38: Sneak Peek: How the Law of Attraction Really Works

How the Law of Attraction Works

What Is This Episode About…

In this episode, we explore the reasons why Yoga was developed. There seems to be a never-ending debate about whether Yoga is just about the body. Chris takes us through how yoga transforms our reality and how we approach our lives.

Yoga is a practical concept we get to experience in our lives. It is not a philosophy or theory we read about. It literally transforms our lives. We further discuss how Yoga shapes our thoughts which then shapes our intentions and our intentions create the reality we are in. This means that if the reality you are experiencing is not where you’d want to be, you have to start with your thoughts. This is what Yoga and our teachings are based on.

We discuss how there has to be some deliberateness and action in our lives to get to the reality we want. You cannot just wish things to happen. You have to make them happen. We have to align our goals with our intentions. Every cation should be deliberate and should always take us towards our goals.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Our thoughts have a direct link to the reality we’re experiencing 1:02
  • We should be deliberate in our thinking 3:30
  • You have control over your thinking and being a more conscious human being 5:10
  • Growing and becoming a better person 4:34 
  • Being deliberate in our lives 7:40
  • Aligning our goals with our intentions 10:30
  • Every action you take should take you nearer to your goal 11:20

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This episode was released March 13, 2020

Episode Transcript…

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Intro  0:00  

When you find yourself in a place in, you’re like, well, how did I get here? Right? So if we pull back all the way in and get to the healthy question of, am I happy with what’s going on in my life right now? Am I happy with all the details and what’s happening? And if we’re not, it’s probably it’s almost definitely related to misalignment to how we’re living. And what’s most important to us.


Chris  0:31  

What’s up everyone, you are listening to yoga entrepreneur secrets, I am Chris Yax. 


John  0:35  

And I’m John Yax, 


We are part of a small group of yoga entrepreneurs who are committed to making a living doing what we love without feeling guilty about making money or ashamed of being successful, because we know the real value of yoga and how the world needs it now more than ever. This podcast is here to teach the strategies and tactics so we can thrive financially as yoga entrepreneurs.


Unknown Speaker  0:56  

We are the Yax brothers and welcome to yoga entrepreneur secrets.


Chris  1:02  

It’s designed to give you a sneak peek into why yoga was developed in the beginning, like the real true purpose of it, right? And I’m not against like, there’s this big like, divide in the yoga world, like it’s all about the body. And it’s not about the body. It’s about meditation. And we’re like, well, it is about the body, and it isn’t about the body. But if it’s only about the body, we miss this beautiful experience of literally what john said, transforming our reality and the way we approach our lives and what we believe is possible in our lives. And so, like, this information is designed literally, I know, it’s a big promise. But we’ve experienced over the years and teaching this in our teacher training, and like sprinkling it into the yoga classes that we teach at our studios, and it works and where it’s worked in our own lives. So we’re talking about principles, we’re talking about concepts, but one of the reasons Yoga is so powerful is that it’s not based on philosophy. It’s based on experience and we’ve experienced these principles in our own lives and made them work and we’re super excited to be offering them to you today. The most important thing is that we don’t want Chris and I when we got into, you know, our parents are big into spirituality and meditation and, and these concepts of the law of attraction. And what we noticed mostly from their friends is a lot of woo woo. I had a lot of these superficial ideas of like, you just have to put your intention on a piece of wood and throw it in a fire and the Smoke will go into the ether and the universe will manifest that exact, some crazy stuff. But this is a step but this is what we experienced growing up. And there was none of it grounded. None of it was practical. None of it seemed like it had any bearing in reality. So what we strive to do and what we’ve done for our entire life in the learning process is we look for frameworks that lead to success. We look for frameworks that lead to a specific result over and over and over and over again, if you apply the framework, you get the result. If you apply the framework, you get the result. This is what we want to teach not some woo fairy ideas of what could be, but what we’ve experienced the framework we have used to create the results. So this is huge, right? what it comes down to there’s a quote by Wayne Dyer, who says, You’re you create your thoughts, your thoughts, create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality. You create your thoughts, your thoughts, create your intentions, your intentions, create your reality. So the idea is that our thoughts have a direct link to the reality we’re experiencing. I just went big there. So I’m going to say it one more time, our thoughts have a direct link to the reality we’re experiencing. Now, here’s the key guys is that most of us are not deliberate in our thinking. Most of us, let our minds just run amok. Whatever is In our environment, that’s where our mind is whatever is not in our environment, but in the last intense experience we had, our mind is rarely present with what’s happening in front of us. And so if our thoughts create our reality, right, through our intention to create our reality, what kind of reality Are you experiencing? Right? So that’s the question, if you look around like, this is the reality I’m experiencing. It’s not where I want to be. It’s because if we draw it back to the beginning, it’s our thoughts are not where they should be. Right? We’re not focusing on the right things to create the right outcomes. In fact,


