How To Live A Life With Purpose, Passion And Power

How To Live A Life

What Is This Episode About…

In this episode, Chris recaps the past four days of the five-day immersion course. He teaches us how we can achieve our dream life, our awakened life, by training, being consistent, and accountable in our lives.


Chris begins with a brief summary of each lesson. He talks about our understanding of being versus becoming and how they support each other. What movement actually is and how if we can first understand our bodies, we can enhance our movement. How meditation is designed to stop our negativity basis and how we can alter our feelings by adjusting our focus.


Also, Chris has a reminder about their online classes. The coronavirus took hit on their in-studio business. Rather than letting the pandemic stop their growth, they made the move to digital classes. Free users will now have access to one free online class Monday- Friday and paid users will have access to two classes Monday- Friday and a live class on Saturday and Sunday. These changes went into effect in May. This is a sustainable business for both John and Chris, but they still want to so what they can to make sure everyone has the chance to achieve their awakened life.


Key Takeaways

  • How to live a life with purpose, passion, and power (0:10)
  • Changing the way they are doing live classes (1:58)
  • Day five of the immersion and how everything fits together (4:41)
  • Recap of the last four sessions (5:28)
  • When you put it all together, life takes off (8:47)
  • Recap of day three of the five-day immersion (9:02)
  • Recap of day four of the five-day immersion (11:50)
  • Visualization (15:50)
  • Linking the days together (18:27)
  • Training, consistency, accountability (24:33)

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When Was It Released…

This episode was released June 24, 2020

Episode Transcript…


Welcome to The Awakened Life podcast. I’m john, this is



Chris. And we are excited today because we’re going to jump into how to live a life with purpose,



passion and power.



So what today is all about is linking movement with meditation with manifestation and seeing how they relate to each other, and how to apply these in your life. Also, there are two missing ingredients that will help you take your dreams and make them into reality. That’s what we’re sharing with you today. We’re super excited.


Welcome to The Awakened Life podcast where


we’re going to give you the exact blueprint of how to live an awakened life, a life filled with purpose, passion, and power. We are the Yax Brothers, John and Chris and we’re here to share the truth that Yoga is so much more than stretching. It’s the oldest personal development systems ever created. The problem is that most modern day yoga focuses solely on getting better at poses and promotes this idea that If you get good enough, one day your life will magically fall into place and your struggles with the world will end. Listen in each week we reveal the truth about what yoga actually is, and how it’s designed to bring the life of your dreams into reality.


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courses for free.



Alright, welcome to day five of the yoga immersion. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for showing up and for just being a part of this offering and we couldn’t be more excited. Here we are on the final day. And so before I jump into like, kind of the recap and what’s next and all the all the stuff we want to talk about today, I want to just talk a little bit it’s a little bit of housekeeping. We’re going to be changing the structure the way we’re doing live classes. And the reason Like so if you don’t know some of you are local and you know that john and i We own a hot house yoga, there’s two yoga studios, and in late February, early March is when the Coronavirus started like we’re actually in Costa Rica fulfilling a retreat. And we heard like it was starting to get bigger and we came home and we came up on a Sunday on that Tuesday was the last day of classes and we shut down at that point. It was mandatory shut down a week later, but we just knew that it was the right call to help people. And it’s devastated our business, quite obviously. But over the past five years, we’ve been kind of dreaming about what an online experience would look like. And so when we close the studios down on like, the Wednesday was the first day that we’re actually closed that same day, we started live streaming. And literally, like, we were flying by the seat of our pants, we had no idea what we’re doing. We’re just like, Listen, all I know to do is to teach and we can’t teach in the studios and we’re not open so what can we do so we went online and immediately Okay, I don’t know structure. I don’t know how we’re going to like compartmentalize what we’re going to do and you’re like, Listen,



let’s just Like, let’s give live classes to everyone.



