39: How Hard Are You Willing To Work For Your Success? – Lessons From A Surf Trip In Costa Rica

Achieving goals for success

What Is This Episode About…

In this episode, we are in Costa Rica out on a retreat. While out here in beautiful Costa Rica, we panned to surf. We relate the effort and planning needed to go out there to catch a wave with the effort needed to succeed in business.

We wanted to have a good experience surfing and thus made a big effort and sacrifice to get there early in the morning and in rugged terrain, likewise for an entrepreneur, whether you achieve your goals depends on how hard you are willing to work to achieve your goals.

Are you willing to put in the effort and sacrifices required to achieve your goals and let go of those things derailing you? The problem with many people is that we have some big goals and want to succeed, but we don’t want to sacrifice to get there, we want to remain comfortable. The sacrifice can be in terms of time, energy, or money. 

Key Points Discussed:

  • Everything that we want to achieve in life, especially the bigger things require a sacrifice (00.10)
  • How hard Are you willing to work to get what you want (7.46)
  • Are you willing to do the work that’s required to achieve what you want in life (9.15)
  • We want a lot of things, but we’re not willing to spend money, time, energy or effort to get what we want (9.30)
  • Every single goal requires a commitment of some kind (10.11)
  • Do the work, honor the struggle and make this world a better place to live (11.41)

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This episode was released March 18, 2020

Episode Transcript…

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Intro  0:00  

Are you willing to sacrifice what you need to sacrifice to be able to achieve what you want in your life and in your business, every single goal requires a commitment of some kind, every single goal, everything that we want to achieve in life, especially the bigger things require a give a sacrifice. It was like Chris said, across our time, money, energy requires something. And if we’re willing to turn off Netflix, and do the work, build our business, build our dreams, it will pay off.


Chris  0:32  

What’s up, everyone? You’re listening to yoga entrepreneur secrets? I am Chris Yax. 


John  0:36  

And I’m john Yax,


Chris  0:37  

We are part of a small group of yoga entrepreneurs who are committed to making a living doing what we love without feeling guilty about making money for ashamed of being successful, because we know the real value of yoga and how the world needs it now more than ever. This podcast is here to teach the strategies and tactics so we can thrive financially as yoga entrepreneurs. We are the Yax brothers and welcome to yoga entrepreneurship.


John  1:03  

All right, john here, Chris here. We’re coming to you live from beautiful Costa Rica. It’s pretty beautiful. It’s gorgeous. Do you hear the river in the background? Yeah.


Chris  1:14  

So we’ve been here for about a week and a half. The retreat started. So when you listen to this, we’re actually not going to be here anymore. 


John  1:22  

No, unfortunately. 


Chris  1:23  

Yeah, it’s so interesting talking about time in relation to this, like when you were here, when you’re hearing this, we are not there. But we are now. So we came a week early. We came a week early to embed a little bit of our own personal vacation time into it. And also to have some time to prep and be away from all the distractions of home and the studios so that we could focus on really delivering while we’re here and being present and making sure that everything we wanted to cover we know like to a tee, when we’re covering it, how we’re covering it stories that when it’s hell, and all the frameworks that we’re using.


John  1:57  



So we were surfing. This place is gonna cost a peninsula where we are to the river mouth, and Krishna are out there. Out there in the lineup. We’re sitting on boards, and we heard this guy talking about witches rock, I suppose call the local brew high, and he was like yeah, I was there yesterday took a boat in and, and served it was great as head Hi, there’s no one out and Lola when Chris and I looked at each other, and you’re like, Huh, all right. We happen to have a toy to high lugs, four-wheel drive. Probably one of the meteor trucks you could buy. You could rent here. And Chris I started talking to me like what do you think? And should we try to drive into to Santa Rosa National Park and go to wishes rot? And this, Chris and I’ve done this before we’ve done this actually several times, a lot of times actually. And so we know exactly what we were getting into. It’s not one of those easy things to do.


Chris  2:57  

Yeah, it’s not for the faint of heart. Not at all. No Like, you got To want it to get to where we were going where witches rock is.


