiful organization of everything that is plus my the actions that I’m taking, that are intertwined. We’ll talk about that a little bit, that create observable results that create the results, my thoughts, plus the energy of everything that is combined, because we’re co creating here guys combined with action that I take creates the results. This is happening all the time, whether we like it or not, whether we’re conscious of it or not. And what we’re saying here is that if we become conscious, if we be awake to it, this is why this is The Awakened Life if we wake ourselves up to this ability, this is This gift this birthright that you have, you’re able to do it on purpose, you’re able to create the life that you see in your mind that you visualize that you see yourself living like that you actually wrote down as homework the other day. So, this brings us to the raspberry scepters raz ra S stands for the reticular activating system is the receptors in the part of the brain that highlight the things in our environment that we tell it to highlight. And here’s where it ties back in. What we hold in our mind on a consistent basis is how we experience our lives. What we hold in our minds on a consistent basis, is what we’re telling these rats receptors to pay attention to. Right this isn’t foreign to you guys. You understand this? You’ve had the experience of it in a really great example of is like when you went to buy a new car, and you’re you did the research online probably if you’re like me, you did a lot of research online, and you checked out the the making the model the one you liked, the space and the mileage all that stuff and then you picked up a color. And then you went to the dealership and you maybe test drove one. And then you maybe didn’t buy just then but you you’re on your way driving back home. And guess what you start to see. Right so let’s say that the car that I was looking for was a was a black Toyota Tacoma. And I researched like yeah, I want to get a black Toyota coma like this, this tires and, and blah, blah, blah. And then I went to the dealership drove one and I’m driving back home and guess what I see all over the place when I didn’t see that. I didn’t see it before. But all of a sudden, everywhere I see black Toyota Tacoma us all of a sudden, what the hell just happened? Did everyone all of a sudden buy a black Toyota Tacoma and started driving it around right then? Like, how does that happen? No, they were already there. Your environment already has everything in it already. We just haven’t told the RAZR assessors to pay attention to it until we do until we say razz receptors. I really like this pay attention to it. This is an important to me pay attention to it. And all of a sudden you see it everywhere. This is how the browser sectors work. And this is how we consciously create. What it is that we want to see where we want to go the direction of our lives and what we want to manifest in our lives, we begin on a consistent basis comes back down to that story about like burning our intentions and never not really thinking about or writing the intention down and putting it away and never read it. Right. When we do the creation on a consistent basis, when we when we tell her as receptors, hey, this is really important to me pay attention to it, we start to see it in our environment. And those things start to mess. This is where the energy of the universe, the quantum soup that we are all in all the time. This is where it starts to co create our lives. And what I mean by that is, it’s there, right? We just haven’t told our brains pay attention to it. So that when that conversation comes up that Oh, yeah, I was really think about it moves us in a direction. We see that thing that moves us in the direction it takes us in that direction. into that space. So this is how creation can work for us or against us. If we’re not conscious, this will be a negative feedback pattern. If we are conscious, this will create the life of our dreams. So there’s four boxes here, the first one says potential. Next one says actions. Next one says results. And the last one says beliefs. What happens to us is we have a specific set of beliefs. These beliefs are based, like Chris talked about this area, we can literally take what Chris talked about in the four boxes and overlay them on top of this, and it would it would completely coincide, completely coincide. The beliefs are based off stories, Chris talks about this. So we all have a story that holds a belief. It holds up a belief that we have, right so we have this set of these sets of beliefs and these beliefs, create the potential that we think we have in our lives, right? The potential this potential that we believe we have creates the level of action that We take or don’t take those actions create observable results, right, create the results in our lives. Those results then create the beliefs. The belief then create the potential, the potential creates the actions that we take the actions that we take creates more results, the results, enhance or hold up those beliefs and then increase the potential so if my uses example of this, like if I believe, right from my history, I had a bunch of bad relationships and I believe I’m just unlucky in love. I’m just not when it comes to love. I just don’t have what it takes, right? I’m not good at it. I’m just unlucky. I always meet the wrong person. There’s my belief, right? This creates a potential of me looking in my environment for that person that I want to spend my life with. This creates the actions I see someone beautiful I’m like Nah, I’m unlucky in love. I’m not even talk to them. Actions create the results. Ah, they walked off. They didn’t even look at me. They didn’t smile. that reinforces the beliefs and so on and so forth. This works for everything. Another great example of this is Roger Bannister, right, Roger Bannister, you guys don’t know who I was administered in 1954. He was the first man to break the four minute mile. And what I mean by that is he ran one mile in three minutes and 59 point 4.6 seconds. I just got in. Right, right. And so he was the very first person to break the four minute mile. He didn’t have any results. He didn’t have any results, so no one had ever done it before. And so he didn’t have anyone to model in the belief, the common belief with everybody is that it’s impossible. And so his belief, although he probably had, like, I believe I can do it. I believe I can do it. I believe I can do it. He didn’t have anybody on the whole the belief in the world was it’s impossible. His potential, because of that belief is potential like, Yeah, I don’t know if I can pull this off his actions right now. Actions where it’s not going to happen. And the results are that now what he had to do so, in order for us to break that, especially if it’s something like the four minute mile, we can’t tap into beliefs that’s too hard. We can’t tap into potential that’s based off our beliefs. We can’t tap into action. We have to tap into results. Chris spoke about this yesterday, but this is what how we bring it back in is we get results in advance. And so what Roger Bannister did we get results in advance. What Roger Bannister did is he had to visualize himself completing a mile in under four minutes. He had to sit still and visualize him completing that four minute mile. Or that that three, that three minute and 59 second mile. When we visualize we create results in advance. Those results will shift our belief systems about whether it’s possible for us that shift the potential all of a sudden he’s through visualization, he believed there’s a potential I could do this I can pull this off. And then he trained his butt off. And he kept training kept trainings like I know it. I know, guys, it wasn’t in the body. It wasn’t in the mind. I mean, the visualization part may have but he pulled it into a feeling he pulled it into his heart. Emotion drives behavior. Roger Bannister got freakin emotional about this. I know he did. He got emotional. He pulled it into his heart so that he could start doing the actions and getting the results and so in his training, he started getting closer and closer and closer and all of a sudden the results started enhancing and shifting his beliefs like this is possible his belief shift is potential. I know I can do it. His actions do Boom, boom, boom, boom. Well, guess what? He pulled it off. He ran the four minute mile. Now here’s the crazy part guys in the same year. I got to rephrase this because this is important. Before Roger Bannister, nobody had ever done it. They thought it was impossible for a human being to run. That fast. It’s like literally like 22 feet per second they have to go like you book in, right? You’re running. That same year. Two other gentlemen ran the four minute mile. What happened? What all of a sudden they were like, Oh yeah, Roger Bannister did it so we’ll do his techniques. No, they said Roger Bannister did it.


The story of it’s impossible stories hold beliefs, the story that it’s impossible. shattered. Roger Bannister shattered that story. All of a sudden the belief in the world was Holy smokes, somebody ran the four minute mile. It’s possible. And all of a sudden that same year, two other gentlemen did I think by the next year, it was up to like 30 people doing it right? It will mediate shift, right? immediate shift. This works in our lives constantly. And so the access point to this is results. And this comes back to meditation or our ability to visualize what it is that we want where we want to go. So this brings us to the law of creation. framework, how do we get into the framework? What do we do exactly in the law of creation? What is it is there is like so okay, john, you talked about this, you talked about that, that and the the boxes and this and like an understanding, is there a framework and Chris and I put together a framework, this is the framework that we’ve used over and over again, the first is find clarity. Second, is create necessity. I’m going to talk about, unfortunately, the time that we have today, I can’t go through all of them and break them down. And we can go to the unsecured with all of these, but I’m going to cover these two, with a little bit more detail today. But find clarity, create necessity, discover limiting beliefs. What is it that that goes back to the four boxes, where are we stuck? And how do we get out of being stuck, get results in advance? We talked about that. One of the most powerful ways of getting results in advance is to establish a meditation practice and then shift the meditation practice into visualization practices, to help us achieve that and then fifth is take action. I can under My purpose and I can have all the passion in the world. But if I don’t have power, if I’m not able to actually take one foot and step in front of the other move, I’m not going to create anything right so taking action, practicing daily, we talked about that I got to be consistent with it. We there’s a, there’s a framework around that also. And then staying present, and staying present comes back down to my rash receptors are starting to fire up, check out my environment, don’t get caught up in the mind stories and sleepwalk my way through life. Open my eyes, look around, talk to people engage in life as it’s happening because you will start to see your goal, your vision start to manifest in your life, you will see the things that fall into place when they need to fall into place. So I’m gonna do a very quick, deep dive on this. I really wish I had more time with this. So first finding clarity. This is number one. And finding clarity is important because we got to know where we’re going. So the question what I have appears, do you know what you want? Or are you drifting? Think about This guy’s like, if I got into if I got so I love this now. So if I got into a sailboat, and I put it out into the ocean, and then I was like, Alright, I’m out in this ocean. And I’m so busy with swapping the deck if that’s an actual thing anymore. So I’m the deck, I’m tying up knots, I’m doing this, I’m so busy, like with the doing this of the boat, that I don’t ever set a destination, what’s going to happen? I’m going to drift. I’m going to sit in that sailboat and just get taken by the waves taken by the current get taken by the storms, like I’m gonna get pulled and taken all over the place. I’ll drift. When we get into our boats, we have to know where we’re going. So in the ears of Chris and I coaching, we’ve, like one of the biggest things that comes up when working with people is that because this is one of the first things we ask, What do you want, and the response is, well, I don’t want this and I don’t want that and I don’t want that. So this is the next piece of this, like when you get in the boat, and you put her out into the ocean. How are you going to get anywhere? If you say, Well, I don’t want to go to the Bahamas, and I don’t want to go to Jamaica, and I don’t want to go to Barbados and I don’t want to go to Costa Rica, and I don’t want to go to Colombia, you guys get my point, right? Like, that doesn’t help. This highlights the negative bias. If I’m thinking about all of the negatives, my mind is saying, I don’t want that and I don’t want that. And I don’t want that. And I don’t want that. That still exists. Drifting guys still leaves us drifting. We have to be very specific dream big, Dream specific. What is it that you want? What is it that you want? And then the next piece to this is, is what you want? Here’s the reality. We’re all chasing feelings, everything that we want. We’re chasing a feeling. If I want a million dollars, I didn’t know I really want a million dollars. You don’t really want a million dollars. You don’t



want a million pieces of paper with dead presidents on it right? You don’t



What you really want is what is a million dollars represent? What’s the symbol, we chase symbols all the time. Like, I want this and I want that I want that, because what we’re really trying to do is because that symbol is going to give me a feeling. And so this is important, like get super clear, super clear on what is the feeling that I want. And a lot of times the simple may connect with it. Like if you’re like, No, I want a million dollars because I want financial security, then maybe getting a million dollars will give you some finished credit, but maybe a million dollars will make you so crazy busy in your work that you don’t have time for your family, right? Like the other thing that happens is like so let’s say that I’m like, Well, I want somebody in my life that I can go on walks with someone that will cuddle up with me in bed, somebody that when I get home, all they want to do is jump on me and kiss me. And that’s really what I want and all the sudden you end up with a dog. The dog, I’ll go we go on walks. cuddles up in



bed with me.



When I get home, she jumps up on me and kisses my face, right? Like, no, I don’t like. So we also have to get clear like sometimes saying, No, I want to be specific. This symbol is an actual human being that I can go on walks with and cuddle with and kiss and blah, blah, blah. So you guys get my point. We got to be very clear this we there’s a system we use for this, but then we got to be very clear on Is it a symbol we’re chasing? And more importantly, what is the



feeling that I’m really looking for?



