Modern Day Yoga Is A Lie – Why Most Yogis Only Get A Fraction Of The Benefits Of Yoga

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What Is This Episode About…

This is the first episode of the rebranded Yoga Entrepreneur Secrets Podcast, now The Awakened Life Podcast. The new podcast will uncover the untold secrets of yoga and help you live your practice on and off the mat.


This episode is part one of the five-part immersion series Chris and John shared on Facebook. This week, they explain why modern day yoga is a lie and how we can start depending on ourselves rather than our mat for stress relief.


Chris and John share their story about how they found relief through yoga and the moment they realized they didn’t need the mat to feel solitude. They learned how to focus on their source, the foundation of their being, to discover and accept their identity. They tell us that once you master that, you have mastered the practice of healing your body, mind and heart.


Chris and John invite you to immerse yourself in their five day course by participating online. Join their Facebook group Yax Yoga Lab and answer some reflective questions about your being and desired becoming.


Key Takeaways

  • Discovering why modern day yoga is a lie (1:59)
  • How did we get invested in yoga (2:50)
  • The yoga practice release loop (5:57)
  • How we found peace off the mat (7:00)
  • The lie about yoga (9:37)
  • Understanding Being vs Becoming (12:15)
  • The core of yoga (15:22)
  • What keeps you from experiencing you truth (18:38)
  • We are multidimensional beings (20:29)

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This episode was released May 27, 2020

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Chris Yax 0:00
Welcome to the first episode of The awaken Live podcast. We are super excited that you are here.

Chris Yax 0:04
And what we’re going to reveal

Chris Yax 0:07
in these next few episodes is the untold secrets of yoga. Now, we just

Chris Yax 0:12
finished a five day immersion.

Chris Yax 0:15
And what we’re going to be offering in this podcast is each day of those five days. So this first one is why modern day Yoga is a lie. And why most Yogi’s, will we experience a fraction of the benefit of what yoga really is?

Chris Yax 0:32

Chris Yax 0:33
to The Awakened Life podcast where we’re going to give you the exact blueprint of how to live an awakened life, a life filled with purpose, passion, and power. We are the yaks brothers, john and Chris, and we’re here to share the truth that Yoga is so much more than stretching. It’s the oldest personal development systems ever created. The problem is that most modern day yoga focuses solely on getting better at poses and promotes this idea that if you get good enough, one day Your life will magically fall into place and your struggles with the world will end. Listen in each week as we reveal the truth about what yoga actually is, and how it’s designed to bring the life of your dreams into reality. If you’re ready to take immediate action to live an awakened life, join our private Facebook group yaks yoga lab and get two of our most popular yoga courses for free.

Chris Yax 1:26
So, five day yoga immersion.

Chris Yax 1:29
It is about revealing the untold secrets of yoga and why these truths are the key to reclaiming lost youth eliminating stress and overwhelm and finding self love both on and off of the map. And so what we’re going to describe today specifically, this is like what this week entails is this. And what we’re going to talk about specifically today, on day one is the fact that modern day Yoga is alive and well. Why most Yogi’s will only experience a fraction of the benefits of yoga? And there’s a very specific reason about it. And I’m going to get to it. But what’s really important for context for you all to

Chris Yax 2:12
understand how do we come about

Chris Yax 2:15
getting this information? How do we come about to like, do yoga in the first place? And so that’s the question is, how did we get here? And we got here because of a period of time in our lives, that was perhaps one of the most stressful in the amount of pressure that was there in our lives. Now, we’re experiencing pretty good amount right now. But this was prior to having any skill set any practices that help us navigate through the chaos and the tumult that we’re experiencing. And back then, that was a function of renovating our family home because we had this desire to teach martial arts out of our home. It was a function of working three to four side jobs to make ends meet. It was The function of just the daily stressors of life, and it was a function of martial arts and the intensity with which we were practicing. Now, this all of those factors, like we’re creating this experience of stress and overwhelm in our lives. Add to the fact that our martial arts training was so intense. It was like learn it today use it tonight. And so we were literally putting ourselves in like, as real life as possible scenarios to see if our training was working or not. Now, this led to an experience and mind you at this point, john are living like almost identical lives barring like one side job that was slightly different that he had that I didn’t have. We were literally living together, like eating together, training together doing everything together. He got a nutritionist coach and nutritionist coach, and took a hair analysis test. The results of the hair analysis test said, Whoa, dude, something’s wrong. You need to correct something in your life. Because what They termed it was acute stress disorder is on its way. And here are all the litany of experiences that you can expect to have if you continue. Fast forward. We know through the advice of our sister and us just that kind of searching what is what is a good way to heal our bodies? What is it what is like some stress relieving practices and yoga was it we got to yoga? Oh my God, we got to yoga,

