40: Everyone And Their Mother Is A Yoga Teacher – How To Stand Out In The Sea Of Sameness

How do you stand out as a Yoga teacher

What Is This Episode About…

In this episode, we talk about how to differentiate yourself as a yoga teacher from the multitude of other teachers.  Right now, there are so many yoga teachers and studios. To stand out from this crowd, and position yourself as a yoga teacher that people need and whose services are sought out for, you need to do these three things.

The first thing is that you must be clear on the type of person you want to serve, understand their specific problems, and find a solution for them. Choose your niche, it can be the elderly population, children, or parents. 

Once you have identified the type of person you want to serve, understood their problem and found a solution, the second thing you must do is specialize. This means being a master in solving their problems. 

The third thing that you must do is to create a framework that allows you to package your solution in an easy-to-understand manner. The framework must produce the desired results.

Once you do these three things, you’ll have stood out from the rest of the field and avoided the sea of sameness. 

Key Points Discussed:

  • How do you stand out as a Yoga teacher (00:56)
  • Differentiating yourself as someone who people need and whose services are sought after (01:17)
  • Being clear on the type of person you want to serve and understanding their problem and providing a solution (04:03)
  • Specializing and being a master in solving your client’s problems (04:56)
  • Creating a framework that helps you package your solution better than any other system  (05:46)
  • Branding your framework (07:35)

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This episode was released March 25, 2020

Episode Transcript…

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Chris  0:00  

Figure out who you want to work with who your dream people are that you want to work with the problem that they’re suffering from, specialize in solving that problem and create a framework that produces results delivers what you promise to those people, you do those things, and you will step out of this huge pool of sea of sameness. sameness. 


Intro  0:25  

What’s up everyone, you are listening to yoga entrepreneur secrets. I am Chris Yax. And I’m John Yax, We are part of a small group of yoga entrepreneurs who are committed to making a living doing what we love without feeling guilty about making money or ashamed of being successful, because we know the real value of yoga and how the world needs it. Now more than that, this podcast is here to teach the strategies and tactics so we can thrive financially as yoga entrepreneurs, we are the experts, and welcome to yoga entrepreneur secrets.


Chris  0:56  

So there are so many yoga teachers in the world now. Every studio is doing it. Teacher Training there are yoga teachers everywhere. Our mom’s a yoga teacher, your mom’s probably a yoga teacher. How do you stand out like so how to like, so if everybody’s a yoga teacher, how do I like, differentiate myself as something that people need and something that’s sought after now, people need yoga teachers, like we are changing the world as yoga teachers, but there’s so many. How does anybody that that’s the general public that thinks, well, I need to do this stuff? how did they know what to do? Where did they go? What like I’m, I have a problem. Do I go to a yoga teacher? Just find the solution? 


John  1:35  

Yeah. And listen, if you want, like if teaching, you know, the dropping single visit style classes at yoga studios, like is that that’s the thing. Like, there’s no harm to that. I mean, that’s where we started. And that’s when we have teacher training. We have students who graduate from teacher training, who then teach with us that hothouse yoga, and that’s what they do and they love it and they’re passionate about it. We’ve loved them for being able to be a part of The family and to be able to make such an impact on people’s lives. So don’t get us wrong and like there’s something wrong with that. But what we find and even being here in Costa Rica, we have students of ours who have become teachers who are here with us. And that’s one of the reasons why we’re shooting this podcast is because this episode is there are questions of like how what’s next? How do I differentiate myself? How do I stand out? How do I how am I able to like actually be all in and make a living doing this and so we wanted to address that problem and give a solution. And for so for us. Like back in the day when we started teaching. It was 2003 right and that was like being men and yoga teachers, but also like martial artists. There was enough like a novelty with that back in the day. That was prior to every studio doing teacher training and everywhere being yoga teachers and all like that. I mean, the yoga world has blown up since then 


Chris  2:56  

which is a good thing? 