That that symbol represents? Find clarity, know where you’re going, you have to have a destination. Even if it’s a simple destination, I was like, well, I feel content. I’m good. I’m a simple destination. I in the next 90 days, I’m gonna have a better relationship with my wife and I do today whatever the thing is, right? Have a destination because this begins to fill your heart, right this because, whoo. Now I have purpose. And if I have purpose, I have a destination. Guess what I have now I start to get fired up. I sort of get passion about start to move in that direction. Right? And this brings us to the next piece create necessity. What is your big Why? Why do you want that? Why? What’s your big Why? Because this is what happens when we set our destination we know where we’re going and we start to move in that direction. We’re gonna stumble, we’re going to fail and we’re going to fail and fail and fail and now I want you to be really clear I’m going to be I’ll be quick with this. Failures don’t exist. They don’t their mind construct ah tried and failed. No, you didn’t fail you got a result. It may have not been the result you wanted. That’s cool. But you know now what didn’t work and this is vital. This is so important. Right? We have to and guess what the masters at any discipline are the ones that get the most results that got the failed the most and kept doing it. Our big Why? gets our butts back up when We fall are big why gets us out of bed in the morning we’re like, oh my god, another more I just want to sleep in. I don’t want to chase my dreams anymore. It’s too hard. Just drive like no get your butt out of bed because you’re doing this. I’m doing this my wife, I’m doing this for my kids doing this for my, my family in their in his family. And like, I’m doing this there’s a bigger, why that drives us. Emotion drives behavior. If I can get around that big, why I can understand this is why I’m doing this. This is why I get up in the morning. If I can get my vision aligned with a big why a necessity. When I fall, I’ll get back up when I follow get back up and I’ll keep doing it until I get the results that I’m looking for. So that’s all the time I got for today. I do want to throw some homework at you guys. The homework because ready, homework journaling what is at stake and who will be If you don’t succeed, and what I mean by don’t succeed, you don’t get your best life. What does that stay? And who will be affected? If you don’t succeed on getting to your best life? Be specific on that, guys. This will start to align you with your bigger Why? Why is it that you want what you want? Right? Cool. So join us tomorrow guys. Chris is going to pull all of this together. He’s just going to do a recap and pull it all together. And we’re going to talk about like, so now what we’ve gotten all of this information you start to see it right we have this life, we understand where we want to go, we understand what’s blocking us once we understand what are our big Whys within successes Now, what’s the next stage? How do I implement? How do I create consistent How do I create this level of accountability? How I pull this together with people that are going to help me in this process? How do I bring it to fruition? And Chris gonna jump into that tomorrow? Gotta be there. It’s gonna be awesome. Yeah. That’s it. Cool, guys, I just thank you so much so often that you guys are here. Again, this is our passions what we love to teach and love to help people with and get them get you are to to that vision of your best life to an awakened life. So they love everybody. Thank you all these thanks so much for listening to the Awakened Life podcast. Do you want to connect with us and a community of like minded Yogi’s who are on a mission to live an awakened life? Then join us in our private Facebook group yaks yoga lab now just head over to Facebook and type in yaks yoga lab. When you join, you’ll get access to two free yoga courses our stability series and flow series, which will help you take the first step on your path toward an awakened life. Go join yaks yoga lab now.



The Truth About What Yoga Actually Is – How Meditation Is The Key To Ending All Your Struggles With Life

Modern Day Yoga Is A Lie

What Is This Episode About…

In the episode, we are discussing meditation and how to achieve bliss for longer amounts of time without interruption from our mind. This is part three of our five-part immersion series to teach you the awakened life formula.

Chris leads our discussion this week. The focus is on mediation and how you can choose to take a step forward towards total enlightenment without ever having to achieve it. The small progress you do make helps clear your mind so you can change and adapt the way evolution has taught you to think.

Chris answers our questions about meditation and why it can be so hard to turn off your thoughts and focus on just the act of mediation. Our mind has a tendency to resort to the bad, shift into flight or flight mode and unfortunately prepare for the worst. This thought pattern essentially puts blinders on us and interrupts our vision to enlightenment.

This week, he teaches us how to stop that interruption and allow a different pattern, a different thought process to enter our minds through meditation. 

Key Takeaways

  • Recap of the awakened life formula (2:09)
  • Our purpose supports passion (4:23)
  • Meditation is the key to ending struggles with life (5:45)
  • Tried meditation #irelate (6:00) 
  • True purpose of meditation (7:55)
  • Flashes of bliss (11:00)
  • Brain always in fight or flight mode (14:20)
  • Survival – why the thoughts are the way they are (16:32) 
  • How change our mind to change out brain (20:31)
  • Create more positive feedback loops (29:05)
  • Process of mediation (32:20)
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This episode was released June 10, 2020

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Chris Yax  0:00  

Welcome everybody to the Awakened Life podcast. Today, we are going to share day three of our five day immersion. And what we want to talk about is the truth behind what yoga actually is. How meditation is the OTG yoga if you take it back far enough, but very specifically, we want to teach today how meditation can help you and all of your struggles with life. That’s what we’re going to share inside this episode. So let’s get right to it.


Welcome to The Awakened Life podcast where


we’re going to give you the exact blueprint


of how to live an awakened life, a life filled


with purpose, passion, and power. We are the yaks brothers,


john and Chris, and we’re here to share the truth that Yoga is so much more than stretching. It’s the oldest personal development system


ever created. The problem is that most modern day yoga focuses solely on getting better at poses and promotes this idea that if you get good enough, one day your life will magically fall into place and your struggles with the world will end listen In each week as we reveal the truth about what yoga actually is, and how it’s designed to bring the life of your dreams into reality, if you’re ready to take immediate action to live an awakened life, join our private Facebook group yaks yoga lab and get two of our most popular yoga courses for free.


Welcome, welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Thank you for being here.


Super excited. This is day three of the five day yoga immersion.


And I am super pumped about today. In the Facebook group we’ve been you know, all of the sharing Oh my god, it’s so good. Thank you so much. We john and I, we talked about yesterday, we never thought that there would be so much willingness to be vulnerable and like, share your stories. And I can’t tell you like this is one of the things in our teacher trainings. That is probably the most powerful thing that we do is the sharing. It’s journal writing, sharing. So anywhere where you guys are doing is like it’s it’s humbling. So today today today, so it’s so


so excited. about it, because we’re going to talk


about, oh, what yoga actually is.


But first, let me just recap for a second because it’s really important. You know, as john and i were trying to put this, this immersion together, we wanted to be very specific about, like making sure that everyone knew how all of this fits together. And so the recap is what we’re really teaching you is The Awakened Life formula. Now the Awakened Life formula. It’s basically what this entire training is about. And there’s a process. And so the first day I talked about, like the idea of being and becoming, and now what we’re really doing, like the big lies that it’s really about, like being in terms of understanding your truth and letting that be the foundation of your becoming. Right. And so that was the whole theme. And then john talked about in the very next day, day two, about movement, and what yoga poses what the practice is really designed to do for us. It’s not about gymnastics, it’s not about contorting your body thinking that that’s somehow going to magically make your Life’s better. It’s about moving in such a way that it helps us reclaim lost youth to be like fluid, strong and flexible, right. But also, the secret of that is that movement is designed to prepare us for meditation. And so this is my point. It’s very sequential, we move for our bodies, right? That’s why we love like just the normal practice that everyone thinks Yoga is. But we also move in this Awakened Life formula, prior to meditation to prep us, because movement is one of the quickest ways to change our state and set us up for what I’m going to talk about today, meditation. Now, what’s so important about meditation, you’ll find out today, and then tomorrow, John’s going to talk about it’s so good, so good about this next level of manifestation. And so but when you look at all that, and so for meditation, it then supports us and provides this foundation to create the life of our dreams and there’s a place process that we teach all within manifestation, what you’re kind of going through right now. But my point is I really want to articulate that this Awakened Life formula is movement, meditation and manifestation in a very specific way that john and I do every single day. And the like, what’s really embedded in that is for us in our lives, to have more purpose, right to know, like, this is where I want to go in my life. Because without that, how are you passionate, and people really like, they’re like, I want to be passionate about something, well, if I don’t know where I’m going, then I don’t have the fuel and the fire to have a direction of knowing where I should be running. So purpose is first and then we have this passion. That’s like, the emotional content, right? It’s what like, fires us up and gets us out of bed and like allows us to go the extra mile, so that we can create this manifestation but without like, you have passion. You can know where you’re going, and you can be so excited about it. But if you don’t have the personal power, this third element, and the third element is John’s going to talk about tomorrow is like it’s just So important there, obviously they all linked together. But without this, you can have purpose and passion and you can like, just be unhappy, because I know where I want to go. And I’m excited about it. But I just don’t know how to get there. Because what’s really missing is the personal power piece. All of this together, the movement, the meditation manifestation, what and what’s required and what’s kind of being pulled into that experience is purpose and passion. And power is what we call like the Awakened Life like so what we’re really teaching in this whole thing is how do we live an awakened life? So that is the kind of the recap and the excitement about what’s coming tomorrow. But let’s get into today. All right, so the truth behind what yoga actually is why meditation is the key to ending all your struggles with life with life. Please, I’m not saying there will be no more struggle in life, but you will stop struggling with the reality of what life is if given what it’s offering. And so we What is the purpose of meditation? I apologize. We’re gonna go super deep real quick. But let me back up real quick. I first heard about meditation. I was in my like late teens, early 20s, right around that time, and I forget who I was actually like following and listening to, that kind of compelled me to do this. But I heard that if you meditate, you meditate for an hour. I was like, and when you meditate, you sit with nothing underneath you in a cross legged position, and you have to time it, but that’s what meditators do. You meditate for an hour in a cross like position on the floor with time and so that’s what I did. Oh my god, like 10 minutes into it. I was like, this doesn’t feel right. Like legs numb, right body shaking 30 minutes into it, and it’s an all out war in here. Now. I’m kind of type a like, I am like, I’m a quick start. You tell me what to do. I’m boom, I’m going I’m getting it. So like not like quitting halfway through, not an option. Literally by the end,


I’m like, convulsing.


I’m like having a seizure, because my body was so unconditioned for it. And my mind is like, you’re gonna die your legs, you’re gonna fall off, abort, abort, abort. And my consciousness was like, No, I can handle it. I can handle it. That timer went off, and I did not sit and meditate for an entire year. If you’ve ever meditated and struggled, can you put hashtag I relate. Oh, my God. I mean, that’s like, if you are if you think you’ve tried meditation, you think, Oh, I can’t meditate. Let me know with like a like or love or something like that. So you can feel where I was back in the day. Oh, my God, it was so painful. Literally. I didn’t do it again for a year. I was like, that’s what meditation is. No thanks. I’m good. My life is good enough as it is. So let’s talk about the real purpose of meditation. It is enlightenment, which is a state of complete bliss, every day, all day long enlightenment. state of complete bliss all day, every day. I don’t want that. Sounds crazy. Yes, I’m a yogi. And yes, I meditate every day. But let me be very honest with you. I know I’m so truthful with the fact that I will not, I’m not willing to put in the time and the energy and the effort to become an enlightened master. I’m just not. And, and I know that’s the purpose. I know. That’s the aim. And I meditate every day. So you may be thinking like, well, dude, if you’re not like, you’re not aiming for enlightenment, but you meditate every day. Like, why? And here’s the best analogy I have. Like, take a moment and just envision yourself, like on the beach, and like 50 yards away, you see this big bonfire, but the bonfire is far away, and it’s cold. it’s wintertime and you feel cold. Before I say there’s no one around you, you feel alone. And every day because your desires to get to that bonfire, and be with all the people who are there surrounding it feeling its warmth, you just commit to taking a step. And you commit to taking another step. And you commit to taking another step. And every day you choose to take a step, you may not feel the warmth. But as soon enough, at some point, you will get close enough to begin to feel the warmth. You won’t even be there yet. But you’ll feel the warmth, you’ll begin to hear the people and the love the connection that they’re creating. And you’ll start to experience that as your own. Maybe one day you get there, but maybe you don’t. This is my point behind enlightenment. I don’t care if I get there. But I’m totally committed to walking the path meaning I’m totally committed to meditating to sitting and with myself every single day. Because as short as I walk towards that bonfire, and I feel its warmth. I will sit in meditation, and I will feel what happens on the path towards enlightenment, which is more love. more self love, more belonging, right more joy, the things in my life that I’m looking for that meaning I don’t care if I get there, because the point of the goal is the person you become on your way to achieving it. The point of walking towards the bonfire is to feel its warmth. You may not get there, but you’re going to feel the warmth. You’re going to feel the connection, the point of meditation, yes, it’s enlightenment, but you may never get there. I’m really honest, I don’t think I’m gonna get there. But I’m feeling the love and the connection that’s born from walking the path. That’s why I meditate. Okay, so flashes of bliss. I may never get to enlightenment, you may never get to enlightenment, but that’s not a reason not to meditate. And in fact, you’ve experienced moments of enlightenment,


literally moments


of so here’s the way to describe it. What the mind is doing all the time is it separating itself from experiences, you have an experience and you think about it, and you’re not in it, you’re now like trying to figure out how to work and how to do it. So think but you’ve had moments of bliss. what some of you it’s not Nature, you take a walk in the park, and you’re not thinking about it, you’re just experiencing the smell and the sight and sound. You’re just literally like you’ve merged, you’re in the experience. If your passion is like gardening, and you can just be there for hours, you’re not thinking about it. You’re just like your tune with the earth and you’re planting and you’re weeding, and you’re in that experience where time literally doesn’t matter. It literally stands still, there is no concept of tomorrow or the next day, you are in full rapture with what you’re experiencing. Or sometimes it’s making love. Right? for a lot of us that’s making love like it’s the moment of like, Man, you’re literally literally merging with somebody and experiencing this love and His passion is ecstasy. What happens for most of us is we have a brief moment of that, and then the mind kicks in, we start thinking about it. When you do that you now separated yourself, that experience those flashes of bliss. But it’s a flash because there’s a moment before the mind kicks in, where you’ve experienced life without the filter without the mind. So then the question becomes what keeps us from experiencing those more and for longer periods of time? Now, if you can relate to this alike or love so you know, like, Yes, I feel you’re on the I’ve had those moments, I’ve had those flashes, whether it’s holding the baby, whether it’s in nature, whether it was, you know, making love, whatever it


was, let me know that you feel me on that, because


it’s really important


that if you’ve had those, it means that you know what you’re looking for. And that’s so important. And then the question is what keeps us from experiencing those more and for longer periods of time? Okay? And the answer is, patterns of mind, typically return this patterns of consciousness, but we usually use that terminology and language in our teacher trainings. So it’s literally patterns of the mind, which is really a pattern of the brain But I’ll talk about that. And what I’m really saying with patterns of mind is subconscious programming. It’s really important that you know, because of evolution, you are the way you are. Meaning it’s not your fault. You’re crazy. is everyone’s crazy. And here’s why. We have old brains, literally hundreds of thousands, millions of years of evolution


is what we’re dealing with here.