Chris Yax 4:22
and it worked. It worked. We would get on our mats, and we would feel good physically, maybe. I’m sure you’re watching this. You’ve experienced this on some level, right? Most people come to yoga because of pain. That’s why we came to yoga because the pain and when we get on our mats, and like with consistency, the pain would leave. And when I’m on my mat, I wasn’t thinking about all the intensity of the build out that was happening with our home and

Chris Yax 4:54
the stressors of the jobs that I was doing in the stressors of life and like in the martial arts and how we are Are we going to make this work? How are we going to make it work? How would like all of like the normal daily stuff, quite honestly, that you experience most likely, maybe different details, but so we’d be on our mat and we would feel, oh, I feel good. And then we get off our mats. And if I wasn’t consistent with it, the physical pain started coming back. And almost immediately, there was like a lag time of an hour or two, sometimes even less than that, depending on what was thrown at me. But the reality was, all of a sudden life came back. And all the stressors that were there came back, and this peaceful experience was like, just vanished. And so we’d go back to the mat and like, okay, yes, I feel good. I feel stress relief. Then we get off our mat and we’d be like, Oh my god, daily life is such a flippin pain. And this was what we return

Chris Yax 5:51
the yoga

Chris Yax 5:52
practice release loop. And this is what ends up happening in this is the practice the mat practice. ends up being something we depend on to feel okay, in our hearts and our bodies and our minds. This was the reality for us. And then one day I was lying in Shavasana. If you’ve taken our teacher trainings, you’ve heard this. I’ve told this story a little bit over the last couple weeks, I was lying in Shavasana. And something happened that I didn’t plan on. I was literally just lying down kind of thinking about stuff and something like a switch flipped. And everything got quiet. The normal noise the normal thinking that was always there and my life just stop. And not in the way that we experienced it like because I’m doing something else the normal thinking stops but like I wasn’t doing anything else. And I was there lying in Shavasana. And it all just stopped. I was aware of everything. But I wasn’t thinking about it. I just could like all my senses were heightened. I could see I could I could feel I could hear it all. But I wasn’t thinking about what what I was experiencing. And the stillness speak that happened here. Started giving me an experience of feeling of peace. I had this peaceful experience and I had a moment. And this is what like, this literally changed the direction of my life. And john as well, because we talked about it afterwards. And he was having similar experiences separately for me. But in the moment, I felt like I wasn’t lacking anything. I felt like I was like in the world, I was conscious of everything that was going on in my life, all the stressors, I was conscious of the pain I was in. But it seemed like I treated distance from it. And I experienced the sense of peace, the sense of wholeness, that I wasn’t lacking anything. And from that was born this sense of like, Man, I’m connected and I’m and I’m loved, not loved and like the sentimental way that we think of love, but like love on this deeper level, that I didn’t need, like people in my life to tell me an experience that love it was like it was the spring of love that was already inside of me. And it was a moment that I literally like even now I struggled

Chris Yax 7:58
to put words to but it After that moment, the question was like, holy shit, what was that? And then the next question was, how do I get that? Is it possible? Like, do I need the mat to experience that? Or can I experience that, like all the time. And that set us on the quest, that quest of like researching and trying to figure out what exactly is going on with yoga

Chris Yax 8:22
isn’t just the physical like the teachers and the people that were around, were saying, it’s like, it’s just a physical practice. It’s great for stretching, it’s great for like strengthening, it’s good for stress relief. It’s all very, like related to the physical, maybe a little bit of mental occasionally.

Chris Yax 8:34
I was like, wait, there’s got to be more to this.