Unknown Speaker  4:34  

Most of the world believes that they don’t have control over their thinking. And if what follows from that is I don’t have control over what’s happening in my life. And this is where we want to step in and say, Wait, no, we’re trying to control the things in our life that we don’t have control over and we’re giving up control over the very things that we have control over which is dictating our reality. And that’s what this whole module is about how the law of attraction really works is really a framework, a system for understanding how like how do we create the life of our dreams, because what I know is true for all of us is that like in three months, in six months, we don’t want to be in the same place that we are right now. Like there I think it’s embedded in our DNA like it’s literally in like interwoven into the fabric of our being that we want to continually expand. We want to grow, we want to become better people, I want to be better. I want to be a better husband, I want to be a better father, I want to expand my ability to be a more like a conscious human being. And because I believe and we believe that this is the core of what we all are looking for like we want to make sure that we understand a framework to be able to achieve those dreams and be able to keep growing and expanding. Now when the law of attraction like first hit the world, it was through a book called The secret and the movie they made out of that book called The Secret And it like what it really did was it, it was cool because it spread this idea into our minds into our consciousness collectively. But it also gave us some really like false beliefs as to how we can create stuff. And we know this like personally because there was a period of time and it was right off the heels of seeing that movie. And I read like little snippets of the book, but it was like, the idea at that point was like, you can write down or just think about, like, I want to receive a $15,000, check in the mail,


Unknown Speaker  6:33  

and then just go about your day,


Unknown Speaker  6:35  

and all of a sudden, you’re going to receive a $15,000 check in the mail. And what happened is like, it created this idea that there was no effort involved. And the reality of how it really works like the law of attraction. The last word in attraction is action. So we need to take a more active role in it. So when we first like when the secret kind of dropped in on the scene, what we ended up doing I remember like one time Specifically, it was New Year’s Eve. And that was like our mo is we only set intentions on December 31 for the entire New Year, but we had this like, it was not grounded, it was kind of a little bit, we were like, Alright, we’re gonna write it down, like and, like 10 till the belt like the ball drops, like we’re going to have it finished. And then we have a fire going and right when the ball drops, and it’s the first second of the new year, we’re going to burn our intentions and allow the intention to go into the universe through the smoke that contains them. And I swear within like a month, I had no recollection of what


Unknown Speaker  7:39  

I wrote down on that thing.