This evolution has given us given the brain what you have in here, the brain, the number one priority, survival. It doesn’t care if you’re at peace, it doesn’t care if you’re happy. It doesn’t care if there’s joy in your life. And because of survival being its number one priority.


It has a negativity bias. What do I mean by that? Back in the day,


way, way back in the day like our way back ancestors when Every single day was a matter of life and death. Right? We don’t have sharp teeth. We don’t have sharp claws like we were prey. But we have these brains that allowed us to project out and plan and navigate our environment in ways that no other species could


that we know.


So here we are in that literal life or death situation. And the brain says, you noticing that stick that could be a snake, way more valuable than you noticing that flower. That’s beautiful. You noticing the movement of the brush in your periphery, that could be a big cat way more valuable than you noticing this


sunset that’s happening as you get eaten.


The point is, millions of years of evolution, have forced you to focus more on negative experiences than positive ones. Because avoiding a threat was much more immediately advantageous to your survival than like reaching for an opportunity. This is so important. One of you in the


thread. Amery, I believe it was,


you said, Why is it


so in the first journal writing we had you focus on what you’re struggling with what like the your your biggest hurdles in life right now. And the second was describe your best life. And what she wrote in the thread was, Why am I only or is it weird that I’m only focusing on day one, even after day two? I was like, no. And it’s because we you have a negativity bias. And so why so does everyone else your brain is wired to focus on the negative. Now fast forward to right now. It’s just so important. We’re not life or death situation anymore, right? You could argue the fact with the current pandemic we’re dealing with, but most of us what we’re doing now, because remember, this is subconscious programming. We’re playing out all of these scenarios in our head. It’s what we call the simulation. The simulation is you projecting out into the future, and like it’s like a daydream. But it’s kind of a de nightmare, because all of the simulations end up being worst case scenarios. Why? Because your brain cares about survival.


It doesn’t care


about your peace and your well being because it has a negativity bias, which helps you survive. Now what I mean survival and this will help articulate why the thoughts you have are the way they are and why some are predominant, and some are not. In terms of survival, there’s four key things the brain wants the four F’s, as we call it, it’s fight. Its flight, right? That’s sympathetic nervous system action. I’m either gonna run away, or it’s fight or flight, I’m gonna I’m gonna run away or I’m gonna throw some blows, right. The third F is feeding you need to eat food to survive, and the fourth F is Is procreation, and it’s procreation because this survival isn’t just for yourself but survival of the species. And so we’re predominantly looking at our environment like, do I need to run? Or do I need to fight something? it? Can I eat that? Or can I have sex with it? And those are the things that we end up


playing out over and over again.


So remember, now we’re not in life situations, we’re in normal daily life, right? Where what’s been replaced with the brush that could be a big cat or the stick that could be a snake is you know, conflict at work. You’re, you’re unhappy with your job. There’s issues in your relationships. And so the brain is focusing the mind is focusing on all of these things, playing out worst case scenarios, because we’re dealing with old programming that’s designed to keep you alive, not designed to make you happy. Understanding this, there’s a next real key thing point here, the brain and the body can’t distinguish reality from these mental simulations.


They can,


john and i, when we were in our like the throes of martial arts. It was we were basically doing MMA mixed martial arts. But it wasn’t called that back in the day it was prior to MMA, but we were so focused on what we call self preservation aspect of it,


kind of our motto was like,


learn it today to be able to use it tonight. But to be able to do that, we knew that you fight like you train. And we knew if we put ourselves if we simulated scenarios that could potentially be real scenarios in life. And see if our training is like working in those scenarios, we’ll be able to actually defend ourselves in a real way.


Every single day,


two times a day. Most days, we were having these real life simulations in our martial arts training. added with the craziness of our lives at the time, is what led to the hair analysis test that john got that said, like we’re experiencing acute stress disorder. Why? They weren’t real. It was john, I was fighting. I use my brother, I love them. But I was putting myself in a situation where the brain and the body couldn’t distinguish. And you know this, if you have experienced a moment where you’re simulating something, and all of a sudden you feel like if it’s obviously something negative, but something contentious and you feel like your palms sweaty, you feel your heart racing, you feel your blood pulsing through your body. Hashtag Yes, please, because it’s so important that you recognize what’s going on here has a physiological effect here in the body and the brain in the body. Literally, when you play something out the same neuro chemicals are dumping into your, your brain in your bloodstream, that is as if it were really happening. Okay, cool. So that’s that So then all that like, Oh, very negative Oh, it’s fight or flight this or that what happened? So the question is, how does this work? How does this work? And how can we be free of it? There’s a saying this is we got this from a book called Buddhist brain, it’s changed the mind, to change the brain, to change the mind, change the mind, to change the brain, to change the




What that saying is that if we can start controlling the simulations and what we’re focusing on, the brain will in turn start to reshape itself. This is called neuroplasticity.


There’s a period of our lives and like, not so distant ago, where we thought at the age of seven, we were hardwired, no more learning you are who you are, go live your life. It’s not true. Current scientists saying there’s neuroplasticity, you can actually change and evolve and adapt until


your death. It gets harder when you’re older. But like it’s still possible. And this is the way this is the mechanism. You change the mind what you’re focusing on which will change your brain, the neurons chemicals and what what you’re experiencing how you feel about life. And then that then changes your mind you will then the brain will be patterned.


There it is


to see this new perspective. So check this out. This is super This is like if you weren’t on our retreat in Costa Rica, the one we just went to, then you haven’t seen this yet. This is new information that we like, we had a brainstorm. And I was like, Oh, my God connects and what john is going to do tomorrow, overlays on this, and it’s so powerful, just these two trainings this one and then what john does tomorrow, if you add it and you lay this thing over each other, you will see all of the reasons why you are the way you are, period, and that is then the key to your freedom. So let’s look at this. This box says identity. This box says experience this box says stories. This box says beliefs. What is identity. That’s who I am, or who you believe yourself to be. But we say things like that, oh, that’s just who I am.


I’m not a morning person, just who I am.


That’s your identity. We then have experiences these experience is honestly if I’m really telling the truth, they’re all neutral. They’re not inherently good or bad. It’s the truth. But that’s not the reality. The reality is because of this, we start experiencing them as positive, negative or neutral. So


our minds lump


all the experiences into one of three buckets. It’s positive, it’s negative, or it’s neutral, which means the positive we end up chasing it, the negative, we end up running away from it and the neutral, we end up ignoring it. Let’s go down to stories.


The stories that we create it’s,


I’m talking about stories is what the simulations were all the stories that we’re playing out in our mind, there’s a saying that, like, all you think you’re thinking, you think you’re thinking, but all you’re really doing is telling stories to yourself, about yourself. And they all have this negative like color, this negative hue because of our brains, trying to wrap it all together. So these stories, what we’re really doing with the stories, we’re trying to create meaning of these experiences, there’s got to be meaning for this. And so the stories are it means this or it means that and what are the stories are really doing the real power of stories is so important is that they hold up our beliefs about this as how life is. This has meanings that says how life is. These stories are literally the scaffolding that supports beliefs. We all have them. And these beliefs become your identity. This is how life is. And that’s why I am the way I am. That’s just who I am. And then guess what? That becomes the filter. Oh, I have another experience. Oh, because of who I am and how this literally colors the way you see experiences. That’s why we lump it in positive, negative or neutral because we have a pre like a precondition set program to experience Oh, red light. I’m angry. Check program done story. Oh, you know, I’m always late. That’s why I’m always angry at red lights belief. Oh, yeah. This is how life is I’m all you know, it’s just, you know, life’s a struggle. And you know, when every time you’re late, there’s always going to be red lights. Oh, and this is just who I am. I’m just always That procrastinator, that late person and then experience that you see, it’s a feedback loop. Now, this is what’s really important.


The feedback loop doesn’t have to be negative,


it can be positive. So one of the like, the hardest experiences I’ve ever had in my life was the separation of my mom and dad, I would happen when I was very young. I was the youngest of six.


And when he left,


like he left like he stayed around, it was right. I could tell you that I can take the next year to tell you all the different stories, but he stayed around for a little bit, but then he was gone. Like he went to Europe. He then went to Arizona, he then went to California, then went to the Midwest, and he forgot every birthday. He was never around. Literally, I felt abandoned, but not just that I felt like he and my mom separating was


my fault.


And so here it is, like, I had an experience of my mom and dad separating. The story I told myself was that it was My fault. The belief I had was that I was unlovable because of that I felt abandoned. And because I took the responsibility from the story I was telling, I the belief I created was that I’m unlovable literally, it was like there’s a puzzle piece in me that was missing. And mind you, my mom is full loving, like she love me love me. But she couldn’t. What was broken inside of me was not something she could fix this create an identity of I am an unlovable person. And I will always be unlucky in love. Fast forward. Now. I’m in my early 20s. And I’m dating, and I’m dating this one girl, and it’s going great. And I’m like, Man, this could be the one. It wasn’t. And all of a sudden, like, she doesn’t tell me but I see her out at night and she’s with her ex. And so here it is an experience. The girl I was dating, left me for her for her ex, and didn’t tell me and the story I told was Oh, oh, it must be my fault. I must have done something. Oh, and it’s Oh, that’s right. I am I’m unlovable. Oh, that’s right. That’s my identity. like


six months later, I’m dating someone else.


I’m This is no shit. I promise this is real true life story.


She leaves me


for her ex without telling me. Same story. Same belief reaffirms my identity. I wish I was lying. It happened a third time. In that same year. She leaves me without telling me goes back to her ex. I mean, at this point, who can’t what believe that, like it was their fault that they’re lucky in love. And that’s just who I am. Right. So now fast forward. I’m in my later 20s and I’m dating my now wife. We’re living together. We’re lying in bed, and she gets a text. And then she gets another one. And then she gets another one. And then she gets another and all the sudden feel Like, angry, because I was like, Oh, she’s probably cheating on me. And she doesn’t tell me. And all I could do very passive aggressive, passive aggressive. I was like, Listen, if you’re gonna continue to get text, you’ve got to leave this girl and not leave like, forever, but like go in the other room.


Anyway, I wake up,


and I was super unnerved about I was not okay, but I didn’t say anything. I just kind of let it be. And I sat in meditation. I already had a form of meditation practice at this point. I was practicing yoga all the time. And I just sat with it. And I kind of like asked the question, What do I do? And I didn’t hear voices or anything like that. But the general sense was like, just chill. Like, just just be don’t do anything. Don’t do anything. So fast forward that this coming Saturday, the Saturday back then, and we’re going out to dinner because it was my birthday, my 30th birthday. And we’re eating dinner. It’s wonderful. We’re having a good time. I kind of like just put all that behind me. And, and she’s like, hey, do you want to go this other restaurant and have some dessert? Yeah, of course. So we go to the restaurant. I walk in Surprise. She set up a 30th surprise birthday for me. And I looked at her I was like, Wait a second. What were you doing in bed that night? Just like your your best friend was drunk texting me how awesome we are together, and I hope you make it and how much he loves me.


And I was like, oh my god.


Here it is. Here it is. This pattern of me feeling unlovable. Like there’s a part missing and this experience of her like texting just that one night. And then the story of like, Oh, I know she’s cheating on me. Why? Because I’m unlovable because I have one. That’s my journey, because I’ve had all these experiences that reaffirm that, all of a sudden, that story and that belief, almost sabotage, literally the woman of my dreams being in my life right now. This is the power. So the question is the power of meditation is my point. How do we create more positive feedback loops? How do we create more positive feedback loops. Because the same process, it’s just a process, it’s arbitrary. It’s not inherently good or bad. The way to do it is to hack into stories. This is why your identity when you say this is just who I am. How open are you to changing that? You’re not, it’s your identity, your beliefs, they don’t even have to be true. But there’s believable if I asked you, hey, what are your false beliefs? You’d be like, I have none. Because they’re your beliefs. They’re not false until someone presents different information that allows you to see it. How is that information presented and story form? What I’m saying is you have to hack into your stories, the stories that you’re telling yourself, hashtag, hack into stories, hack stories, hashtag hack stories, if you’re feeling on this, because this is the deal. This is not the entry point. You don’t have control over all the experiences. This is not the entry point to change because it’s your identity. It’s hardwired, it’s who you think you are. This is not the entry point because you don’t know false beliefs because then your belief period, you got to Start looking at the stories you’re telling yourself and asking, Are they empowering or disempowering? So how do we create more positive feedback loops?


And loops?


We hack into our stories when I just said, and how do we do that through meditation? Why meditation, because there are three main benefits. And I’ll be wrapping this up right here. So stay with me. And if you’re feeling it, say, keep going, because I couldn’t stop right here. If you’re like, you know what, that was good. I’m good. I gotta run. But if you want to keep going, hashtag Keep going. Keep going, cuz I’m energized. I’m gonna keep going this.