And john and I, we busting our hump doing two live classes a day and a live class on Saturday and Sunday for the last like over the last five weeks. And so what we’re now as we kind of settled into the routine, and we’ve started like building the community online, what we realized is that we just needed to make some adjustments. And so what we’re doing going forward, this is going to be like this coming week is all going to be the same. But the first week in May is when we’re going to start making these changes. And the changes are if you’re a free member. And that means if you’re a part of our yaks, yoga lab, Facebook community as a free member, and you’re there and just being a part of the community. We love you and we thank you. But what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be offering free classes to everyone who’s a free member inside of that community, five days a week. So Monday through Friday, at one class, it’ll be the four o’clock class every single day, Monday through Friday, and all of our paying members. We’re going to be continuing to do the two classes a day Monday through Friday, and then the live class on Saturday and the live class on Sunday. And so what We’re really trying to do is just try to figure out how our online business looks. I mean, this is john and I’s livelihood and like we want to, we want to be of help, you know, people need it and know you know how valuable Yoga is. But we also have to look at, like, how we can serve better and the people that are in our community as free members, the people that are in our community as paying members. And so that’s what’s gonna happen going forward again, this coming week, I’ll be sending out links to the classes, it’s going to be the same. We’ll be doing two classes a day, all through next week and then a class on Saturday class on Sunday. I just want to give you the heads up that that’s kind of what’s coming. Okay, so here we go. This what I really want to talk about day five, day five is all about bringing it together. How do we make that dream life a reality. And so, when john and i sat down and we even had that was the beginning of the inception of what we were doing with this five day immersion,


the cornerstone of it was like, we want to teach the truth, the untold secrets about what yoga really is, right? Especially as everyone started pivoting online, or just like classes. After class after class and we were building some momentum to start teaching this in our live trainings and then the Coronavirus is like, man, we’re out out. So we’re like, Okay, this is what we’re gonna do, we’re going to do a live immersion and we’re going to tell everyone the truth, because people need to know the real value. I feel like most people who practice yoga are sitting on the top of this iceberg, right? And then there’s so much beneath the water. And we wanted to dive in deep and tell you about that. So that’s what we’re gonna talk about. So if I recap, day one, what was happening is we’re looking at like, what like, what’s this? It seems like this contradiction of being and becoming, and what yoga seeks to remedy. Is that contradiction, it seems they seem like they’re competitive like wait, because being and that’s what I talked about in day one was being is this experiencing your truth as a birthright of you being alive? That your whole your complete, that like the literally the substance of your being is love. And the access point to that is Through surrender, and through acceptance and contentment. And at the same time, we have this other aspect of becoming, where we’re striving to be better people to learn more information to make tomorrow better than today to keep walking in the direction of our dreams to expand our capacity. And so when you look at it for the face value, and this is what like, the lie about it all is is that Wait, they don’t contradict each other, they actually support each other. And so then we broke it down. And what we really started focusing on on day two with movement was the Awakened Life formula. And so what the awakened life form that are the three core pillars of what yoga actually is, and john talked about movement, and how most people in the yoga world think movement, as far as on our mass should end up looking like gymnastics. And here’s what I’ll tell you. You don’t see any 4050 or 60 year old gymnast, you don’t because it’s not sustainable. The way we approach movement is twofold. One We’re looking to be healthy at 100. If I’m gifted with life to be 100, if I am still drawing breath when I’m 100, I want my body to be able to stand the test of time. So the way we approach the practice and what john talked about through how we’re the same and how we’re different the myofascial methodology that we use, that’s the way the body is designed to move, and how we’re all different, how and the way that stuff is made up inside of us how it’s put together is completely unique to you. Like, how fascinating was that? It’s so cool, because it’s really the truth. We are all the same, but we are all different, right? And understanding that is the key to making sure that our practice is supporting us and helping us in our lives. And here’s the other thing. If we’re in pain, but we’re looking to do gymnastics, it’s not going to heal us. But if we’re in pain, we’re also not thinking about what our future looks like. Literally it’s day by day survival. Like, all I want is to be out of this pain, low back pain or if you have issues with your hips or knees, right, the first thing you have to focus on is this temple that we have called our bodies. And this is why we approach the practice the movement the way we do. Now, here’s what the real secret is. So we do that that’s our physical practice that keeps us healthy at 100. It keeps reclaiming lost youth as we age, we get younger. But what it’s really doing is it’s also allowing us to change our state. So we move to support meditation. And this is what I really want to like hammer home today is each one individually, it’s cool, it’s good. But when you put the three together and actually see the sequence of events that happens and how they support each other, that’s when life really takes off. And so we move for the health and the well being of our bodies to stay young. We also move to meditate. And that was day three meditation. This is what actually Yoga is if you take like we talked about the origin story about like, when it started, it wasn’t up dogs and down dogs, there were no handstands and other people were doing it but didn’t call it yoga, or like that’s probably gymnastics actually have no idea like 6000 years ago,


