The Last Episode of Yoga Entrepreneur Secrets and The Birth of The Awakened Life Podcast

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What Is This Episode About…

In this episode, we say goodbye to Yoga Entrepreneur Secrets and hello to our new podcast The Awakened Life Podcast. This is an exciting opportunity to grow in our teachings and guide you in your healing journey on and off the mat.

Just like many other businesses, coronavirus crumbled our in-studio business. Almost overnight we lost %50 of our revenue. In a time filled with uncertainty and crippling anxiety, practicing yoga is more important than ever. We decided to continue our teaching and be an outlet for our followers during this time. We recorded online videos and brought yoga to you all virtually.

The new perspective gave us an opportunity to think about the practice. Yoga is more than stress relief on the mat, it should carry over into your work life and into your personal life. That’s why we have decided to start a new podcast with an improved message. The Awakened Life Podcast will focus on achieving all of the pillars of the practice and how to live with more passion in life.

Nothing changes about how you listen, just a new outlook for all of you


Key Points Discussed:

  • Announce last episode of Yoga Entrepuner Secrets and announce exciting new plans 1:10
  • Effects of coronavirus on our business 2:30
  • How we decided to continue teaching during a pandemic 3:50
  • What we have been lacking in our practice 6:00
  • How coronavirus is giving us the opportunity to teach all of the pillars of yoga 6:50
  • What is missing in modern yoga 8:15
  • Introduction of Awaken Life Yoga Academy 10:29
  • Formal introduction of new podcast 12:42

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When Was It Released…

This episode was released May 13, 2020

Episode Transcript…

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John Yax 0:00
We need to introduce this information to everyone that’s in our group, we need to introduce this information ever because this is the missing piece. And right now when people are experiencing that the intensity of isolation and the intensity of seeing their family members get sick or their kids having to be home from school and having to juggle that to lose their job or their spouse losing their job, the intensity of where life is right now, Chris and I are like people need this right now. This information is what they need. They need those two pillars.

Chris Yax 0:32
What’s up everyone, you are listening to yoga entrepreneur secrets. I am Chris Yax and i’m John. Yes, we are part of a small group of yoga entrepreneurs who are committed to making a living doing what we love without feeling guilty about making money for ashamed of being successful, because we know the real value of yoga and how the world needs it. Now more than that, this podcast is here to teach the strategies and tactics so we can thrive financially as yoga entrepreneurs.

Chris Yax 0:57
We are the x brothers and welcome

Chris Yax 0:58
to yoga entrepreneur. Secrets.

Chris Yax 1:03
So the bad news is that this is the last episode of yoga entrepreneur secrets.