I’m gonna keep going anyway. I don’t care. I do care, but I don’t. Alright,


so why the three main benefits of meditation, and I’ll bring it right back to stories and that whole feedback loop that I just spoke of, because it increases your awareness. What do I mean by that?


You’re like, wait, I walk around. I’m aware of everything. No, you’re not. You’re aware of the things you tell your brain to be aware of. Right there are these things called rash receptors. JOHN, we’ll talk about it tomorrow. And it’s little literally what governs, like what your brain focuses on as significant in your environment and you tell it that


my point is meditation,


it heightens and expands your awareness. Not just generally, you may notice certain things a little bit more later, like have this heightened sense of like, I’m very attentive. But what it’s really giving you is an awareness of when you’re telling a story. Why does that work? Because think about it. I’m sitting in meditation, my eyes are closed, and I’m focusing on


my breath.


And that’s it. So simple, right? Should easy. It’s not, it’s the most difficult thing in the world. Why? Because all of a sudden, you’re breathing. And then your mind turns what it turns to a story that you’re telling to yourself about some future or past experience. Why? Because there’s something in your environment that has to be dealt with right now. No, it doesn’t. But what happens is, you now have juxtaposition you now have a benchmark of Oh wait, I was here and now I see myself. Lost and thought lost in the story. You heighten your awareness of when you’re not present, which makes you feel more crazy. That’s why most people don’t continue with meditation is because they feel crazy and that they can’t stop thinking. That’s not the point. I wish I had time to go into the deeper aspect of like, what success meditation looks like and why. But don’t


just know


that the process of focusing to the mind, and then being able to see and be aware of when you’re not breathing and focusing on your breath, and you’re lost and thought is the entry point to hacking into your stories. Here’s the next level impulse control. What does that mean? You feel called to act in the moment and you have the strength to not or you empaths out there. I’ll get to you in a second because I’m one you feel called to not say anything Just, I will, I will burn this in the fire of my own spirit. And I will reconcile that because I don’t want to hurt anyone else’s feelings or make anyone feel uncomfortable in the environment that I’m in. I just, I’ll just take it all in. So your impulse is to withhold information to not communicate that it’s the same thing. impulse control isn’t just stopping when you feel it’s doing when you don’t feel, right. This is what’s so important. awareness and impulse control, impulse control. So now I’m seeing it. And in the moment, I see my mind lost and thought I see the story I’m telling myself, I choose to come back to my breath. That every single time is a rep assures you put a weight in this hand you start pumping that iron, this is going to get stronger every single time you are focused and your mind turns you’re heightening your awareness because you can see it now you didn’t see it before and you also when you choose to come back to your budget. If you are building the muscle, of being able to stop and not act when it’s not right, or to act when you feel compelled to not, because you’re this what the value of this is choice, when you’re lost in simulations, and you’re running off subconscious programming, you don’t have a choice. It’s a program and experience happens. Bam, I hit it. So then empathy last bit last bit. Empathy is first and foremost, it’s not for someone else, it’s for yourself. You have to understand that the experiences you had in your life, what you experience in your life, all of the all of the reasons you made the decisions, all the mistakes, all the imperfections, all the things, you got to be on your own side. You have to have like, be willing to stop judging yourself and to step into your own shoes and experience all of your life as if it wasn’t a mistake. It brought you to where you are. Meditation increases your empathy first and foremost for yourself, because what are you doing? You’re sitting with yourself, and you’re experiencing your mind. And you get to just sit with it and be with it and stand in your own skin and be there. This is the value of meditation. But the real value of this isn’t just this and what our reforms then gives you this experience of what’s next. What’s coming tomorrow. Because the entire that yes, this could be enough. Yes, you will stop self sabotaging. Yes, you will create this, like experience of living where you’re being more honest and truthful with yourself with other people. But then the next question is, what do you really want in life? What do you want? What do you want to look like? That’s what we the journal writing was yesterday. Right? What do you want? But then the question, this is where power comes in. This is what John’s gonna talk about, how do we go about and get it with this foundation that I’m enough with this foundation of love, which is foundation of all this awareness? I can see all the stories that are holding me back and self sabotaging. I now have more impulse control to to make differences and make changes in my life because I have a choice and I can stand in my own skin and I feel okay, I feel comfortable with that. What do we do with it? What do we do then? That’s what John’s gonna talk about. Tomorrow’s what Do then. So who was like the homework tonight is? So we talked about what your best life looked like yesterday. Today is what holds you back from that. And you don’t get the out by saying the stories. I’m telling myself. It hashtag, I will not use that out. It’s like what is holding you back from it? What is it that’s keeping you from getting there and just listed, what you’ll find is you’ll create a list of I can’t, I won’t, and I’m not. And what this is going to highlight for you is all of the identities that you’re holding that you feel is keeping you back from experiencing this next level of life. So the homework time is what keeps you back what holds you back, what’s keeping you from experiencing the beauty of what you wrote about yesterday, the joy and the love and the connection, the peace


of what your best life looks like.


Thank you so much for joining. And please don’t forget tomorrow. It’s about power. It’s about creating that life and we’ll teach you the exact mechanics of how To go about doing that, I will I won’t, john well, so thank you so much. Have a wonderful rest of your day and we’ll see you soon.


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Yoga Is More Than Poses – How These Simple Movements Set Us Up For So Much More

Yoga Poses

What Is This Episode About…

In this episode, John continues the five day immersion course. He pulls us away from the belief that we must accomplish advanced poses to achieve healing. Ultimately, it’s that thought process and motion that causes more harm than healing.

John focuses on movement in this week’s lesson as one of the three pillars to address body, mind and heart. He explains that the more fluid you are, the more alive you are and your youth is restored. He shares an example of an eight-hour surfing trip he credits to healthy movement.

The second half of the lesson is broken down into understanding your anatomy. John teaches us that we are all the same in our basic anatomy, but our structures are unique. Once you understand your structure you can understand your limits in movement and the optimal motion for increased mobility.

Key Takeaways

  • Overview of day one of the 5 day immersion (2:00)
  • Yoga is more than poses (2:49)
  • Importance of movement (3:34)
  • The biggest miss on the power of the practice (7:31)
  • Doing the practice to support you (9:19)
  • We are all the same and we are all different (11:10)
  • Tension vs compression (14:32)
  • Relationship between mind and movement (16:20)
  • 2nd pillar is mediation (22:40)

Learn More About The Content Discussed…

Join The Facebook Group –> http://bit.ly/yogaentrepreneur 

Participate in the Five Day Immersion Course at https://www.facebook.com/groups/yaxyogalab

When Was It Released…

This episode was released June 3, 2020

Episode Transcript…

The Transcript Is Auto Generated And May Contain Spelling And Grammar Errors


John Yax  0:00  

Welcome to the second episode of The awaken Live podcast. We are so excited that you’re here and we are going to share what we offered on day two of the five-day immersion that we offered inside of our yaks yoga lab Facebook group. So what we’re going to dive into is how Yoga is so much more than poses, and how these simple movements set us up for so much more. Now, if you take yoga back far enough, what the movements actually did was way beyond what most people think they do now and the purpose of it was way deeper. And so that’s what we’re going to share with you today. We’re excited to welcome to The Awakened Life podcast where we’re going to give you the exact blueprint of how to live an awakened life, a life filled with purpose, passion, and power. We are the yaks brothers, john and Chris and we’re here to share the truth that Yoga is so much more than stretching. It’s the oldest personal development system ever created. The problem is that most modern day yoga focuses solely getting better at poses and promotes this idea that if you get good enough, one day your life will magically fall into place and your struggles with the world will end. Listen in each week because we reveal the truth about what yoga actually is and how it’s designed to bring the life of your dreams into reality. If you’re ready to take immediate action to live an awakened life, join our private Facebook group yaks yoga lab and get two of our most popular yoga courses for free.


So, five day yoga immersion. Yesterday was day one, Chris rocked it out. Talk about some good stuff. So the yoga version we’re revealing is the untold secrets of yoga and why these truths are the key to reclaiming lost youth eliminating stress and overwhelm and finding self-love both on and off mat. Chris talked yesterday about being and becoming that was really one of the major pieces of that and then through this idea of being becoming, there are tools that we use in order to get That’s clear on our beingness and get us clear on our becoming this. And that he talked about how they seem at odds with each other in an actuality when we approach them using these, these tools that they actually complement each other. And then they’re actually important that we understand the Beingness. In order to create the becoming this, the three tools we talked about were how to access points. Another way of saying that is through the body, the mind, the heart, the body, the mind, and the heart. And what we are teaching you guys is what we call the Awakened Life formula, which we address these parts. We address these parts through specifics, and this is what we’re unfolding. So, day two, what we’re gonna be talking about today, yoga is more than poses, how these simple movements set us up for so much more. Movement is the first pillar. So there are three pillars that address the body, mind, heart, the first pillar is movement. The more fluid you are, the more you are alive. This is a just start discharging that’s I probably destroyed that name. So I apologize, Mr. A or Mrs. A just started needs.


The more fluid you are, the more you are alive. Right? fluidity in the body is vital in order for us to basically understand why we do what we do on our mats, right? So this encompasses really what we’re going to talk about the more fluid you are, the more you are alive. So do yoga is more than poses movement. What we do on our mats has two true purposes to true purposes. The first one is about the body. This first purpose is all about our physicalness their body, how do we approach and dress the body? The approach that we take on our match what we do on our mats is to reclaim lost youth. The reason we do what we do on our mass is to reclaim lost youth so a few weeks ago, feels like a few weeks ago this is they got money A couple of months ago now. So in the beginning of March, Chris and I were in Costa Rica, we did a retreat some of you who were there on the retreat, awesome. A week before the retreat we went to to take a little surfing time to have a little prep time. Now, one day we realized that we had to do this trip because the waves were going to be really good. This trip was intense, meaning we got up at about 430 in the morning. We drove about two hours to the entrance of Santa Rosa National Park. And once you get into the park, it is you basically have to four-wheel drive. It’s like literally driving through a mountain. They call it a road but they that term is used loosely. You are literally driving down a mountain four-wheel-drive going through Belize, huge rocks, and you are going so slow because you’re climbing the whole time. So it takes about an hour just to get to the beach. And once we got to the beach, once we got to where we parked right in front of Beach, we get all our gear on. So we’re both wearing two backpacks. We have our surfboards, we have everything start walking to the beach. And this guy who I guess he was camping there is like, Guys, there are no waves. It’s there’s a little wave out there, but the winds gonna be turning on it and it’s gonna get really bad soon. It’s done that every single day and, and then the waves are just closing out. Like it’s not good. They’re like, okay, we knew the report, we knew that he didn’t know what he was talking about. Fingers crossed. So we walked down to the beach. Now once we got to the beach, it was a 45 minute walk all the way down to the break. So we were at the beach, and then we start walking on the beach, 45 minutes, all the way down to get to this, what’s called Witch’s rock, right? This is beautiful. It’s beautiful scenery amazing. We get all the way down there. And the waves are firing. The waves are good, it’s going off. It’s so good. And only a couple people in the water. So we set our camp out on the beach, put our stuff down, and we go surfing. And the waves are so good guys that were like we can The waters too good. We literally surf for like two hours get out like 20 minutes, eat some food and Apple, a granola bar, jump back out and surf again. You another two hours and come back in, eat a granola bar a couple apples and then go back out. We did this over and over again for eight hours straight for eight hours straight. Couple the 20 minute break, he go back out and serve Ico because it was so good. It was one of those moments, right? We finished the day of surfing the sun’s going down. We pack up all our gear, backpacks, all our stuff, walk 45 minutes all the way back down to the entrance. We walk into the interesting guests who we see. We see the same guy. The guy was like watch what you what, you guys were there the whole time. What you who’s your dad for? And Chris are like, No, we do yoga.