John  3:07  

So we had a couple of conversations. We’ve talked in the water a little bit, we got on the water, and we’re like, hey, should we do this? And if we do this, what’s the best time? What does it really mean? And what it really meant was, we need to go to the grocery store, we had to go have groceries, we had food there, there’s nowhere to buy food. There’s literally nothing there. It’s in the middle of a national park. And what it also means is that we would have to get up really early, because really, we only had the one day to do it. So we made a decision. We said we’re gonna do it. We’re gonna do it tomorrow. That day, we went to the grocery store, we got groceries. We got gas. We made a game plan for like, we’re gonna get up at 430 in the morning. We’ll be on the road by five o’clock. That’ll put us in the park at seven. Once Get to the edges of the park, then it’s 45 minutes, almost an hour of four-wheel drive. Total four-wheel-drive terrain. I’m talking.


Chris  4:10  

It’s only like 13 clicks, you know, 13 kilometres from like the engines of the park to the beach, but it takes you almost an hour to get there that I’m trying to give you a like a, an understanding of the terrain, literally up and down the sides of these mountains. You can call it a road. Yeah, it’s kind of a road ish thing. That’s road ish.


John  4:32  

For sure. It’s modish big boulders in the way there’s river mounts. Thank God it’s dry. So we didn’t actually have to drive through the river this time. But it’s riverbeds. It’s huge ruts from when it was muddy. It’s you’re constantly on full alert, making sure you don’t get stopped, and you can literally get stuck pretty much anywhere.


Chris  4:54  

Yeah, the central nervous system is all fired up. Cuz


you’re like oh, I mean it’s it’s


crazy. So we wake up at 430. We pack our stuff up, we drive two hours to get to Santa Rosa National Park, we drive another 45 minutes of the worst road conditions ever. There’s literally a sign that says, The roads are bad. We recommend walking.


John  5:13  

Yeah, like four hours, but like,


Chris  5:15  

that’s what they say. Yeah. And so we finally got there. Once you get there. That’s kind of where it begins. Because now we have to unpack all our stuff. We each have a backpack, we each have our boards, and we’re about to walk the guy, the Ranger. There’s one dude, one lone ranger at the station, and we play


John  5:31  

the Lone Ranger who’s the Ranger.


Chris  5:35  

And he was like, I thought you guys were Chico’s cuz no Americans ever come in here this early. We know what we want. And so then we’re walking down to the beach, and once you get to the beach, it’s another 40-minute walk all the way down to actually get to where the waves are because if you like surf right out front, you would have no fun because there are just closeouts meaning the way breaks the whole way breaks at the same time. I’m no fun.


John  6:00  

And so we packed up all our gear. We have backpacks, we have bags, we have our boards, were loaded down and we walk out on the beach walk 40 minutes all the way down. Now, we knew there was going to be something, but we didn’t know how big it was gonna be because there wasn’t an actual big swell forecasted. So the potential of getting skunked, which means we get there in there are no waves was there? So we took a risk there also, we walk all the way down and we’re like, okay, okay, it’s kind of small right here. It’s kind of all of a sudden, it’s getting a little bigger, a little bigger, a lot better, a lot better, a lot better. And we get all the way down there and we realize the waves are good. We put our stuff up. We have there’s a little shaded area from trees and some driftwood, put our stuff up and we go for a surf. We come out of the water. It was good.


Chris  6:49  

It was fun waves. But we were like, ah, let’s, let’s walk down a little bit more.


John  6:54  

So we grabbed our gear. We walked down another 15 minutes and put our stuff up and We realize it’s really good, real good, really, really good.


Chris  7:04  

There’s not another soul on this beach. There are only two boats in the water as we are about to paddle out one of them leaves. So there are only three other guys in the water.


And us. Yeah. And within an hour they leave. And it’s just john and I and literally Not a soul around us, for we surf for eight hours.