Chris Yax 8:37
And so it led us on the search. And we eventually went to teacher training. It was in teacher training. We started like experiencing a little bit beforehand, but in teacher training, it like the secrets were revealed what yoga actually was, like the truth about what it’s really designed to do, and the impact that that has on your life. And here’s the truth. I’m not supposed to be here. You’re teaching yoga, I’m supposed to be a martial arts teacher, john and i were opening up a Martial Arts Academy. That’s why we renovated the house in the first place. We wanted to, like, teach people how to fight, but we didn’t have the means to open up a legitimate business. So we did it kind of backyard style, that one experience in Shavasana. And the questions that led us to teacher training, and then teacher training, sparking this fire, to want to help people give them the experience that we were practicing and seeing the results we have in our lives. Like, that’s why we decided to open up hothouse. That’s why we do teacher trainings. Now. So like, the big lie about yoga is that it’s just physical. It’s just about stretching. And some of you have had glimpses of it. But then what happens is, we need the mat we become dependent on the mat and the mat is good. John’s going to talk about that tomorrow about the what’s really going on our mat and the power of it, the limitation of it and what’s really happening what it’s really designed to do bring tell like, what is the what is the origin story builder? How did it all start? But for right now, what we want to discuss is this framework and it’s not gonna be too long, like that story is so important to give context about why we’re doing what we’re doing, and how what we learned in training, right? That Yoga is actually has three pillars. It’s not just physical, and the three pillars are related to who we are. But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s check this out just for a second.

Chris Yax 10:22
So here’s a quote, who you are, is the foundation of who you become who you are is the foundation of who you become.

Chris Yax 10:33
Up to this point, everyone good if you if you’re with me, you’re like, Yes, I get it. Keep going. Chris, will you do like a hashtag keep going? Or like hit a like or hit the love button? It would be really helpful because it helps me right, like, okay, and are they

Chris Yax 10:43
picking it up or they’re not picking it up. So

Chris Yax 10:45
the idea that Yoga is more than physical, some of you experienced it on the mat. But now we want to really dive deep into what that is. And that’s going to be that this, this is going to be the bigger framework, the bigger umbrella that we’re going to be delivering all the rest of the days information and so it’s Yoga you have these two seemingly kind of contradictory ideas of being and becoming, being and becoming. Being is related to what this says is waking up to the truth of who you really are by realizing your oneness or your connection with source. Becoming is creating a better version of yourself and manifesting your wildest dreams. Waking up to the truth of who you are, who you really are, by realizing that you are not separate your oneness with source and creating a better version of yourself and manifesting your wildest dreams now. So how do they relate and they relate because being is the foundation of becoming. This is so important. If you look at the world, and you look at how the world operates, we flip flopped if there’s even a saying that the ego sees things 180 degrees from the truth I’ve ever heard that and in yoga, if you’ve practiced with us, you definitely heard that if you’ve heard it hashtag yes

Chris Yax 12:10
below. And the reason it’s so important is that being is the foundation of becoming, but we flipped it. We’ve we see it 180 views from the truth, we focused on becoming, we focused on accumulating, we focus on progressing we focused on, like acquiring all of these things, whether it’s degrees or relationships or careers or children or money or whatever it is thinking that will give us the experience of wholeness. Yoga at its heart. Is you experiencing your truth of your connection with source? Why is that important? Because you may be thinking like, Great Chris that was very like high minded conceptual, but what is it

Chris Yax 12:58
like what does that mean? What it means is, we if we don’t let me say the opposite if we don’t feel that we are connected with source Now, let me just pause for a second. I say source I also say creator, some people use the term God, I don’t like the term not because I don’t believe or anything like that. Because in my vision of God, I have this very distorted idea that there’s like, some human being type person who has like a white beard, and who like, is up there looking down on me. And it’s very, I feel very like separated from that idea. When I say source or creator, what I’m really talking about is this the force that gave life to everything we know it, and because it gave life and it’s spawned whatever that force is, to everything we know it and we are like, we are part of that source, meaning we are part of its creation. We are not separate from it’s the very same thing. That, like you have children, and they are part of you now that this idea of creation or creator or source is like we are a part of it, when we feel separate, and this is what the ego this is, this is this, this is it,

Chris Yax 14:16
I could literally stop after I say this next thing and be done for the rest of time. And over, I’m not giving up too. So I really want you to come to the next days