That and that was that encompasses this, right? It encompasses this idea of staying young. Our ability To walk all the way down there serve all day long walk all the way back to like, it was because we practice. Now I’m 43. Well, this would be filmed on 43 Chris’s 40, their 20-year-olds, I can’t do that. This is the value of the practice, guys. No. So here’s the thing. Yoga today focuses on performance and doing advanced poses. This is the biggest misnomer, right? The biggest Miss of the power of this practice is that it’s so focused around doing harder and harder poses more advanced poses, as if doing these advanced poses is going to get you into this state of bliss. As if doing advanced poses is going to all of a sudden create the clarity in your life. It’s going to all of a sudden create better relationships as if as if you do want to press up into a handstand is all this all of a sudden going to have. I’m gonna have a better relationship with my wife because of it. Right But guys, this is what we thought when we first started practicing everything we saw everything we were taught was like No, just do more advanced poses, get really good at your practice and get better and better and better. And what we realized is that we were getting injured all the time. Right? We were trying to do this advanced stuff in our Risinger’s shoulders you get into like, Ah, no, and then we practice more and more and more. And what we also saw is, we saw the old Yogi’s, the old gangster Yogi’s, I think the people that have been pract, like legitimately doing these physical practices for 30 4050 years, 60 years, and their bodies were falling apart. Their bodies were falling like they, they were getting knee surgery and ankle surgeries. They were they’re walking around with canes like that, like the whole goal of what we’re doing on our mats. is not is not to do advanced poses is not to get to older age and have to get surgery because of your practice. Because of your practice. You’re getting surgery. You’re ruining your body because your practice is not met. To do advanced pose Now, don’t get me wrong, enhanced poses are fun. You can do them as long as you understand the approach. This was like this was a highlight. So Chris and I understood this and we started like, like shifting how we practice and realizing that, and especially as we got a little older, we’re like, No, I want to do this practice to support me to support what I’m all the other things that I love in my life. There was a student of ours who went up, she moved to New York, and she ended up doing teacher training in New York. She came back down two weeks before her graduation for teacher training. And she pulled Chris aside and she was like, Chris, I need you to help me. It was like, all right. She was like, I’m doing my teacher training in New York at and in order to graduate, I have to do Lotus. If you guys don’t understand, you don’t know what Lotus is no worse. Lotus is you’re sitting on your seat and you take this ankle and place it here. And then you take your other ankle and you place it here. She had to do that in order to graduate. That’s an advanced pose guys. What we’re going to get into in a moment is There are a good portion of the population that cannot do Lotus. And it’s not because they’re tight. It’s because their skeletal structure is such that they just won’t without blowing out any. So yeah, she could do it and maybe her body was that that and so she would do it but she’d be rolling up to get her certificate


or on crutches. crutches like thank you got into Lotus one time in my life. So the whole idea here guys is what we do on our mats, we practice to stay young. We practice to keep doing the things that we love in our lives. Not to be a gymnast, right not to do gymnastics. You don’t see any 5040-year-old gymnast doing gymnastics, right? We’re not forcing ourselves into these positions to somehow think that we’re gonna have a better life when I’m able to do an advanced Pope’s practice in order to stay young practice to keep your body feeling good. And if you want to play with advanced poses, do so following what I’m about. to talk about now, so we’re all the same, and we’re all different. We’re all the same. And we’re all different. We’re the same, because we’re all made of the same stuff. And what I mean by that is we all have myofascial lines, these myofascial lines or lines of connective tissue that the majority of them run from the bottom of the feet all the way to the top of the head. Every single person has them. All of us happen, how we approach our practice in order to stay young to keep using our lives to keep us fluid, right? Because the more fluid you are, the more live yard, the way we practice in order to stay fluid is to address the body according to anatomy. According to these myofascial lines, we sequence every single practice that we do in a systematic way to sequentially open up these myofascial lines or these lines of connective tissue in the body, moving from most superficial to the deepest lines. If you do this every single time Practice, you’ll address the totality of the body, you’ll do it in a systematic way that allows you to keep fluidity and strengthen the body. Because what does youth mean? Right? What is what does it mean to stay young it means to maintain core strength and to maintain mobility. So that we are our bodies are fluid, right is fluid equals alive. Now, one of the biggest principles behind my fashion methodology we find the methodology that we find my official methodology is this idea that weakness precedes Titans. In yoga, you see it all the time that the practice is about going as deep as you can and go and stretch as you can. If you watch Instagram for me, you’re gonna see somebody doing a crazy back then where they’re all the way back in the back of their head is touching their butt or their hands or to the floor or something like, Oh, that’s yoga. No, it’s not all about flexibility. In fact, it’s about strength first, because if we if we’re weak in one of these lines of connective tissue in the body, the other lines is the beauty of the body. This beauty of nature, the other lines complex They for the weakness of that line, meaning they start to take over some of the movement function, the postural function of that long, right? And what do they do? It means they get tight. So we get on the mats, we stretch, we move to the lines, we stretch, don’t stretch like that. But we stretch and we start to feel more open. But guess what happens? It only lasts for a little bit. And then those lines are like what, hey, this line is weak. So let’s do its job so they get tight again. So in order to get out of that tightness, we have to strengthen that line. And this is why we approach the practice this way. Not only do we open these lines, strengthen open these lines, but we strengthen these lines as well. So that the other lines can relax, they don’t have to do the work of that other line. And then we can dress them and then we can address the lines as we move to the practice, right. So weakness precedes tightens. We have to get strong first, and then we can open up the body right and then we can we can open up these lines to the body. It’s how we’re all the same. We all have these myofascial lines, all of us how we’re different Is that that stuff is put together in a unique way for us individually. So we all So what I’m saying is that you are unique, there is not another person in this world that’s made the same way you are, the structure of your skeletal system is different for every one of us. And this brings into the next principle that we want to talk about today is tension versus compression. tension force compression is this idea that when you’re opening up the body, you’re moving through a joint basically. And so the elbow I think, is one of the easiest, easiest ways to see this. So tension is when I’m moving my arm this way, right? So I’m stretching this part of my arm in the beginning, right? You just started your yoga practice. This is this could be tight for me, right? And so as I do this motion, this opens up and opens up and opens up in the yoga practice. You met this joins all our joints. This feels amazing, right? Like, oh my god, it feels so good. It feels so good. And then off the mat. Oh, feels so good. And then I get back onto my mat and practice. It feels incredible. It feels incredible. And then it keeps feeling incredible. Incredible. Incredible, isn’t it? get to a point of like, Ah, it still feels really good. But I don’t feel like I’m getting any farther. Because we feel we actually see and feel the the progression here, right, I noticed my arm getting straighter and straighter and straighter and it feels amazing. At some point, if I still follow that same idea, I should be able to stretch this more and more and still feel amazing and amazing. And all of a sudden, my arm will be going down here or down here and I’ll be able to like swing it around. Right. So at some point not understanding what compression is, can create this high level this risk of injury. This is making sense. As I move my arm in this direction at some point not understanding compression will make me think that I need to force this straighter and straighter and straighter. At some point, this connective tissue will be open, though I won’t there will be no more tension here. And at that point, I hit compression. bone on bone on the elbow a lot of times is bone on soft tissue on bone but compression here and what Compression like so what that compression is, is the inability for the bones to go, like, I’m there, I’m at my limit, not understanding compression makes me think that I can go, go deeper. And so I push myself to go deeper. But I’m not actually opening up this anymore. I’m doing damage to this. A little compression is okay if we understand what compression is. But the fact of the matter is that then when people come into yoga and yoga is so big, if we don’t understand it, most, so many people don’t understand compression, they think, well, I just need to go deeper. And so they forced themselves going deeper and deeper and deeper. They end up injuring the joints, guys, this comes without using the elbows as an example because it’s simple. It’s easier to see, but this plays out in my wrists. Obviously my elbows, my shoulders, the whole spinal column, my neck, my low back, my hips, my knees, my ankles. Every joint in the body does this right every joint in the body has this relationship. At some point. You’re gonna if you practice long enough, you won’t There won’t be any more tension or they’ll be less a lot less tension and you’ll start to hit compressive points. If we understand where that compressive point is, we’ll be able to practice safely and for as long as we want to, right. We won’t be like some of the old Yogi’s now that are that are that are in their 70s 80s and getting surgery and walking around with canes, we will stay young, fluid and alive, right? We won’t injure ourselves with this practice. If we’re doing yoga, trying to do more advanced poses, we’ll end up chasing something that will won’t give us what we’re looking for. And this is this idea if we follow my old fashioned methodology, we understand tension force compression, we allow ourselves to create a sustainable practice that allows us to do the things we love to do for the rest of our lives. Continue to dance, continue to do martial arts, continue to walk in nature, continue to swim, continue to to ride horses do whatever it is that your passion is, the yoga practice is made to support that to


keep that Youth in our lives until the day we die, right for our entire lives. This is making sense. Okay? So this is what how we’re the same. This is how we’re different. The next purpose of the practice so that was purpose one is to maintain youth in our bodies.


purpose to is for the mind,


specifically heightened awareness. Movement is the unifying bond between the mind and the body. And sensations are the substance of that bond. Movement is a unifying bond between the mind the body and the sensations are the substance of that bond. You all know this experience. You’ve had it. This is what keeps you stuck. stuck in a good way, right? It’s what keeps you stuck in the yoga practice release loop.


When we get on our mats and feel amazing. We get


off Matt, you’ve had the experience of having something gripping your mind such something so intense in life Like I said, I’m gonna go to my yoga practice this is you’re thinking about things about you get on your mat, and you start moving, and you start breathing, you start moving, you start breathing, you start moving, you start breathing, and all sudden it gets lighter and lighter and lighter and all sudden, it’s, it’s gone. You’re just focused and you’re here in the moment and you’re moving and you’re breathing, you’re moving, you’re breathing for that 60 minutes to 75 to 90 minutes, however long The practice is, and then you get off your mat, and you walk out.


And if it’s there,


it’s so much lighter, right? If that problem is still in your mind, it’s so much lighter, or this has happened. I’m sure this happened to you. You had an insight. When that was no longer gripping and heavy on your mind, you’ll sit you had an insight of a solution or like, Oh, I could just do




This is the power of the practice. As far as the mind goes to get an automatic moving, moving the body creates heightened awareness. It creates this this this experience of being present with life in the moment and not gripped by the craziness of the mind. It helps release them But what we’re saying here is that we get stuck in that yoga practice release. And we’re like, well, I got to get back


to get that same feeling,


guys. In the beginning yoga was not Asana. And so what can I say? Awesome. I mean postures like move the poses, right? Awesome. Sounds great. Very scholarly. It’s it’s the


it’s the poses the postures that we do often, right?


But in the beginning, Asana


was what it wasn’t as we know it today. Right? The oldest text was from 15th century. It’s called it was called the Hatha Yoga Pratap pika. She was


written in the 50s,


the oldest texts known about the asana practice. And in that book, it only talked about 14 poses and this is the kicker, right? This is here’s the crazy part. 11 of the 14 poses were seated meditation posters. 11 of them were seated poses, right so even that far back, even the first text that was ever written about any physical practices was mostly new. Attention practices, what I’m saying to you guys, in the beginning, the physical practices were a preparation for something bigger. So the practices that we know were really developed in the late 1800s. In the late 1800s, was when modern day yoga started to take shape. And the crazy part is it had a heavy heavy influence from from England, right? India was a colony of England at one point and they brought gymnastics into the into into the country and some of these early Yogi soul gymnastics incorporated that into the physical practice. Right? So 1800s was when that started to take shape. And the so what I’m saying here, guys, is the physical practice that we know it. What’s expounded by so many Yogi’s out in the world, is that when you’re doing these up dogs and down dogs and all this, all this physical practice, it was what these ancient Yogi’s thousands of years ago were doing, and it’s not true. What they were doing the potentials Yoga Sutras talked about awesome. insofar as just taking a seat, right, so the original text when they talk about us, it was all about taking a seat. Because the original originally poses were the prep for meditation. The original poses were simply a seat for meditation. And even Fast Forward up to the 15th century


Have you have a proto Pika, it was developed.


The other few poses were developed in order to take a seat later on in late 1800s. When this practice that we know that when we come into a yoga studio that we feel right, that was developed in order to take a seat. The second pillar is meditation. This is how we take that experience we feel on the mat and the high we get four hours after we practice. This is how we take that high, bring it off the mat into our lives. Master the mind or the mind will master you master the mind


or the mind will master you


Chris tomorrow is going to deep dive into this. He’s going to deep dive into meditation. He’s going to talk about how and why we need to establish meditation. But he’s gonna talk about why it’s so vital to be able to pull this pull this experience that we feel so amazing on the mat and how we feel afterwards to be able to pull that have a vehicle to illustrate that same experience. Anytime we want to off the mat to get into that same space. So that’s all I got. Homework. Oh, don’t forget, we have homework, homework tonight, homework journal writing, the journal writing is going to be and we’ll send this out to you guys. So the journal is going to be what does your best life look like? What does your best life look like? What we always tell people we’re working with people doing group coaching or private, private coaching, was it dream big and dream specific, especially for this part? I don’t be vague with it. dream big. What is your best what is the vision of your best life look like? And then dream specific very, very, very detailed guys, because we don’t get detailed, universal fill in the gaps. We’ll get into that later. So homework what is the what is your best life look like and dream big dream specific. post it in the group, right drop it in, drop it into the group if you feel


fulfilled growing up with it.


I also want to say thank you all so much for dropping the last one. We’re getting your groups if you like brave souls as So, just seen the courage was like, bring tears My eyes. It’s awesome. So keep that up, if you So what I’m saying is you feel comfortable enough drop this with this one actually may be easier to drop into than the last one but dropping into the group. Yeah,


that’s it drop row into the group. And guys,


thank you so much for joining us for taking this journey with us. So, so incredible. We were honored that you’re here. Yes, that’s it. Thank you all these thanks so much for listening to the Awakened Life podcast. Do you want to connect with us and a community of like-minded Yogi’s who are on a mission to live an awakened life Join us in our private Facebook group yaks yoga lab now just head over to Facebook and type in yaks yoga lab. When you join, you’ll get access to two free yoga courses our stability series and flow series, which will help you take the first step on your path toward an awakened life. Go join yaks yoga lab now.