it was meditation. If you look at all the like the books that were like the very beginning books, the oldest texts of it, it was all about meditation. And so what is meditation? So we talked about it, and yes, it’s designed to like stress relief. And that’s like, it is a stress relieving thing, but not in the way people think. And when I talked about was, what’s really going on is we have these old brains. And these old brains that are their number one priority is survival is forcing this negativity bias. So if you’ve ever thought like, man, I just feel like such a Debbie Downer. Everything I look at, I’m always like, Man, this is gonna end soon. Or if something’s happening, like, Oh, yeah, of course, this is happening. And when I project out, I’m always having this like, conflicts and arguments in my brain, like the simulation. years like everyone else, you’re not unique in that way. We all do it. It’s because of our evolution. And that’s



what’s so important for me to articulate is like,



Listen, you’re crazy is my crazy, it’s all of our crazy. And so the process of meditation, what it’s doing is it’s helping us to reframe our identity, right? our identity, and what it means like Who am I? And how does it feel to be me. And I’d give those four boxes, remember that the four boxes, the identity, and then the experience, right? identity is who I am or who I think I am really. And then the experience is we perceive it as positive, negative or neutral. We lump them every experience into three buckets. Now, your identity influences the the experience, your experience, then, because you don’t like it or you love it, or you’re just ignoring it, you start telling stories to yourself. And this is what’s so important. I wanted to say this because the stories in that bottom right corner, they support our beliefs, which is this corner box, the stories that we’re telling ourselves or the way we hack into our beliefs, how we’re viewing what we believe is true about the world what we believe is true about us. In our potential, and who we are, which then when you have a belief long enough, it becomes this is just who I am. Have you ever said that to yourself?



This is just who I am. I wake up in the morning, I’m calm. And so until I get my coffee, just who I am. Let me ask



you a question. Did you always drink



coffee? When you were five years old and wake up? We’ve asked, Well, then, most likely not. So what we’ve done is we’ve patterned ourselves these subconscious patterns from these actions that we’re taking over and over again, formed our beliefs and our beliefs form our identity. And then at that point, we’re like, this is just who I am. So then the question is, how do we break through that? The break through that through the stories, you’ve got to hack into our stories and understand, are they empowering or disempowering? Okay, now, that’s meditation. What is the value of meditation is that it brings us to manifestation in very specific ways. JOHN talked about focus equals feeling. Now think about this. Think about what I talked about in meditation and how we’re telling ourselves These stories and that because of our evolution, those stories tend to be negative. And if they’re negative here, how do you think that makes you feel here? Right? You feel down, you feel sad, you feel angry, right? You feel upset. There’s a morning I woke up, and I was going to be a busy day. So me that I woke up, my brain just started focusing all the stuff that had to be done. And all of a sudden, I was anxious. And like, when I get that way, I get like, I get very, like, internalized and I don’t look up and I don’t I very like to myself, my wife got up and she was like, Hey, Hey, how you doing?



And I was like, Oh, hey, what’s going on? She’s like, what’s going on? Like, what happened? Why are she knows, you know, we’ve been together a long time. She knows. And I was like, I was like, Oh, I’m sorry. Just give me a minute.



And I had to stop and I reflected just on the last 10 minutes, and I realized nothing had happened. nothing had happened. It was just what I was focusing on. And that focus creates that feeling and our feeling creates our reality. JOHN talked about it as well. As receptors, so we prime the brain to say, hey brain, my brain, I want you to focus on this today, I just spilled my coffee, it’s gonna be a shitty day, I want