John  2:57  

The world is benefited by the Blowing up of all of these yoga teachers and yoga exploding because it’s becoming the norm. people realize that gotta practice they gotta meditate, they got to do these things, right. But back in the day when Chris and I started, there was, you know, not only were we men, but we started in hot yoga, which was also a novelty. So there was a differentiation already way back then. And people were like, I’m gonna check this out. Oh, yeah. Did you hear about these guys? They, they teach yoga, I’m gonna go take their classes. And so we had that way back in the beginning. Yeah, so it’s just gonna be a quick one. Because there’s really just three steps to differentiate yourself to stand out. Because what happens is the like, we become, as teachers a commodity when everyone else can do it. And there are all these free pop up classes going on, like you, you just like, you can’t, it’s hard to stand out in that by calling yourself Hey, I teach yoga, and I’ll give you these classes and it’ll be a great experience and like, it’s hard to articulate that. So here are three things you can do right now, to figure out to help yourself stand out and the First thing is to get really clear on who it is you want to serve? Meaning, what problems do those people have? And then take those problems on and figure out a solution. Very simple. But if you don’t, you can’t figure out the problem if you don’t know who it is because you got to know what they’re dealing with. Who is it that you want to serve? Is it the elderly population? Is it children? Is it parents are it as you, that’s what I would do and what we teach is to look into your own life and see how yoga helped you in your life and, and maybe it wasn’t used to civically, but it helps someone in your life change in a way and they had a problem and they found yoga and you want to devote your life right now to that problem, meaning to find that solution. The second is to specialize once you realize who you want to work with, and you figure out what their problem is, be a master at solving that problem. Right? specialize so Your your who are people that suffer from stress, and they have their stresses debilitating for them. Your who is people that are suffering from stress maybe their parent’s parents that suffer from stress. And so what is the solution for that specialize in meditation for parents with stress, right? So you want to specialize. The next thing


Chris  5:28  

is, so let’s recap. One, you know your who, right which really means you know the problem that they’re having to you now have a solution you’ve researched, you’ve done the work you’ve experienced for yourself, you’ve applied it in your own life First, the solution and you know it works. The third is to create a framework, the framework is going alap is will allow you to take that solution and package it in a way that makes it better than any other system. More like it gives you It gives those people the results that they’re looking for. Because the framework is simple, it’s easy to understand, and they can remember it easier. So here is a framework that produces results, a framework that produces results. And so this may mean you need to do in, in the business world called beta group, you may need to do it a few times for free with people that you know, that are suffering from this problem people that you specifically want to work with, right, you’re who figure out who you want to work with who your dream people are, that you want to work with the problem that they’re suffering from. specialize in solving that problem and create a framework that produces results delivers what you promise to those people, you do those things, and you will step out of this huge pool of, of a sea of sameness, sameness. And you’ll notice that your business takes off that way. And you can even like if you’re teaching a yoga studio like Korea, This and then talk to the owner about, like, about delivering a workshop to the people that are already going and like, collaborate with them. So there’s like literally like zero limitation on this. But if you don’t know who you don’t have a solution, you don’t have a framework, you really don’t have anything that makes you stand out makes you differentiate yourself. Because if I just teach yoga, then I can kind of get that anywhere. And that’s the, what’s kind of sad, but it’s also what creates the opportunity. And when you create that framework 357 steps to that framework, right? That’s what makes it a framework. And then name the framework, put a name around it, right. This is the turf for stress framework, the yoga for stress, strain, or whatever the thing meditation for stress framework. There’s some way sexier than that. But you get my point. codename it and put a name on it and put it together that way. And that’s it. Yeah. Coming to you live from Costa Rica. Yeah, we got to get ready for our next session. So we got to roll


Unknown Speaker  7:56  

thanks for listening guys. Do the work on the struggle. make the world a better place to live, please.


Chris  8:05  

Yes, thanks so much for listening to yoga entrepreneur secrets. Do you have a question that you’d like us to answer raw and uncut on the podcast? If you want your questions answered, all you need to do is head over to Apple podcasts and do three simple things one, rate and review telling us what you think of the podcast to in that review, ask anything you want related to yoga, and three if you want a shout out, leave your Instagram handle or name and that’s it.


Unknown Speaker  8:29  

Then listen in to hear your question answered, live raw and uncut.


Chris  8:34  

Join us next time on Yoga entrepreneur secrets podcast. Thanks


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