Modern Day Yoga Is A Lie – Why Most Yogis Only Get A Fraction Of The Benefits Of Yoga

Untold Yoga Secrets

What Is This Episode About…

This is the first episode of the rebranded Yoga Entrepreneur Secrets Podcast, now The Awakened Life Podcast. The new podcast will uncover the untold secrets of yoga and help you live your practice on and off the mat.


This episode is part one of the five-part immersion series Chris and John shared on Facebook. This week, they explain why modern day yoga is a lie and how we can start depending on ourselves rather than our mat for stress relief.


Chris and John share their story about how they found relief through yoga and the moment they realized they didn’t need the mat to feel solitude. They learned how to focus on their source, the foundation of their being, to discover and accept their identity. They tell us that once you master that, you have mastered the practice of healing your body, mind and heart.


Chris and John invite you to immerse yourself in their five day course by participating online. Join their Facebook group Yax Yoga Lab and answer some reflective questions about your being and desired becoming.


Key Takeaways

  • Discovering why modern day yoga is a lie (1:59)
  • How did we get invested in yoga (2:50)
  • The yoga practice release loop (5:57)
  • How we found peace off the mat (7:00)
  • The lie about yoga (9:37)
  • Understanding Being vs Becoming (12:15)
  • The core of yoga (15:22)
  • What keeps you from experiencing you truth (18:38)
  • We are multidimensional beings (20:29)

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This episode was released May 27, 2020

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Chris Yax 0:00
Welcome to the first episode of The awaken Live podcast. We are super excited that you are here.

Chris Yax 0:04
And what we’re going to reveal

Chris Yax 0:07
in these next few episodes is the untold secrets of yoga. Now, we just

Chris Yax 0:12
finished a five day immersion.

Chris Yax 0:15
And what we’re going to be offering in this podcast is each day of those five days. So this first one is why modern day Yoga is a lie. And why most Yogi’s, will we experience a fraction of the benefit of what yoga really is?

Chris Yax 0:32

Chris Yax 0:33
to The Awakened Life podcast where we’re going to give you the exact blueprint of how to live an awakened life, a life filled with purpose, passion, and power. We are the yaks brothers, john and Chris, and we’re here to share the truth that Yoga is so much more than stretching. It’s the oldest personal development systems ever created. The problem is that most modern day yoga focuses solely on getting better at poses and promotes this idea that if you get good enough, one day Your life will magically fall into place and your struggles with the world will end. Listen in each week as we reveal the truth about what yoga actually is, and how it’s designed to bring the life of your dreams into reality. If you’re ready to take immediate action to live an awakened life, join our private Facebook group yaks yoga lab and get two of our most popular yoga courses for free.

Chris Yax 1:26
So, five day yoga immersion.

Chris Yax 1:29
It is about revealing the untold secrets of yoga and why these truths are the key to reclaiming lost youth eliminating stress and overwhelm and finding self love both on and off of the map. And so what we’re going to describe today specifically, this is like what this week entails is this. And what we’re going to talk about specifically today, on day one is the fact that modern day Yoga is alive and well. Why most Yogi’s will only experience a fraction of the benefits of yoga? And there’s a very specific reason about it. And I’m going to get to it. But what’s really important for context for you all to

Chris Yax 2:12
understand how do we come about

Chris Yax 2:15
getting this information? How do we come about to like, do yoga in the first place? And so that’s the question is, how did we get here? And we got here because of a period of time in our lives, that was perhaps one of the most stressful in the amount of pressure that was there in our lives. Now, we’re experiencing pretty good amount right now. But this was prior to having any skill set any practices that help us navigate through the chaos and the tumult that we’re experiencing. And back then, that was a function of renovating our family home because we had this desire to teach martial arts out of our home. It was a function of working three to four side jobs to make ends meet. It was The function of just the daily stressors of life, and it was a function of martial arts and the intensity with which we were practicing. Now, this all of those factors, like we’re creating this experience of stress and overwhelm in our lives. Add to the fact that our martial arts training was so intense. It was like learn it today use it tonight. And so we were literally putting ourselves in like, as real life as possible scenarios to see if our training was working or not. Now, this led to an experience and mind you at this point, john are living like almost identical lives barring like one side job that was slightly different that he had that I didn’t have. We were literally living together, like eating together, training together doing everything together. He got a nutritionist coach and nutritionist coach, and took a hair analysis test. The results of the hair analysis test said, Whoa, dude, something’s wrong. You need to correct something in your life. Because what They termed it was acute stress disorder is on its way. And here are all the litany of experiences that you can expect to have if you continue. Fast forward. We know through the advice of our sister and us just that kind of searching what is what is a good way to heal our bodies? What is it what is like some stress relieving practices and yoga was it we got to yoga? Oh my God, we got to yoga,

Chris Yax 4:22
and it worked. It worked. We would get on our mats, and we would feel good physically, maybe. I’m sure you’re watching this. You’ve experienced this on some level, right? Most people come to yoga because of pain. That’s why we came to yoga because the pain and when we get on our mats, and like with consistency, the pain would leave. And when I’m on my mat, I wasn’t thinking about all the intensity of the build out that was happening with our home and

Chris Yax 4:54
the stressors of the jobs that I was doing in the stressors of life and like in the martial arts and how we are Are we going to make this work? How are we going to make it work? How would like all of like the normal daily stuff, quite honestly, that you experience most likely, maybe different details, but so we’d be on our mat and we would feel, oh, I feel good. And then we get off our mats. And if I wasn’t consistent with it, the physical pain started coming back. And almost immediately, there was like a lag time of an hour or two, sometimes even less than that, depending on what was thrown at me. But the reality was, all of a sudden life came back. And all the stressors that were there came back, and this peaceful experience was like, just vanished. And so we’d go back to the mat and like, okay, yes, I feel good. I feel stress relief. Then we get off our mat and we’d be like, Oh my god, daily life is such a flippin pain. And this was what we return

Chris Yax 5:51
the yoga

Chris Yax 5:52
practice release loop. And this is what ends up happening in this is the practice the mat practice. ends up being something we depend on to feel okay, in our hearts and our bodies and our minds. This was the reality for us. And then one day I was lying in Shavasana. If you’ve taken our teacher trainings, you’ve heard this. I’ve told this story a little bit over the last couple weeks, I was lying in Shavasana. And something happened that I didn’t plan on. I was literally just lying down kind of thinking about stuff and something like a switch flipped. And everything got quiet. The normal noise the normal thinking that was always there and my life just stop. And not in the way that we experienced it like because I’m doing something else the normal thinking stops but like I wasn’t doing anything else. And I was there lying in Shavasana. And it all just stopped. I was aware of everything. But I wasn’t thinking about it. I just could like all my senses were heightened. I could see I could I could feel I could hear it all. But I wasn’t thinking about what what I was experiencing. And the stillness speak that happened here. Started giving me an experience of feeling of peace. I had this peaceful experience and I had a moment. And this is what like, this literally changed the direction of my life. And john as well, because we talked about it afterwards. And he was having similar experiences separately for me. But in the moment, I felt like I wasn’t lacking anything. I felt like I was like in the world, I was conscious of everything that was going on in my life, all the stressors, I was conscious of the pain I was in. But it seemed like I treated distance from it. And I experienced the sense of peace, the sense of wholeness, that I wasn’t lacking anything. And from that was born this sense of like, Man, I’m connected and I’m and I’m loved, not loved and like the sentimental way that we think of love, but like love on this deeper level, that I didn’t need, like people in my life to tell me an experience that love it was like it was the spring of love that was already inside of me. And it was a moment that I literally like even now I struggled

Chris Yax 7:58
to put words to but it After that moment, the question was like, holy shit, what was that? And then the next question was, how do I get that? Is it possible? Like, do I need the mat to experience that? Or can I experience that, like all the time. And that set us on the quest, that quest of like researching and trying to figure out what exactly is going on with yoga

Chris Yax 8:22
isn’t just the physical like the teachers and the people that were around, were saying, it’s like, it’s just a physical practice. It’s great for stretching, it’s great for like strengthening, it’s good for stress relief. It’s all very, like related to the physical, maybe a little bit of mental occasionally.

Chris Yax 8:34
I was like, wait, there’s got to be more to this.

Chris Yax 8:37
And so it led us on the search. And we eventually went to teacher training. It was in teacher training. We started like experiencing a little bit beforehand, but in teacher training, it like the secrets were revealed what yoga actually was, like the truth about what it’s really designed to do, and the impact that that has on your life. And here’s the truth. I’m not supposed to be here. You’re teaching yoga, I’m supposed to be a martial arts teacher, john and i were opening up a Martial Arts Academy. That’s why we renovated the house in the first place. We wanted to, like, teach people how to fight, but we didn’t have the means to open up a legitimate business. So we did it kind of backyard style, that one experience in Shavasana. And the questions that led us to teacher training, and then teacher training, sparking this fire, to want to help people give them the experience that we were practicing and seeing the results we have in our lives. Like, that’s why we decided to open up hothouse. That’s why we do teacher trainings. Now. So like, the big lie about yoga is that it’s just physical. It’s just about stretching. And some of you have had glimpses of it. But then what happens is, we need the mat we become dependent on the mat and the mat is good. John’s going to talk about that tomorrow about the what’s really going on our mat and the power of it, the limitation of it and what’s really happening what it’s really designed to do bring tell like, what is the what is the origin story builder? How did it all start? But for right now, what we want to discuss is this framework and it’s not gonna be too long, like that story is so important to give context about why we’re doing what we’re doing, and how what we learned in training, right? That Yoga is actually has three pillars. It’s not just physical, and the three pillars are related to who we are. But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s check this out just for a second.

Chris Yax 10:22
So here’s a quote, who you are, is the foundation of who you become who you are is the foundation of who you become.

Chris Yax 10:33
Up to this point, everyone good if you if you’re with me, you’re like, Yes, I get it. Keep going. Chris, will you do like a hashtag keep going? Or like hit a like or hit the love button? It would be really helpful because it helps me right, like, okay, and are they

Chris Yax 10:43
picking it up or they’re not picking it up. So

Chris Yax 10:45
the idea that Yoga is more than physical, some of you experienced it on the mat. But now we want to really dive deep into what that is. And that’s going to be that this, this is going to be the bigger framework, the bigger umbrella that we’re going to be delivering all the rest of the days information and so it’s Yoga you have these two seemingly kind of contradictory ideas of being and becoming, being and becoming. Being is related to what this says is waking up to the truth of who you really are by realizing your oneness or your connection with source. Becoming is creating a better version of yourself and manifesting your wildest dreams. Waking up to the truth of who you are, who you really are, by realizing that you are not separate your oneness with source and creating a better version of yourself and manifesting your wildest dreams now. So how do they relate and they relate because being is the foundation of becoming. This is so important. If you look at the world, and you look at how the world operates, we flip flopped if there’s even a saying that the ego sees things 180 degrees from the truth I’ve ever heard that and in yoga, if you’ve practiced with us, you definitely heard that if you’ve heard it hashtag yes

Chris Yax 12:10
below. And the reason it’s so important is that being is the foundation of becoming, but we flipped it. We’ve we see it 180 views from the truth, we focused on becoming, we focused on accumulating, we focus on progressing we focused on, like acquiring all of these things, whether it’s degrees or relationships or careers or children or money or whatever it is thinking that will give us the experience of wholeness. Yoga at its heart. Is you experiencing your truth of your connection with source? Why is that important? Because you may be thinking like, Great Chris that was very like high minded conceptual, but what is it

Chris Yax 12:58
like what does that mean? What it means is, we if we don’t let me say the opposite if we don’t feel that we are connected with source Now, let me just pause for a second. I say source I also say creator, some people use the term God, I don’t like the term not because I don’t believe or anything like that. Because in my vision of God, I have this very distorted idea that there’s like, some human being type person who has like a white beard, and who like, is up there looking down on me. And it’s very, I feel very like separated from that idea. When I say source or creator, what I’m really talking about is this the force that gave life to everything we know it, and because it gave life and it’s spawned whatever that force is, to everything we know it and we are like, we are part of that source, meaning we are part of its creation. We are not separate from it’s the very same thing. That, like you have children, and they are part of you now that this idea of creation or creator or source is like we are a part of it, when we feel separate, and this is what the ego this is, this is this, this is it,

Chris Yax 14:16
I could literally stop after I say this next thing and be done for the rest of time. And over, I’m not giving up too. So I really want you to come to the next days