to focus on everything in my day



that reaffirms that it’s a pretty bad day. And all of a sudden, your brains like cool. Let me show you what’s significant about your environment that affirms that it’s a bad day. And these are the feedback loops. This is when john went into, oh, we have this potential here. And we have these actions here. And the results here, and then our beliefs here that create the feedback loop of how we manifest things, and it can be a downward one. If you believe that you’re unlucky in love like I did for years, my potential to find the person that I want to be with in my life is way low. The actions that I take to find that person way low, I’m not I’m literally, I’m cutting a leg off before I run the marathon. And then guess what the results I get. They’re born from the actions which are born from the result from the potential which is born from the beliefs and then it becomes this real And forcing feedback loop. And then so how do we flip that? How do we flip that? And this is when we go back to meditation, where we begin to visualize Now you might ask the question, What am I visualizing Chris? Well, there’s the process of creation that john, I think he did two or three steps in. And the first thing you got to be clear about what you want, not just what you want, because we’re chasing symbols, right? I want a million dollars. Great. But that’s the external. What does it mean? What do you want internally? Or what do you want internally? Why do you want that? Because there’s, it’s a representation we’re chasing symbols, meaning we don’t want the dead presidents on the bills. We want what those represent to us financial freedom, self sufficiency, right independence. So that is it. And then so then, this is my point is like a movement is what meditation meditation does support manifestation because we get clear we have this self sabotaging stories that are aren’t empowering, and we we navigate through those and we make them more empowering by changing the meaning of them. And then We take what we want and what were the process over here of creating that life and understanding what’s at stake and who’s at stake to make that happen. So we are fueled by heart fueled by emotion. That’s why manifestation is the heart because it takes heart to go after your dreams, when it’s supported by meditation, because we got to focus the mind. We got to focus the mind and then begin to feel it. Even visualization. This is such an important point. If you’re feeling and you’re seeing the connection, that’s what’s most important for me right now. You’re seeing the connection between movement between meditation and between manifestation. You’re understanding the Awakened Life formula and how it links together because that’s what’s so important right now. So then, think about what visualization is. visualization is right now, right here in this moment, bringing your mind but more importantly, your heart and feeling what is it like living that dream life? What does it look like? What does it feel like? Does it taste and smelling? Who’s with me. And what will happen is you’ll visualize and all of a sudden the brain, it’s not interesting enough, I want to focus on something negative, and then you bring it back. That’s what meditation is. And then you get back into it and feel it. What’s happening is you’re getting results in advance. That is where the juice is getting results in advance in one of two ways. You either visualize it, and emotionally like this is we love affirmations, we love them. But if they stay in here, and you don’t begin to feel it, you’re on top of the iceberg again, you got to feel the emotion, feel the visualization as a reality right now, that meaning you’re vibrating energetically on the level of VAT, which you seek. What does it feel like? What is it what what does it feel like in my life? What is my daily life look like? What is being with that significant other feel like right you To put on clear vision of who that person is, which we would suggest you do, what does it feel like on a daily level? What is a day in the life of me being with my, my soulmate? What is that like? You just go through the process of feeling your mind gets distracted, you feel it. Some of you are visually to visualize it, but my point is results in advance. And if you can’t get results in advance by visualizing it, find someone who is where you are. This is why Roger Bannister is such a freaking pioneer, because he didn’t have anyone like he could model he had to bring it into his mind in his heart and make it a reality.


Does that make sense? That’s the entire Awakened Life formula that john and I’ve been practicing that has made the biggest difference in our lives. I mean, right now, the lives we live, where I live, and my wife and my house and our children have all been born from this process, deliberately creating our lives, practicing the true essence of what the movements designed to do. So now at 40 I can do anything thing I’ve been doing since I’ve been 20, meditating so that I’m present and I’m focused and I can live the reality of my dreams. That’s how they all link together. Because that’s step one. You got to have the train, you got to have the knowledge, the understanding of what does it really entail? But that’s not it. There’s another step to this. So I’ve been meditating since right around 20 years old, I just turned 40 in March,



horrible time to have a birthday in March of 2020.



And what I’ve learned from my meditation practice, is that it only works if you work in i wish i and this is what like, I think we all have this kind of belief. And what we really desire is, I wish after this five days, all you needed was information. You’ve got Oh, that’s Oh, you know what, that’s it. That’s true. It’s meditation, and then manifestation. Let me go live my life. And that’s it. And it’s not true. Because here’s the truth. We’re not here for concepts. ideas and knowledge. It’s the start point, or here for the experience. And this is what I mean, in meditation. When I was practicing consistently, where I noticed the changes in my life first, or in my relationships, in my relationships, all the sudden, I’m a very impatient person. As you can tell, I’m kind of fired up most of the time, like john will attest to this, like, he’s like, Hey, dude, should we do it or not do like, do it. You’re right now it should have been yesterday. And so like, patience has been my like, biggest cross to bear. And so what I noticed when I’m meditating, is that I’m not reacting to the behavior of my children, meaning I’m not yelling. I’m not getting upset. I’m not like, thinking they should be doing anything other than what children are naturally designed to do. I’m actually able to listen to my wife. I can hear her literally hear her so that it’s not what she’s saying. But what’s embedded behind what she’s saying? I have literally empathy. That’s one of the three benefits that I talked about. I can feel because I understand my experience of living, I’m able to speak and her experience of living, and I can relate to her in an honest, authentic, open way. And to be real honest, over the years, I’ve fallen off my meditation practice. And this is where I see it first, where it comes out first, where I see the ugly head of my impatience is with my children. Right, I’m less patient, I’m more reactive, I yell more, I get more upset by little things. I can’t hear my wife literally hear her. Obviously, I’m listening. But I’m not really listening. While she’s talking. I’m thinking about what she’s saying means to me in my life. I can’t relate to her because I’m lost in my own I me and mine sense of self. What I learned from those experiences is this. You have to be consistent. JOHN, I call it the law of little things. If you’re not doing the work, it’s not going to work. So all this is great information, but it’s absolutely useless if we’re not willing to get on our Math and practice, if we’re not willing to get on our meditation cushions and be if we’re not willing to grab our journals and write down, however excruciating, however painful it is, the vision we have of our life, the things are holding us back what’s at stake. So we have a really clear reality and honest truth of where we are right now. None of that works if you’re not willing to work. That’s why consistency is the second step in actually making that dream Awakened Life a reality. But that’s not it either. There’s the third thing. The third thing beyond the trainings beyond the consistency is what I learned from being with my brother in this lifetime. You know, we started I started martial arts at that time, because it’s too long of a story but because of I mentioned it a little bit on one of the posts was like, my dad wasn’t there and I had, like this abandonment, and it made me feel unloved. Like there’s a piece of me, that lovable piece that was missing because of that. And so I cope with it for many of my teenagers Through drinking or alcohol through drugs. And it’s not abnormal for teenagers to do that. But the reason I was doing it was different. It wasn’t just to like party and have a good time. I was trying to feed something and fill something up with those things that it could never could never happen. But I had I formed relationships, right? Because those are the people that were hanging out doing the things I was doing. And then I started martial arts. And as I started martial arts, I started just a different path. And what I realized was my friend group that was here, they weren’t supporting where I wanted to be. And so I had to describe I had to literally like, in the real term, unfriend my friends, and it wasn’t like a big like tumultuous thing. I just stopped calling him stop hanging out with them.