John  7:26  

We were that we were on the beach for 10 hours. Out of that 10 hours, we were in the water for eight hours,


Chris  7:31  

just trading the most beautiful, perfect waves all day long. It was like it was I’ll remember forever. So you may be wondering at this point, how is any of this related to Yoga or being an entrepreneur or what’s the secret? And here it is. The question is, how hard Are you willing to work to get what you want


John  7:57  

because when we do put in the work, that’s you Only way we get the reward. That’s the only way we get those experiences that will remember for the rest of our lives.


Chris  8:06  

Yeah, another way of framing it, which is what the conversation we just had this morning at this retreat this mastermind, and it was, are you willing to have what you want completely? And what does that mean? Are you willing? Like you’re just asked to do the work that’s required to achieve it? Are you willing to sacrifice what needs to be sacrificed to be able to achieve it? Are you willing to let go of all the things that are in your life now that won’t serve you to be able to get what it is in your life? Well, I don’t care if it’s like more students in your yoga studio, or if it’s, you know, more classes on your schedule, or if it’s, you know, starting your own business, like, the question is, are you willing to sacrifice like for us there was sleep, it was our central nervous system. It was potentially getting lost in the middle of nowhere in our car breaking down


John  8:57  

the truck getting stuck in some rut or getting stuck on the side of a mountain,


Chris  9:01  

it was like walking in maybe getting skunked and having to literally just turn around and go do the whole thing over again.


John  9:08  

Right, potentially getting injured when you’re in the water means so far away from civilization that it could really be dangerous. Yeah.


Chris  9:15  

So that’s the question, Are you willing to do the work that’s required to achieve what you want in life, in relationship to yoga in relationship to your business and relationship to starting something new and, and for the conversation we’re having is also like to have the relationship that you’re looking for, like, whatever it is, that will keep an entrepreneur style, because that’s what we’re talking about. But the problem is that we all want a lot of things, but we also want to stay comfortable. We also wait. We want a lot of things to happen in our lives, but we’re not willing to spend the money or the time or the energy or the effort to actually get what you’re looking for. The right period and it will require money. On some level. If you’re in the entrepreneurial space, and you need to level up your game you need to find a coach, and that’s if they’re good. They’re going to call Money, but you’re investing in yourself? That’s the question. That’s the big question. This is what the whole story is about is are you willing to sacrifice what you need to sacrifice to be able to achieve what you want in your life and in your business,


John  10:11  

every single goal requires a commitment of some kind, every single goal, everything that we want to achieve in life, especially the bigger things require a give a sacrifice it, like Chris said, across our time, money, energy, it requires something. And if we’re willing to turn off Netflix, and do the work, build our business, build our dreams, it will pay off, but it requires us, to step up and do it. Yeah.


Chris  10:39  

And so you may be like, Well, guys, like yeah, you just went on a surf trip. Like that’s not a good story in relationship to me wanting to build my business and like what’s required of it, like, but I’ll just say a different story this past year in 2019. We spent a close to $60,000 in personal development and coaches to level up our game to be able to To understand and get insights and perspective shifts from people who are where we want to be like, that requires not just money, but time away from our families, we had to travel to these guys, and like spend like weeks upon weeks in these mastermind groups learning and then coming back and going through the fire of not being good at what we’re trying to implement. And it’s just reiterating and then iterating and iterating, over and over again. And so whether it’s a surf trip, or whether it’s building your business, or whether it’s taking your business to the next level, like the core is the core, and that is we have to be willing to sacrifice something to be able to get what we’re looking for in life. Yeah. So


Unknown Speaker  11:41  

with that, go out, make a difference. Build that business. Start it right now. Take the next step that you need to take to stop your dreams. Do the work, honor the struggle and make this world a better place to live. Peace


Chris  11:58  

Yes, thanks so much for Listening to yoga entrepreneur secrets. Do you have a question that you’d like us to answer raw and uncut on the podcast? If you want your questions answered, all you need to do is head over to Apple podcast and do three simple things one, rate and review telling us what you think of the podcast to in that review, ask anything you want related to yoga, and three if you want a shout out, leave your Instagram handle or name and that’s it. Then listen in to hear your question answered, live raw and uncut. Join us next time on yoga entrepreneur secrets podcast. Thanks


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