Chris Yax 14:22
is like, when we feel separate, we feel incomplete. When we feel incomplete, we feel isolated, we feel like there’s something lacking inside of us. We feel like our self worth is diminished. The love that we have within ourselves is diminished. And then we start searching for things right? becoming we start searching to acquire things in our lives that will hopefully fill us up literally everyone is walking around most people and they’re trying to fill their lives up with things and relationships and money and credentials, and like all of these external things in the hopes that it will one day give us what we’re looking for inside. Nothing that you acquire outside of it yourself will ever fill you up inside. And this is what’s so vital. This is what’s so important is the core of yoga is to correct this misperception that we’re somehow separate or isolated. And so how do they relate being that feeling of being enough is the foundation of becoming without it, what we end up doing is acquiring things so you will get it What man if you focus hard enough and you walk like diligently with with commitment, you will get the things that you’re looking for in your life. And if you don’t, it’s a function of something missing in here, some lack of belief, some lack of potential, some limitation of self love and self worth and the feeling of what you deserve. So then we ended up acquiring these things and they feel good initially. But then they just become things, right, the very thing that we thought was going to be so awesome and correct all the things in our lives ends up being another thing that failed us. And so these things are designed to allow us to live the life of our dreams. But if we go here without here without this foundation of connection, that you are love, like and the other word I use for the Creator is love. Because what gives rise to the things that we experience is like, it’s love. What happened to give rise to your children love happen. I don’t believe it’s any different from the way we came about to experience our lives and who we are now. This is the experience of being this is the foundation. This is why we’ve turned this Why is modern day yoga live because no one’s talking about beingness no one’s talking about this idea that like you’re enough as you are, and when they do, it gets so caught up in all of this misconception and, and like it just gets confusing here. Here’s a great case. some point, you often hear in yoga, the value of contentment, the value of acceptance, the value of surrender. And those are the qualities of be if they’re right and expressing that they’re right and teaching that. But you then have this, you know, like, Oh, that’s what Yoga is about. It’s accepting no be with life as it is and not as you think it should be. But then you also think like, wait, I’m not happy with my life. I’m not happy in my career. I’m not happy with my relationships. I’m not happy with like, just the day to day I’m stressed, I’m overwhelmed. I don’t feel I feel incomplete. But then you’re like, But wait, you should accept it. And you should surrender to it. And you’re like, Wait a second. Is that what I should do? Okay, I’ll just accept my life. And this is the biggest lie is that no, that’s not what it means. But what it’s saying with surrender and acceptance and contentment is you as you are right now, like that brings you to that truth that you’re not going to acquire anything. That’s gonna give you what you’re looking for on this inside level. But when you find that level, and then you go about experiencing all the ways you can become a better person, because this becoming is woven into our DNA. It’s part of us being a human being that we tomorrow want to be better than who we are today. We want to express ourselves more fully, we want to love more fully, we want to like have the life of our dreams. And so these two together is what how we experience the fullness of life. So the next question is what keeps us from experiencing our truth and consequently manifesting our dreams consequently, meaning this is the foundation of how we experience the like the abundance of life. What keeps us from experiencing that, very specifically identity. Identity does, what is identity. It’s who we believe we are and how we feel about ourselves that’s really what makes up our identity. What yoga seeks to correct is who we believe we are that idea of separation that idea that I’m alone in this world and no one understands me that idea of like man if I just accumulate this and if I just get the right job and if I get the right education and and then I get the right house then I get the right partner and I get

all these things and I try to accumulate all these things and then my life will be perfect guess what happens it all changes and then we suffer because of the very things that we created that we thought were going to give us what we were looking for and it just doesn’t work so identity because what we invest in our identity in then we have to stabilize but if we’re trying to stabilize becoming which is this constant evolution, all the sudden you’re like, wait, I love that. Why is it gone? It’s not as wonderful as it was, you know, love in the beginning. Oh, man, you stay up all night. You don’t have to eat. You’re obnoxious Li like excited about life and just doing the mundane things because you’re in love what happens Six months later, what happens a year later? What happens? 10 years later, you still feel that? Maybe, maybe not. But if we invested all of our identity in having that one experience, all of a sudden it would fail us, because that’s just not the reality. So identity and this is what brings us to the framework that like is the truth about why we teach yoga the way we do since on the other page, so identity, who we believe we are and how we feel about ourselves as the last bit, here’s the truth. We are multi dimensional beings. The reason modern day Yoga is a lie. And the reason we say that we’re kind of slightly aggressive about that is because most of the people out there teaching yoga are just teaching a very physical experience. It’s become fitness. And for us, it’s like the biggest travesty of all of the world, which I know is kind of slightly Deaf tone with like Coronavirus and everything happening right now. But my point is like, it’s if we just leave it at the physical literally like standing on the top of this iceberg. Right and just playing around on just the top of it. It’s physical, and you’ll get relief from it. Right? You’ve experienced why you’re here is because man, you fall in love with yoga, the way we fell in love with yoga. We were right there. And we still are. And what John’s going to talk about tomorrow is why is that physical practice on the mat, so important, but then why it’s also lacking. That’s smart, so exciting. So we’re not just a body, we’re also a mind, right? You have thoughts. And we’re also hard, we have emotion. If we leave it on the physical, then we’re missing what’s going on here. And if we leave it here, we’re missing out what’s going on here. And the truth is, when you affect one, the others get affected, but only in a limited way. Our focus and what the framework that we came up with is how to practice daily, the body, the mind and the heart, very specifically, so that just like the title of this whole immersion so that we can reclaim our last youth so that we can eliminate the stressors of our lives and refund brain, the rest of the structures that we can eliminate so that they don’t beat us down and dim our light. And then how we can find that self love that’s missing. Because the practice on the mat, it’ll give you glimpses like it gave me that glimpse in Shavasana years ago. But those glimpses are only like the potential of what could be there. The practice is limited in what it can do as far as the sustainable experience of what it really means to live into your full potential. And so that’s what we’re going to be talking about tomorrow is the body

Chris Yax 22:35
very specifically how Yoga is more than poses,

Chris Yax 22:37
why the poses are important, but what what yoga was really designed to do. And the next day, we’re going to talk about the mind and how important it is to specifically focus and experience the power that this thing holds. And then we’re going to talk about the heart and not in the way you think, not in the way you think like the heart. People think of it. It’s like love and I want There’s love everything. Yeah, no, you are love. And that love is unconditional. Right? That’s what it is. But then how do we experience self love? And how do we then take that self love and make it something real and tangible and practical that we can put our feet on and allow us to support the momentum of becoming this person without thinking that the becoming is going to help give

Chris Yax 23:19
us the love that we’re looking for? Right? This is the true practice. It’s the body, the mind and the heart. And tomorrow, John’s going to talk about what that framework actually is, and very specifically focused on the body. And so we are so so excited. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for your patience today. Oh my goodness, I if you’re here you’re watching, I could not be more thrilled that you’re here and that we get to like, give this information. I mean, this is information that is like has evolved even as of like, then we’re doing a teacher training in the beginning of teacher training in January. This wasn’t we were teaching it so we’re so excited to be delivering this for you because man we need it now more than ever One of the last things I’ll say is, we do have some homework for you. Now the homework is going to be delivered. It’s a PDF. And there’s four questions that we had. And it’s basically just journaling. Now, what I really need you to do is just answer the first question. Each day, we’re going to cover information that is going to help you just reframe the context of the question that we’re asking you. And so today tonight, before tomorrow, before our next session, answer just question number one, if you’re watching this as a replay, then you’re going to see a button down below to click it and you’ll get the PDF file. And if you’re watching this live, we’re going to get that to like immediately, it should probably already be sent to you via email. If you have questions. If you have questions about this, what we’re going to do is instead of like because sometimes the question is very specific to you and what you want in your life. And sometimes it’s a very general question that is really applicable to anyone and everyone can gain value in that and both have value but we want to make sure that we’re Not like taking people’s time without like the information that we want to give. So if you would just comment

Chris Yax 25:05

Chris Yax 25:06
your question, we’re going to take all those questions in later today, we’re going to go live, and we’re going to answer them if there’s a bunch of them. If there’s just a few here and there, what we’re going to do is we’ll just reply to them in this thread in this live, if you’re watching this as a replay, there’s a button on this page that you’re going to be able to link and get to this live inside the Facebook group. So you’ll be able to ask your questions as well. So if you have questions, please put them down below. And we will get to them. And we’re just going to separate an entire live session because we want to be able to really get one on one and really let this immersion be immersive, right? We’re confined to the amount of time we you know, people are busy Even now I understand people are busy, they have time. And so we appreciate you taking the time and the energy and effort to be here. And also we want to maximize it by just making sure that the questions that you have, we’re going to answer separately later.

Chris Yax 25:53
That’s all I got today. Again, tomorrow is how Yoga is so much more than poses. Right and This is like, just if you just if you just show up for tomorrow, you’re

Chris Yax 26:04
it’s going to literally reframe the entire experience of why we’re doing what we’re doing on our maps and the real potential

Chris Yax 26:11
that’s there

Chris Yax 26:12
and why it all started the way it did in the first place. So tomorrow 12 o’clock our technical issues will be solved and show up for the live we cannot wait to see you fill out that homework. It’s just one question super simple, super easy, but it’s going to help layer and give you clarity on what you want in your life. So the homework The first question that’s it thanks for I appreciate that’s a great point is so it’s the question is, what area or aspect of your life are you most frustrated? Or is like the thing in your life that needs the most work that you’re just not happy with that you’re most frustrated or unhappy with? And what were we start there? It’s like

Chris Yax 26:48
but this is yoga. What about like the happy

Chris Yax 26:49
go lucky? Why are we not focusing on the positive? Because it’s important to be

Chris Yax 26:54
really honest with ourselves initially. And in what’s what we’re doing. We’re taking you through a step by step process, and we’re We start is like, Where are you in pain in your life? Maybe not physical pain? And maybe it

Chris Yax 27:04
is, but where it Where do you feel like? Yeah, no, my life could be better here.

Chris Yax 27:10
And the three ways we really like if you’re looking at like, I need more it can be in consideration of your health.

Chris Yax 27:17
It can be in consideration of relationships, or it can be in consideration of your

Chris Yax 27:20
career, how you make money in like one of those areas. And

Chris Yax 27:24
you may realize, man, that’s all three and make this as exhaustive as you’d like. Or if you know, there’s like this one thing, this is the one thing that I would if I could, I would change and just write down what that is. No, it’s very simple, but it just allows us to take an honest look at ourselves and our lives, and to just say, Hey, you know what, right now, for me,

Chris Yax 27:45
this is what

Chris Yax 27:46
I would like to better at this is what I’d like to be better at. And this is how I know I can level up to experience this becoming this. So we’re kind of focusing in this question on like,

Chris Yax 27:56
if there was an area where you think

Chris Yax 27:59
you could Do better be better expand more feel happier feel more content with what area? Would that be? Is it physical? Is it health? Is it relationships? Is that your career? And then just write that on the first question. Oh, yeah, yeah. And if you’re willing, and john, I’ll do this, we’ll post down what ours is, we’re going to be doing this with you. Because this is something this is like, we’re going to talk about this towards the end of the week. This journaling in this process of like, getting what’s in here and in here out on paper,

Chris Yax 28:30
is some of the most transformational stuff we can do. And so if

Chris Yax 28:34
you’re willing, if you would post inside the group, hey, homework, day, one, five day immersion, this is what I am most frustrated or unhappy with in my life. And this is what I would like to to level up and expand into, right? So very specifically just focused on

Chris Yax 28:51
or this is the area that I would like to change in my life, and we’re going to be doing it too. So yeah, so two things homework. Filling out just question one,

Chris Yax 29:01
two, if you’re like, willing to be vulnerable with us,

Chris Yax 29:05
share it inside the group, we really want the group to be a community where we support each other. And part of that support is knowing like, man, we’re all in this together. We all have pains, we literally I think this is part of the thing. When you get to this beingness you recognize that your struggles aren’t separate, multiple struggles. We’re all dealing with the shit of life. But what we teach is how we can then take that it’s the it’s gotta stop it. It’s the lotus flower. symbology. Right? It’s it grows from mine. The mod is all the pain, it’s all the discomfort. It’s all the frustrations, it’s all the things we’re unhappy with. That is the soil that gives rise to this beautiful flower. And that’s what we’re starting with.

Chris Yax 29:45
We’re starting with the mind,

Chris Yax 29:47
like what area of life is the month john, I’m going to do this too. But if you’re willing to like go there with us and post inside the group, I guarantee you will be received with love, right with understanding and it will show

Chris Yax 29:57
other people that they’re not alone. The experiences that they think they’re so isolated, they’re just unique to them.

Chris Yax 30:04
And so

Chris Yax 30:04
yeah, that’s the homework. Fill it out. Just question one post. If you got the heart to do it post john are going to be doing it. And no no shame, no guilt, no nothing. If you don’t, it’s all good. You You play as full out with this as you want to. But we really suggest you going all out with this because where we want to go is to give this five days the most biggest impact for you in your life. So thank you so much, and we will see you tomorrow

Chris Yax 30:26
at 12 o’clock.

Chris Yax 30:30
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The Last Episode of Yoga Entrepreneur Secrets and The Birth of The Awakened Life Podcast

Yoga Entrepreneur Secrets The Awakened Life Podcast


What Is This Episode About…

In this episode, we say goodbye to Yoga Entrepreneur Secrets and hello to our new podcast The Awakened Life Podcast. This is an exciting opportunity to grow in our teachings and guide you in your healing journey on and off the mat.

Just like many other businesses, coronavirus crumbled our in-studio business. Almost overnight we lost %50 of our revenue. In a time filled with uncertainty and crippling anxiety, practicing yoga is more important than ever. We decided to continue our teaching and be an outlet for our followers during this time. We recorded online videos and brought yoga to you all virtually.

The new perspective gave us an opportunity to think about the practice. Yoga is more than stress relief on the mat, it should carry over into your work life and into your personal life. That’s why we have decided to start a new podcast with an improved message. The Awakened Life Podcast will focus on achieving all of the pillars of the practice and how to live with more passion in life.