Chris Yax 1:09
The good news is that this is in our last podcast, you got to wait to the end to find out the rest of that good news. So yoga entrepreneur secrets, we develop this podcast specifically to help yoga entrepreneurs build their businesses to create more success in their businesses. Because what we found is so many entrepreneurs that we’re teaching the good message that we’re spreading yoga, that we’re helping people, we’re having to go out of business because they didn’t understand how to run their business. They didn’t understand that the strategies, tactics. And so we thought, we need to teach these strategies and tactics so that these young entrepreneurs could thrive in their businesses so they could continue to spread this message, continue to help people. But what we realized is that there was anytime we’d go out and actually help people in this process, they would be fired up about the information they knew. They’re like, Oh, yes, that makes sense. If that makes sense, and then we’d go back to them and realize that they weren’t actually implementing they weren’t actually doing the work. And so there was something foundational that was missing that Chris and I talked about. There’s something that we need to address with these young entrepreneurs to help them get over something. That thing is so that they do implement so that they do change their their businesses so that they can change their lives. And so we started developing this idea of like, what is what is this foundation and we had the we had the plan on introducing it and pushing it out but Coronavirus hit, and it shut our studios down. Like the podcast that we put out. The episode we put out a couple weeks ago was all about COVID-19. And what’s happening, how do you how do you survive through it, but the reality of it is on a Tuesday, this is six weeks ago now who knows it was the middle of March. I feel feels like a year and a half as we was the last day of Like classes at hothouse, that was a Tuesday on the next Wednesday, we started live streaming classes. This was the reality like, over literally overnight 50% of our revenue taken off the table the whole way that we were able to try and work with this next level offering to work with yoga entrepreneurs to help teach them what we’ve learned over the last 15 years of running studios and all of the last five to six years of understanding direct response marketing and how to live in the online world. Like all of that the foundation that allowed us to shift our focus to that new offering was overnight taken away from us. And so we had to retreat we had to pull back and like come into like, what is it next? Like, what can we do next? The real question we asked ourselves, which if you remember in the last episode was how can we serve now and so immediately was you know what, people are losing their minds, they’re stuck inside their houses, they’re not exercising enough. They’re not doing the self care they need. They need yoga. So on that Wednesday, we said, you know what everyone yoga, come on in. It’s free. Just start taking classes with us. We started a Facebook group, we tried like, Listen, if we can’t have a community inside of our studios, we’re going to build a community online. And so we started a Facebook group called the x yoga lab. And people started joining it. And we started delivering classes inside of it. And I started doing tutorials and lives every day. And we were like, Listen, we don’t know what else to do. We’re teachers. And right now what we’re trying to do is keep our studio alive, even while we can’t be open, and at the same time, try to help these people that are stuck at home with a whole different paradigm, a whole different reality of some of them aren’t able to work anymore. Some of them are working but then their kids aren’t going to school. So they have to figure out that some of their their their significant others lost their jobs or they’re in crisis mode. Some of them are experiencing family members that are sick, like everybody’s world is getting rocked and we know that when life gets crazy. We have to Route ourselves in a routine of foundation, something that’s going to keep our eyes open and keep us focused instead. And that’s what we did is like, Listen, it’s yoga for everybody. Like we were just sending out links to everyone the whole email list, guess what you want to practice, come here like two times a day. 930. In the morning, four o’clock in the evening, one time on Saturday, one time on Sunday lives every day with tutorials and stuff at 12 o’clock. And we were just like, we don’t know what to do. We’re teachers, what do we do we teach. So we’re going to continue to teach and something beautiful happened, we started creating this community of people that were like, Oh, my God, thank you so much. And we’re like, thank you so much. Are you kidding? Like you’re helping fulfill our dream of like, continuing to teach. But so the reality of it though, is that what we realized is that there’s this thing that happens when people practice that they become dependent, and you’re gonna it’s probably gonna sound weird to you, but like, they become dependent on the mat to experience a certain level of peace and well being. And john, I call this the yoga practice, release loop where like, I get on my mat and I’m like, I finally feel good. My body feels good, my mind is clear, I’m not stressed. And then you get off the mat. And all of a sudden life kicks in the T, the stress is back, right? You’re tense because the stress and then your body starts feeling bad. And then you start making bad, like food choices, and then like, there’s a spiral that happens, then what happens? You’re like, I gotta get back to my mat, I gotta get back to my mat, and then you’re back on your mat, and you’re like, Okay, I feel good for a little time, and it releases the pressure, right? And then you got it, then you get off the mat. And like, there, here’s the loop. And what we’ve realized over the 15 plus years that we’ve been owning studios in the 20 plus years that we’ve been teaching, is that there’s a way out of that loop. And what we realized is now like this Coronavirus thing didn’t happen to us. It happened for us, we now have an opportunity to take people who normally would have to do a super long, like year long teacher training, spending thousands of dollars like countless hours and time and energy to get this information we’re like right now we have an opportunity The opportunity that that we realized, what’s being taught is only one pillar of the totality of what Yoga is. And it’s just awesome. It’s just the postures. It’s just what we’re doing on a mat. So it’s like people are coming in and just practicing, practicing, practicing, and what’s expounded by so many teachers, is that, that’s all you need to do. Just get on your mat and practice and you’ll have the life of your dreams, get on your mat and practice. And you’ll be able to find that steadiness throughout your day and everything will start to fall into place, and all of a sudden, you’ll have the person in your life and the work and all that your dream job and your dream, and you just have to get on your mat and practice and it’s not true, right? The practice is powerful, but it’s only one part of the totality. Right? It keeps us young, it keeps our bodies healthy, it keeps us vibe. It keeps the vitality the energy high. But more importantly, it gets it allows