Chris Yax 14:22
is like, when we feel separate, we feel incomplete. When we feel incomplete, we feel isolated, we feel like there’s something lacking inside of us. We feel like our self worth is diminished. The love that we have within ourselves is diminished. And then we start searching for things right? becoming we start searching to acquire things in our lives that will hopefully fill us up literally everyone is walking around most people and they’re trying to fill their lives up with things and relationships and money and credentials, and like all of these external things in the hopes that it will one day give us what we’re looking for inside. Nothing that you acquire outside of it yourself will ever fill you up inside. And this is what’s so vital. This is what’s so important is the core of yoga is to correct this misperception that we’re somehow separate or isolated. And so how do they relate being that feeling of being enough is the foundation of becoming without it, what we end up doing is acquiring things so you will get it What man if you focus hard enough and you walk like diligently with with commitment, you will get the things that you’re looking for in your life. And if you don’t, it’s a function of something missing in here, some lack of belief, some lack of potential, some limitation of self love and self worth and the feeling of what you deserve. So then we ended up acquiring these things and they feel good initially. But then they just become things, right, the very thing that we thought was going to be so awesome and correct all the things in our lives ends up being another thing that failed us. And so these things are designed to allow us to live the life of our dreams. But if we go here without here without this foundation of connection, that you are love, like and the other word I use for the Creator is love. Because what gives rise to the things that we experience is like, it’s love. What happened to give rise to your children love happen. I don’t believe it’s any different from the way we came about to experience our lives and who we are now. This is the experience of being this is the foundation. This is why we’ve turned this Why is modern day yoga live because no one’s talking about beingness no one’s talking about this idea that like you’re enough as you are, and when they do, it gets so caught up in all of this misconception and, and like it just gets confusing here. Here’s a great case. some point, you often hear in yoga, the value of contentment, the value of acceptance, the value of surrender. And those are the qualities of be if they’re right and expressing that they’re right and teaching that. But you then have this, you know, like, Oh, that’s what Yoga is about. It’s accepting no be with life as it is and not as you think it should be. But then you also think like, wait, I’m not happy with my life. I’m not happy in my career. I’m not happy with my relationships. I’m not happy with like, just the day to day I’m stressed, I’m overwhelmed. I don’t feel I feel incomplete. But then you’re like, But wait, you should accept it. And you should surrender to it. And you’re like, Wait a second. Is that what I should do? Okay, I’ll just accept my life. And this is the biggest lie is that no, that’s not what it means. But what it’s saying with surrender and acceptance and contentment is you as you are right now, like that brings you to that truth that you’re not going to acquire anything. That’s gonna give you what you’re looking for on this inside level. But when you find that level, and then you go about experiencing all the ways you can become a better person, because this becoming is woven into our DNA. It’s part of us being a human being that we tomorrow want to be better than who we are today. We want to express ourselves more fully, we want to love more fully, we want to like have the life of our dreams. And so these two together is what how we experience the fullness of life. So the next question is what keeps us from experiencing our truth and consequently manifesting our dreams consequently, meaning this is the foundation of how we experience the like the abundance of life. What keeps us from experiencing that, very specifically identity. Identity does, what is identity. It’s who we believe we are and how we feel about ourselves that’s really what makes up our identity. What yoga seeks to correct is who we believe we are that idea of separation that idea that I’m alone in this world and no one understands me that idea of like man if I just accumulate this and if I just get the right job and if I get the right education and and then I get the right house then I get the right partner and I get

all these things and I try to accumulate all these things and then my life will be perfect guess what happens it all changes and then we suffer because of the very things that we created that we thought were going to give us what we were looking for and it just doesn’t work so identity because what we invest in our identity in then we have to stabilize but if we’re trying to stabilize becoming which is this constant evolution, all the sudden you’re like, wait, I love that. Why is it gone? It’s not as wonderful as it was, you know, love in the beginning. Oh, man, you stay up all night. You don’t have to eat. You’re obnoxious Li like excited about life and just doing the mundane things because you’re in love what happens Six months later, what happens a year later? What happens? 10 years later, you still feel that? Maybe, maybe not. But if we invested all of our identity in having that one experience, all of a sudden it would fail us, because that’s just not the reality. So identity and this is what brings us to the framework that like is the truth about why we teach yoga the way we do since on the other page, so identity, who we believe we are and how we feel about ourselves as the last bit, here’s the truth. We are multi dimensional beings. The reason modern day Yoga is a lie. And the reason we say that we’re kind of slightly aggressive about that is because most of the people out there teaching yoga are just teaching a very physical experience. It’s become fitness. And for us, it’s like the biggest travesty of all of the world, which I know is kind of slightly Deaf tone with like Coronavirus and everything happening right now. But my point is like, it’s if we just leave it at the physical literally like standing on the top of this iceberg. Right and just playing around on just the top of it. It’s physical, and you’ll get relief from it. Right? You’ve experienced why you’re here is because man, you fall in love with yoga, the way we fell in love with yoga. We were right there. And we still are. And what John’s going to talk about tomorrow is why is that physical practice on the mat, so important, but then why it’s also lacking. That’s smart, so exciting. So we’re not just a body, we’re also a mind, right? You have thoughts. And we’re also hard, we have emotion. If we leave it on the physical, then we’re missing what’s going on here. And if we leave it here, we’re missing out what’s going on here. And the truth is, when you affect one, the others get affected, but only in a limited way. Our focus and what the framework that we came up with is how to practice daily, the body, the mind and the heart, very specifically, so that just like the title of this whole immersion so that we can reclaim our last youth so that we can eliminate the stressors of our lives and refund brain, the rest of the structures that we can eliminate so that they don’t beat us down and dim our light. And then how we can find that self love that’s missing. Because the practice on the mat, it’ll give you glimpses like it gave me that glimpse in Shavasana years ago. But those glimpses are only like the potential of what could be there. The practice is limited in what it can do as far as the sustainable experience of what it really means to live into your full potential. And so that’s what we’re going to be talking about tomorrow is the body