Unknown Speaker  7:40  

I have no idea like, Did it come true? Did it not come true? Because this is a great place to create. It’s a horrible place to store and what we essentially did was, we’re like, we’re gonna write this down, we’re gonna burn it. Never look at it again. And hopefully, next year write down something similar because those probably didn’t happen. Those probably didn’t come true, right. It’s So, and that was actually a patent every year, I found myself writing down something very similar, if not the same intention every single year because I kept burning because I didn’t know how to make it a reality. It was the very first part. So you see that through what we’re gonna, we’re gonna describe is kind of an evolution in this process. But it was the first time where we realize that there needs to be some deliberateness in the creation of what I want my life. I’ll be very rudimentary, like writing on paper and burning it never reading it again. Chances of that unfolding were very low. But that was our start. Right? That was the start of it. Yeah. So we then like took it to the next level where we wrote it down, and we held on to it. Now, what will eventually teach is like, that’s a good first step, but it’s not the process you want to continue. Well, this was really fascinating. So the intention that we wrote down was what we wanted to create as a yoga studio, hothouse yoga. JOHN wrote them down separately. I wrote them down separately, we had separate intentions, which is another thing like if You’re creating something together, you should probably meld your minds and get like a common vision of what you want to create. But what was interesting is like we wrote them down, and then we put them in a drawer and just forgot about them. Right? And then but what was different now is that we wrote them down. And we had a clear vision of what it was we didn’t burn them. Like we could revisit them. We didn’t revisit them as often as we needed to, but like they were there, and they were a reference point. But so we did it occasionally. But then all of a sudden, like we got into like the build-out and we got into like the beginning and all of like the intensity if you’ve ever opened up your own studio, your own business, you have to if you’re an entrepreneur, like and you understand the day to day intensity of what it means to create and to like sustain and have a business that’s like trying to keep it thrive and kind of try to keep the doors open and all the effort that goes into it. So we got into the day to day tasks of just like building this thing. And like being in and doing everything from like teaching to advertising and marketing to behind the desk or front desk. We literally wear every single hat and so Because about a year into it hothouse is open, we finally were like out of the negative we finally got to a point where like we’re paying ourselves we weren’t losing money every month. And I think was Johnny found our like the intention some drawer and we read them and every single one had come to pass. But the question for us was like, like, I think we let too much to chance, right? And if we had gotten a better system of like reading them and then actually looking and reviewing them and then measuring our progress could have we achieved what we were looking to achieve sooner. Right could have there have been a quickening of this manifestation of the creation of what our dream was to own a yoga studio, right. So it was like better than like writing and burning them, but not to the level of like, how we can really work with this idea of law of attraction of how we want to create our lives and be able to do it in a way that’s one I don’t, I was gonna say effortless and I don’t believe in like the effortlessness. There’s not a struggle when you’re alone. To the vision, which we’ll get into, but there’s definitely effort involved in creating it feels effortless, but there’s momentum, there’s the action that’s required. So it’s not. So it’s not literally just not doing anything, which there are a lot of law of attraction teachings that that kind of hint at that, that you can set your intention, throw it out there and do nothing and have it happen. But there’s when what Chris said is powerful is that when you’re aligned to your intention, when you’re aligned to your goal, the goal becomes almost a magnet, it attracts the things that are necessary to fulfill that with motivation with movement with action that we take on our part, right? So we, when you pray, move your feet right so when you’re moving towards the direction of your goal, you’re actually there’s a process of development there’s a process of creations or process of manifestation that’s happening in the actions that you’re taking. So those the, which, you know, makes sense the actions that you take in your way to achieving a goal are aligned with your goal, right whereas if If I have a goal and I, and I don’t look at it regularly, my actions that I take are more random to what’s going on in life, what’s going on to the circumstances in my environment around me, as opposed to be being so aligned with a goal that every action, almost every action that I take is moving me in that direction, if that makes sense.


Chris  12:19  

Yeah. So the next level for us was like, for me, personally, was when I was done dating, I was like, I am finished, I want to find the woman of my dreams. And so I got really clear, and I wrote down what do I wanted to look like physically? How do I want her to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and those are the four categories. And I got really clear, and I wrote down super detail. This is the type of person that I’m looking forward to coming into my life. And then every morning when I would meditate, I would review exactly what I wrote down. And then in my meditation, I spent a portion at the end of what we call visualizing and we’ll get into this whole process later of what it would be like what it would feel like if she were already in my life. like to try to experience like just a day in the life of us being together. And the power of that was like, it’s remarkable because and we’ll talk about it, there’s a quickening when you know how you want to feel. And then you deliberately create that feeling. You’re starting to magnetize yourself to attract whatever that is into your life. And it happened like that the quickening of it was just remarkable like literally floored me when we met when I asked her out, and like, there was still it was funny because like, I asked her out, but then she was moving out of town. And so we had a long-distance relationship for four months, then she moved back into town and we moved in together and the rest is history. We have two girls who have a beautiful life together and it’s awesome but we I use what we’re about to teach you this law of attraction, this idea but the grounded level of it right, not this airy-fairy write something down and hope it happens. But like, oh, get clear, and then start moving your feet, taking steps to get there. And we’ve just experienced it. JOHN can tell you three, four or five stories about what he’s created in his life using this same process. My wife, the house, We’re living in the work that we have the other businesses that we’re creating it again and again and again and again. Now the question is for a lot of us is, when you find yourself in a place in your vehicle, how did I get here? Right? So if we pull back all the way in and get to the healthy question, you know, am I happy with what’s going on in my life right now? Am I happy with all the details and what’s happening? And if we’re not, it’s probably it’s almost definitely related to misalignment to how we’re living. And what’s most important to us, right? Are the ideas of what is it that I love so much? What’s most valuable to me? And then how am I actually living my life?


Outro  14:50  

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