us to experience a higher level of awareness so that we can move to the next pillar, but most people aren’t jumping to the next pillar, most pillars In just the practice the yoga release loop experience, right? Think of it this way. Like if you’re learning a new language, and you’re going to a school to learn it, you don’t just learn and apply the language in the school in the classroom, the classroom, the place that you’re learning it is the information that you need to then go out in the real world and speak it. And it’s the same thing. You go into a yoga classroom to do what you do on your mat. It’s not designed and it’s hard. If you take it back far enough, it’s not designed to be left on your mat. It’s designed to then take that knowledge, take that information, take that experience off of the mat, and then apply it to your life. And this is what we realized over the years and years we’ve been doing this, this is what’s missing in modern yoga. And this gave us the ability that this was the aha moment of, we need to introduce this information to everyone that’s in our group. We need to introduce this information ever because this is the this is the missing piece. And right now when people are experiencing that the intensity of isolation and the intensity of seeing their their family members get sick or their or their kids having to be home from school and having to juggle that to lose their job or their spouse losing their job or the intensity of where life is right now, Krishna, like people need this right now. This information is what they need, they need those two pillars, they need the next level of this practice. And this led us to this five day immersion, we’ll cut you off and go for it. And so we like Alright, you know what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna do a five day immersion free we had over 700 people sign up and register for it. And for five straight days, we talked about the real what we call the untold secrets of yoga, how to like how to practice these keys to unlocking your last youth then you to essential the eliminating stress and overwhelm and like finding that self love, like literally, everyone’s standing on this iceberg, right? This glacier, and we’re all standing on top of it and just practicing all these poses. But if you dive deeper into it, you see the totality of the truth. pillars of why movement is actually really important. So we did it and it was phenomenal. And it’s literally a mountain underneath the water. And we think that’s just this little tip of the iceberg is all there is. And it’s so amazing. But if you realize if you can see the depth, what it really is, it’s a mountain underneath a foundation, like Chris was saying. And so during the, during this immersion, the response, we’re getting like, Oh, my God, this is amazing. This is amazing. Like, like, what do we do next. And so right off the heels of it, we created the Awakened Life yoga Academy, which is a completely online experience. We do live classes, we have a whole membership site with all the courses we’ve ever created over the last 10 years. And we do these monthly challenges these like mini micro goal setting challenges that like right now we’re literally in the middle of one. And it’s phenomenal because what we’re doing is we’re teaching the three pillars, we’re teaching the real truth about it so that people can take what they do on their mat off their mat and actually change your life. And so, in the beginning, we said there’s some bad news and some good news. The whole lot before you get to that, I just want to talk back into what I said in the beginning. What Chris is describing what we realize is foundational piece is what the yoga entrepreneur students were missing. This is why they were having they were struggling. Implementing This is why you could we could teach all the strategies and tactics all day long do this and this and try this. We’ve done this and it worked this way and that and nothing’s going to happen. Because they’re missing this foundational piece. They’re missing what it is that we’re Chris just went the awaken life Academy. This The foundation is understanding ourselves the aspects of our beingness and are becoming this the aspects of what is it? What are my beliefs that are blocking me from having the life that I want to have? What are the beliefs that are blocking me? They’re all held up by a story. What’s the story I’m telling myself that creates that belief that doesn’t allow me to create the dream of my life? Right, that doesn’t allow me to create the vision of this bigger the business or the relationship or the health or the experience the dream Graphic location the house I want to live in. Why do I keep getting blocked from moving in that direction. And it’s because of this foundational information is because we cannot see the false beliefs because we don’t realize they’re false. We continue to tell ourselves the same stories that continue to create that belief that continue to block the potential that we truly have. And the awaken life Academy is all about breaking those false beliefs, opening up your true potential, aligning yourself, being able to have the clarity to see where it is you want to go, and then lay the path to get there. And that’s what we’ll jazz about. And so, the bad news is young entrepreneur secrets podcast. This is the last episode. The good news is we are starting the awaken life podcast. You don’t have to go anywhere. It’s going to be delivered right here. We’re going to check a little you’ll see it’s going to be a different graphic, john are going to be doing something we have here the show Yeah, it’s gonna say the awaken Live podcast on it. It’s gonna be awesome and what we’re doing Delivering via this podcast is everything we just talked about how to live with more purpose and passion and power in your life? How? What does it look? What does it look like? What’s it feel like to live that Awakened Life? And then how do you go about getting there from where you are right now and where you want to be. That’s the foundation. That’s what Yoga is designed to do. Take it far enough back. And this is what yoga was all about. And so we don’t want to just reduce it to what we do on the physical on the mat. Now that’s powerful. It’s important. The fact that you’re probably listening to this means that you got into yoga from that. We’re not saying that’s wrong, we’re just saying it’s not complete. It’s one piece of the puzzle that is yoga that can really have the biggest transformative aspect of your life. And that’s what the awakened my podcast is going to be all about.

John and Chris Yax 13:47
So I think for the last time, yes, for last time, do the work out of the struggle,make the world a better place. See the next episode? This

John Yax 13:54
Yes, thanks so much for listening to yoga entrepreneur secrets. Do you have a question that you’d like us to answer? Raw and uncut on the podcast. If you want your questions answered, all you need to do is head over to Apple podcasts and do three simple things one rate and review telling us what you think of the podcast to in that review, ask anything you want related to yoga, and three if you want a shout out, leave your Instagram handle or name and that’s it. Then listen in to hear your question answered, live raw and uncut. Join us next time on yoga entrepreneur secrets podcast. Thanks

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