Chris Yax 22:35
very specifically how Yoga is more than poses,

Chris Yax 22:37
why the poses are important, but what what yoga was really designed to do. And the next day, we’re going to talk about the mind and how important it is to specifically focus and experience the power that this thing holds. And then we’re going to talk about the heart and not in the way you think, not in the way you think like the heart. People think of it. It’s like love and I want There’s love everything. Yeah, no, you are love. And that love is unconditional. Right? That’s what it is. But then how do we experience self love? And how do we then take that self love and make it something real and tangible and practical that we can put our feet on and allow us to support the momentum of becoming this person without thinking that the becoming is going to help give

Chris Yax 23:19
us the love that we’re looking for? Right? This is the true practice. It’s the body, the mind and the heart. And tomorrow, John’s going to talk about what that framework actually is, and very specifically focused on the body. And so we are so so excited. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for your patience today. Oh my goodness, I if you’re here you’re watching, I could not be more thrilled that you’re here and that we get to like, give this information. I mean, this is information that is like has evolved even as of like, then we’re doing a teacher training in the beginning of teacher training in January. This wasn’t we were teaching it so we’re so excited to be delivering this for you because man we need it now more than ever One of the last things I’ll say is, we do have some homework for you. Now the homework is going to be delivered. It’s a PDF. And there’s four questions that we had. And it’s basically just journaling. Now, what I really need you to do is just answer the first question. Each day, we’re going to cover information that is going to help you just reframe the context of the question that we’re asking you. And so today tonight, before tomorrow, before our next session, answer just question number one, if you’re watching this as a replay, then you’re going to see a button down below to click it and you’ll get the PDF file. And if you’re watching this live, we’re going to get that to like immediately, it should probably already be sent to you via email. If you have questions. If you have questions about this, what we’re going to do is instead of like because sometimes the question is very specific to you and what you want in your life. And sometimes it’s a very general question that is really applicable to anyone and everyone can gain value in that and both have value but we want to make sure that we’re Not like taking people’s time without like the information that we want to give. So if you would just comment

Chris Yax 25:05

Chris Yax 25:06
your question, we’re going to take all those questions in later today, we’re going to go live, and we’re going to answer them if there’s a bunch of them. If there’s just a few here and there, what we’re going to do is we’ll just reply to them in this thread in this live, if you’re watching this as a replay, there’s a button on this page that you’re going to be able to link and get to this live inside the Facebook group. So you’ll be able to ask your questions as well. So if you have questions, please put them down below. And we will get to them. And we’re just going to separate an entire live session because we want to be able to really get one on one and really let this immersion be immersive, right? We’re confined to the amount of time we you know, people are busy Even now I understand people are busy, they have time. And so we appreciate you taking the time and the energy and effort to be here. And also we want to maximize it by just making sure that the questions that you have, we’re going to answer separately later.