And then like add yoga years later,



and it was like anyone who was left was like, dude, you are now like off the deep end, we’re done. And it was okay because then it was just another leveling up for me of this new experience for living for me. And then I honestly I’ve got like one really good friend aside from john In my life that I can like call any time he’s here, he’s lives locally. There’s other like acquaintances, and friends and stuff. So like, obviously, I love a lot of people. But I mean, like the people I grew up with the people that I that like helped me throughout my teenage years, like I don’t really have any of those friends that I communicate with on a daily basis. And it made life hard because we need people to support each other. But here’s the good fortune I’ve had in my life. I’ve had john, he’s been my accountability partner, the person that when I wake up, and I know I don’t feel like meditating, I don’t feel like going in and feel like practicing. I know he is because that’s the type of person he is. and it holds me to a higher standard, because I know he’s doing it and I want to state not in the competitive but I want to keep leveling up. It’s the people in our tribe, that people that we surround ourselves with, that can support us when we fall that can support us. We don’t feel like doing the things we know we should. I can be with us when we succeed and cheer our victories. accountability is the third aspect. We need the training. Yes, we need the consistency. Yes. But the third thing is accountability. We need people in our lives who can support us. Because this work is not easy, you know, from the journaling that you’ve done from like being willing to share your story and the support that we’ve gotten from the other people how important it is to have a tribe of people accountability in our lives to keep us on the path. And those are the three things if that makes sense. That’s really, really important. You can have the training, that’s good. You can have the consistency get on your mat. That’s good. But what happens when we stumble? Like we need those people in our lives, those champions that help us up and cheer us on, that are honest with us? Those are the three elements now, it’s really important, like everyone tracking, I guess my question is, do you understand how movement meditation manifestation linked together? And then if so, then do you understand how like, it’s training, right? We gotta have the knowledge. It’s consistency. It’s doing the work. But it’s also accountability to support system to keep on the path to keep accountable to the people that we love in our life, because we’ll do more when we know other people are doing it than we would do if we think we’re by ourselves. Now, you may be feeling a couple different ways right now, because we’re getting to the end of this and we’re like, maybe like super excited, like all the journaling, you’re like, you know what some of your posts like I am living my dream life. Whoo, you’re so flippin thrilled for you. Some of you may be like, Oh, I don’t know, I’m a little freaked out. I’m like, I’ve uncovered stuff that I’m not really happy with. But wherever you are, wherever you are, whether it’s, I’m excited, or I’m freaked out. We hope you’ve enjoyed this five day immersion and like, and if you have like questions or thoughts or concerns, please let us know. And we’re like, we’re just so humbled that you chose to be here that you chose to take the time out of your days to listen to john and I ramble on about what we what we are so passionate about. And I just want to say thank you from the heart. And I’ll think I’ll thank you for john as well. Thanks from the heart and



we wouldn’t be able to do this



without you all. So from my heart to yours, We will see you inside and we just thank you big law.



Thanks so much for listening to the Awakened Life podcast.



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