Nothing changes about how you listen, just a new outlook for all of you


Key Points Discussed:

  • Announce last episode of Yoga Entrepuner Secrets and announce exciting new plans 1:10
  • Effects of coronavirus on our business 2:30
  • How we decided to continue teaching during a pandemic 3:50
  • What we have been lacking in our practice 6:00
  • How coronavirus is giving us the opportunity to teach all of the pillars of yoga 6:50
  • What is missing in modern yoga 8:15
  • Introduction of Awaken Life Yoga Academy 10:29
  • Formal introduction of new podcast 12:42

Learn More About The Content Discussed…

Join The Facebook Group –> http://bit.ly/yogaentrepreneur

When Was It Released…

This episode was released May 13, 2020

Episode Transcript…

Disclaimer:‌ ‌The‌ ‌Transcript‌ ‌Is‌ ‌Auto-Generated‌ ‌And‌ ‌May‌ ‌Contain‌ ‌Spelling‌ ‌And‌ ‌Grammar‌ ‌Errors‌ ‌


John Yax 0:00
We need to introduce this information to everyone that’s in our group, we need to introduce this information ever because this is the missing piece. And right now when people are experiencing that the intensity of isolation and the intensity of seeing their family members get sick or their kids having to be home from school and having to juggle that to lose their job or their spouse losing their job, the intensity of where life is right now, Chris and I are like people need this right now. This information is what they need. They need those two pillars.

Chris Yax 0:32
What’s up everyone, you are listening to yoga entrepreneur secrets. I am Chris Yax and i’m John. Yes, we are part of a small group of yoga entrepreneurs who are committed to making a living doing what we love without feeling guilty about making money for ashamed of being successful, because we know the real value of yoga and how the world needs it. Now more than that, this podcast is here to teach the strategies and tactics so we can thrive financially as yoga entrepreneurs.

Chris Yax 0:57
We are the x brothers and welcome

Chris Yax 0:58
to yoga entrepreneur. Secrets.

Chris Yax 1:03
So the bad news is that this is the last episode of yoga entrepreneur secrets.

Chris Yax 1:09
The good news is that this is in our last podcast, you got to wait to the end to find out the rest of that good news. So yoga entrepreneur secrets, we develop this podcast specifically to help yoga entrepreneurs build their businesses to create more success in their businesses. Because what we found is so many entrepreneurs that we’re teaching the good message that we’re spreading yoga, that we’re helping people, we’re having to go out of business because they didn’t understand how to run their business. They didn’t understand that the strategies, tactics. And so we thought, we need to teach these strategies and tactics so that these young entrepreneurs could thrive in their businesses so they could continue to spread this message, continue to help people. But what we realized is that there was anytime we’d go out and actually help people in this process, they would be fired up about the information they knew. They’re like, Oh, yes, that makes sense. If that makes sense, and then we’d go back to them and realize that they weren’t actually implementing they weren’t actually doing the work. And so there was something foundational that was missing that Chris and I talked about. There’s something that we need to address with these young entrepreneurs to help them get over something. That thing is so that they do implement so that they do change their their businesses so that they can change their lives. And so we started developing this idea of like, what is what is this foundation and we had the we had the plan on introducing it and pushing it out but Coronavirus hit, and it shut our studios down. Like the podcast that we put out. The episode we put out a couple weeks ago was all about COVID-19. And what’s happening, how do you how do you survive through it, but the reality of it is on a Tuesday, this is six weeks ago now who knows it was the middle of March. I feel feels like a year and a half as we was the last day of Like classes at hothouse, that was a Tuesday on the next Wednesday, we started live streaming classes. This was the reality like, over literally overnight 50% of our revenue taken off the table the whole way that we were able to try and work with this next level offering to work with yoga entrepreneurs to help teach them what we’ve learned over the last 15 years of running studios and all of the last five to six years of understanding direct response marketing and how to live in the online world. Like all of that the foundation that allowed us to shift our focus to that new offering was overnight taken away from us. And so we had to retreat we had to pull back and like come into like, what is it next? Like, what can we do next? The real question we asked ourselves, which if you remember in the last episode was how can we serve now and so immediately was you know what, people are losing their minds, they’re stuck inside their houses, they’re not exercising enough. They’re not doing the self care they need. They need yoga. So on that Wednesday, we said, you know what everyone yoga, come on in. It’s free. Just start taking classes with us. We started a Facebook group, we tried like, Listen, if we can’t have a community inside of our studios, we’re going to build a community online. And so we started a Facebook group called the x yoga lab. And people started joining it. And we started delivering classes inside of it. And I started doing tutorials and lives every day. And we were like, Listen, we don’t know what else to do. We’re teachers. And right now what we’re trying to do is keep our studio alive, even while we can’t be open, and at the same time, try to help these people that are stuck at home with a whole different paradigm, a whole different reality of some of them aren’t able to work anymore. Some of them are working but then their kids aren’t going to school. So they have to figure out that some of their their their significant others lost their jobs or they’re in crisis mode. Some of them are experiencing family members that are sick, like everybody’s world is getting rocked and we know that when life gets crazy. We have to Route ourselves in a routine of foundation, something that’s going to keep our eyes open and keep us focused instead. And that’s what we did is like, Listen, it’s yoga for everybody. Like we were just sending out links to everyone the whole email list, guess what you want to practice, come here like two times a day. 930. In the morning, four o’clock in the evening, one time on Saturday, one time on Sunday lives every day with tutorials and stuff at 12 o’clock. And we were just like, we don’t know what to do. We’re teachers, what do we do we teach. So we’re going to continue to teach and something beautiful happened, we started creating this community of people that were like, Oh, my God, thank you so much. And we’re like, thank you so much. Are you kidding? Like you’re helping fulfill our dream of like, continuing to teach. But so the reality of it though, is that what we realized is that there’s this thing that happens when people practice that they become dependent, and you’re gonna it’s probably gonna sound weird to you, but like, they become dependent on the mat to experience a certain level of peace and well being. And john, I call this the yoga practice, release loop where like, I get on my mat and I’m like, I finally feel good. My body feels good, my mind is clear, I’m not stressed. And then you get off the mat. And all of a sudden life kicks in the T, the stress is back, right? You’re tense because the stress and then your body starts feeling bad. And then you start making bad, like food choices, and then like, there’s a spiral that happens, then what happens? You’re like, I gotta get back to my mat, I gotta get back to my mat, and then you’re back on your mat, and you’re like, Okay, I feel good for a little time, and it releases the pressure, right? And then you got it, then you get off the mat. And like, there, here’s the loop. And what we’ve realized over the 15 plus years that we’ve been owning studios in the 20 plus years that we’ve been teaching, is that there’s a way out of that loop. And what we realized is now like this Coronavirus thing didn’t happen to us. It happened for us, we now have an opportunity to take people who normally would have to do a super long, like year long teacher training, spending thousands of dollars like countless hours and time and energy to get this information we’re like right now we have an opportunity The opportunity that that we realized, what’s being taught is only one pillar of the totality of what Yoga is. And it’s just awesome. It’s just the postures. It’s just what we’re doing on a mat. So it’s like people are coming in and just practicing, practicing, practicing, and what’s expounded by so many teachers, is that, that’s all you need to do. Just get on your mat and practice and you’ll have the life of your dreams, get on your mat and practice. And you’ll be able to find that steadiness throughout your day and everything will start to fall into place, and all of a sudden, you’ll have the person in your life and the work and all that your dream job and your dream, and you just have to get on your mat and practice and it’s not true, right? The practice is powerful, but it’s only one part of the totality. Right? It keeps us young, it keeps our bodies healthy, it keeps us vibe. It keeps the vitality the energy high. But more importantly, it gets it allows us to experience a higher level of awareness so that we can move to the next pillar, but most people aren’t jumping to the next pillar, most pillars In just the practice the yoga release loop experience, right? Think of it this way. Like if you’re learning a new language, and you’re going to a school to learn it, you don’t just learn and apply the language in the school in the classroom, the classroom, the place that you’re learning it is the information that you need to then go out in the real world and speak it. And it’s the same thing. You go into a yoga classroom to do what you do on your mat. It’s not designed and it’s hard. If you take it back far enough, it’s not designed to be left on your mat. It’s designed to then take that knowledge, take that information, take that experience off of the mat, and then apply it to your life. And this is what we realized over the years and years we’ve been doing this, this is what’s missing in modern yoga. And this gave us the ability that this was the aha moment of, we need to introduce this information to everyone that’s in our group. We need to introduce this information ever because this is the this is the missing piece. And right now when people are experiencing that the intensity of isolation and the intensity of seeing their their family members get sick or their or their kids having to be home from school and having to juggle that to lose their job or their spouse losing their job or the intensity of where life is right now, Krishna, like people need this right now. This information is what they need, they need those two pillars, they need the next level of this practice. And this led us to this five day immersion, we’ll cut you off and go for it. And so we like Alright, you know what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna do a five day immersion free we had over 700 people sign up and register for it. And for five straight days, we talked about the real what we call the untold secrets of yoga, how to like how to practice these keys to unlocking your last youth then you to essential the eliminating stress and overwhelm and like finding that self love, like literally, everyone’s standing on this iceberg, right? This glacier, and we’re all standing on top of it and just practicing all these poses. But if you dive deeper into it, you see the totality of the truth. pillars of why movement is actually really important. So we did it and it was phenomenal. And it’s literally a mountain underneath the water. And we think that’s just this little tip of the iceberg is all there is. And it’s so amazing. But if you realize if you can see the depth, what it really is, it’s a mountain underneath a foundation, like Chris was saying. And so during the, during this immersion, the response, we’re getting like, Oh, my God, this is amazing. This is amazing. Like, like, what do we do next. And so right off the heels of it, we created the Awakened Life yoga Academy, which is a completely online experience. We do live classes, we have a whole membership site with all the courses we’ve ever created over the last 10 years. And we do these monthly challenges these like mini micro goal setting challenges that like right now we’re literally in the middle of one. And it’s phenomenal because what we’re doing is we’re teaching the three pillars, we’re teaching the real truth about it so that people can take what they do on their mat off their mat and actually change your life. And so, in the beginning, we said there’s some bad news and some good news. The whole lot before you get to that, I just want to talk back into what I said in the beginning. What Chris is describing what we realize is foundational piece is what the yoga entrepreneur students were missing. This is why they were having they were struggling. Implementing This is why you could we could teach all the strategies and tactics all day long do this and this and try this. We’ve done this and it worked this way and that and nothing’s going to happen. Because they’re missing this foundational piece. They’re missing what it is that we’re Chris just went the awaken life Academy. This The foundation is understanding ourselves the aspects of our beingness and are becoming this the aspects of what is it? What are my beliefs that are blocking me from having the life that I want to have? What are the beliefs that are blocking me? They’re all held up by a story. What’s the story I’m telling myself that creates that belief that doesn’t allow me to create the dream of my life? Right, that doesn’t allow me to create the vision of this bigger the business or the relationship or the health or the experience the dream Graphic location the house I want to live in. Why do I keep getting blocked from moving in that direction. And it’s because of this foundational information is because we cannot see the false beliefs because we don’t realize they’re false. We continue to tell ourselves the same stories that continue to create that belief that continue to block the potential that we truly have. And the awaken life Academy is all about breaking those false beliefs, opening up your true potential, aligning yourself, being able to have the clarity to see where it is you want to go, and then lay the path to get there. And that’s what we’ll jazz about. And so, the bad news is young entrepreneur secrets podcast. This is the last episode. The good news is we are starting the awaken life podcast. You don’t have to go anywhere. It’s going to be delivered right here. We’re going to check a little you’ll see it’s going to be a different graphic, john are going to be doing something we have here the show Yeah, it’s gonna say the awaken Live podcast on it. It’s gonna be awesome and what we’re doing Delivering via this podcast is everything we just talked about how to live with more purpose and passion and power in your life? How? What does it look? What does it look like? What’s it feel like to live that Awakened Life? And then how do you go about getting there from where you are right now and where you want to be. That’s the foundation. That’s what Yoga is designed to do. Take it far enough back. And this is what yoga was all about. And so we don’t want to just reduce it to what we do on the physical on the mat. Now that’s powerful. It’s important. The fact that you’re probably listening to this means that you got into yoga from that. We’re not saying that’s wrong, we’re just saying it’s not complete. It’s one piece of the puzzle that is yoga that can really have the biggest transformative aspect of your life. And that’s what the awakened my podcast is going to be all about.

John and Chris Yax 13:47
So I think for the last time, yes, for last time, do the work out of the struggle,make the world a better place. See the next episode? This

John Yax 13:54
Yes, thanks so much for listening to yoga entrepreneur secrets. Do you have a question that you’d like us to answer? Raw and uncut on the podcast. If you want your questions answered, all you need to do is head over to Apple podcasts and do three simple things one rate and review telling us what you think of the podcast to in that review, ask anything you want related to yoga, and three if you want a shout out, leave your Instagram handle or name and that’s it. Then listen in to hear your question answered, live raw and uncut. Join us next time on yoga entrepreneur secrets podcast. Thanks