Chris Yax 25:53
That’s all I got today. Again, tomorrow is how Yoga is so much more than poses. Right and This is like, just if you just if you just show up for tomorrow, you’re

Chris Yax 26:04
it’s going to literally reframe the entire experience of why we’re doing what we’re doing on our maps and the real potential

Chris Yax 26:11
that’s there

Chris Yax 26:12
and why it all started the way it did in the first place. So tomorrow 12 o’clock our technical issues will be solved and show up for the live we cannot wait to see you fill out that homework. It’s just one question super simple, super easy, but it’s going to help layer and give you clarity on what you want in your life. So the homework The first question that’s it thanks for I appreciate that’s a great point is so it’s the question is, what area or aspect of your life are you most frustrated? Or is like the thing in your life that needs the most work that you’re just not happy with that you’re most frustrated or unhappy with? And what were we start there? It’s like

Chris Yax 26:48
but this is yoga. What about like the happy

Chris Yax 26:49
go lucky? Why are we not focusing on the positive? Because it’s important to be

Chris Yax 26:54
really honest with ourselves initially. And in what’s what we’re doing. We’re taking you through a step by step process, and we’re We start is like, Where are you in pain in your life? Maybe not physical pain? And maybe it

Chris Yax 27:04
is, but where it Where do you feel like? Yeah, no, my life could be better here.

Chris Yax 27:10
And the three ways we really like if you’re looking at like, I need more it can be in consideration of your health.

Chris Yax 27:17
It can be in consideration of relationships, or it can be in consideration of your

Chris Yax 27:20
career, how you make money in like one of those areas. And

Chris Yax 27:24
you may realize, man, that’s all three and make this as exhaustive as you’d like. Or if you know, there’s like this one thing, this is the one thing that I would if I could, I would change and just write down what that is. No, it’s very simple, but it just allows us to take an honest look at ourselves and our lives, and to just say, Hey, you know what, right now, for me,

Chris Yax 27:45
this is what

Chris Yax 27:46
I would like to better at this is what I’d like to be better at. And this is how I know I can level up to experience this becoming this. So we’re kind of focusing in this question on like,

Chris Yax 27:56
if there was an area where you think

Chris Yax 27:59
you could Do better be better expand more feel happier feel more content with what area? Would that be? Is it physical? Is it health? Is it relationships? Is that your career? And then just write that on the first question. Oh, yeah, yeah. And if you’re willing, and john, I’ll do this, we’ll post down what ours is, we’re going to be doing this with you. Because this is something this is like, we’re going to talk about this towards the end of the week. This journaling in this process of like, getting what’s in here and in here out on paper,

Chris Yax 28:30
is some of the most transformational stuff we can do. And so if

Chris Yax 28:34
you’re willing, if you would post inside the group, hey, homework, day, one, five day immersion, this is what I am most frustrated or unhappy with in my life. And this is what I would like to to level up and expand into, right? So very specifically just focused on

Chris Yax 28:51
or this is the area that I would like to change in my life, and we’re going to be doing it too. So yeah, so two things homework. Filling out just question one,

Chris Yax 29:01
two, if you’re like, willing to be vulnerable with us,

Chris Yax 29:05
share it inside the group, we really want the group to be a community where we support each other. And part of that support is knowing like, man, we’re all in this together. We all have pains, we literally I think this is part of the thing. When you get to this beingness you recognize that your struggles aren’t separate, multiple struggles. We’re all dealing with the shit of life. But what we teach is how we can then take that it’s the it’s gotta stop it. It’s the lotus flower. symbology. Right? It’s it grows from mine. The mod is all the pain, it’s all the discomfort. It’s all the frustrations, it’s all the things we’re unhappy with. That is the soil that gives rise to this beautiful flower. And that’s what we’re starting with.

Chris Yax 29:45
We’re starting with the mind,

Chris Yax 29:47
like what area of life is the month john, I’m going to do this too. But if you’re willing to like go there with us and post inside the group, I guarantee you will be received with love, right with understanding and it will show

Chris Yax 29:57
other people that they’re not alone. The experiences that they think they’re so isolated, they’re just unique to them.

Chris Yax 30:04
And so

Chris Yax 30:04
yeah, that’s the homework. Fill it out. Just question one post. If you got the heart to do it post john are going to be doing it. And no no shame, no guilt, no nothing. If you don’t, it’s all good. You You play as full out with this as you want to. But we really suggest you going all out with this because where we want to go is to give this five days the most biggest impact for you in your life. So thank you so much, and we will see you tomorrow

Chris Yax 30:26
at 12 o’clock.

Chris Yax 30:30
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