The Truth About What Yoga Actually Is – How Meditation Is The Key To Ending All Your Struggles With Life

Modern Day Yoga Is A Lie

What Is This Episode About…

In the episode, we are discussing meditation and how to achieve bliss for longer amounts of time without interruption from our mind. This is part three of our five-part immersion series to teach you the awakened life formula.

Chris leads our discussion this week. The focus is on mediation and how you can choose to take a step forward towards total enlightenment without ever having to achieve it. The small progress you do make helps clear your mind so you can change and adapt the way evolution has taught you to think.

Chris answers our questions about meditation and why it can be so hard to turn off your thoughts and focus on just the act of mediation. Our mind has a tendency to resort to the bad, shift into flight or flight mode and unfortunately prepare for the worst. This thought pattern essentially puts blinders on us and interrupts our vision to enlightenment.

This week, he teaches us how to stop that interruption and allow a different pattern, a different thought process to enter our minds through meditation. 

Key Takeaways

  • Recap of the awakened life formula (2:09)
  • Our purpose supports passion (4:23)
  • Meditation is the key to ending struggles with life (5:45)
  • Tried meditation #irelate (6:00) 
  • True purpose of meditation (7:55)
  • Flashes of bliss (11:00)
  • Brain always in fight or flight mode (14:20)
  • Survival – why the thoughts are the way they are (16:32) 
  • How change our mind to change out brain (20:31)
  • Create more positive feedback loops (29:05)
  • Process of mediation (32:20)
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When Was It Released…

This episode was released June 10, 2020

Episode Transcript…

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Chris Yax  0:00  

Welcome everybody to the Awakened Life podcast. Today, we are going to share day three of our five day immersion. And what we want to talk about is the truth behind what yoga actually is. How meditation is the OTG yoga if you take it back far enough, but very specifically, we want to teach today how meditation can help you and all of your struggles with life. That’s what we’re going to share inside this episode. So let’s get right to it.


Welcome to The Awakened Life podcast where


we’re going to give you the exact blueprint


of how to live an awakened life, a life filled


with purpose, passion, and power. We are the yaks brothers,


john and Chris, and we’re here to share the truth that Yoga is so much more than stretching. It’s the oldest personal development system


ever created. The problem is that most modern day yoga focuses solely on getting better at poses and promotes this idea that if you get good enough, one day your life will magically fall into place and your struggles with the world will end listen In each week as we reveal the truth about what yoga actually is, and how it’s designed to bring the life of your dreams into reality, if you’re ready to take immediate action to live an awakened life, join our private Facebook group yaks yoga lab and get two of our most popular yoga courses for free.


Welcome, welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Thank you for being here.


Super excited. This is day three of the five day yoga immersion.


And I am super pumped about today. In the Facebook group we’ve been you know, all of the sharing Oh my god, it’s so good. Thank you so much. We john and I, we talked about yesterday, we never thought that there would be so much willingness to be vulnerable and like, share your stories. And I can’t tell you like this is one of the things in our teacher trainings. That is probably the most powerful thing that we do is the sharing. It’s journal writing, sharing. So anywhere where you guys are doing is like it’s it’s humbling. So today today today, so it’s so


so excited. about it, because we’re going to talk


about, oh, what yoga actually is.


But first, let me just recap for a second because it’s really important. You know, as john and i were trying to put this, this immersion together, we wanted to be very specific about, like making sure that everyone knew how all of this fits together. And so the recap is what we’re really teaching you is The Awakened Life formula. Now the Awakened Life formula. It’s basically what this entire training is about. And there’s a process. And so the first day I talked about, like the idea of being and becoming, and now what we’re really doing, like the big lies that it’s really about, like being in terms of understanding your truth and letting that be the foundation of your becoming. Right. And so that was the whole theme. And then john talked about in the very next day, day two, about movement, and what yoga poses what the practice is really designed to do for us. It’s not about gymnastics, it’s not about contorting your body thinking that that’s somehow going to magically make your Life’s better. It’s about moving in such a way that it helps us reclaim lost youth to be like fluid, strong and flexible, right. But also, the secret of that is that movement is designed to prepare us for meditation. And so this is my point. It’s very sequential, we move for our bodies, right? That’s why we love like just the normal practice that everyone thinks Yoga is. But we also move in this Awakened Life formula, prior to meditation to prep us, because movement is one of the quickest ways to change our state and set us up for what I’m going to talk about today, meditation. Now, what’s so important about meditation, you’ll find out today, and then tomorrow, John’s going to talk about it’s so good, so good about this next level of manifestation. And so but when you look at all that, and so for meditation, it then supports us and provides this foundation to create the life of our dreams and there’s a place process that we teach all within manifestation, what you’re kind of going through right now. But my point is I really want to articulate that this Awakened Life formula is movement, meditation and manifestation in a very specific way that john and I do every single day. And the like, what’s really embedded in that is for us in our lives, to have more purpose, right to know, like, this is where I want to go in my life. Because without that, how are you passionate, and people really like, they’re like, I want to be passionate about something, well, if I don’t know where I’m going, then I don’t have the fuel and the fire to have a direction of knowing where I should be running. So purpose is first and then we have this passion. That’s like, the emotional content, right? It’s what like, fires us up and gets us out of bed and like allows us to go the extra mile, so that we can create this manifestation but without like, you have passion. You can know where you’re going, and you can be so excited about it. But if you don’t have the personal power, this third element, and the third element is John’s going to talk about tomorrow is like it’s just So important there, obviously they all linked together. But without this, you can have purpose and passion and you can like, just be unhappy, because I know where I want to go. And I’m excited about it. But I just don’t know how to get there. Because what’s really missing is the personal power piece. All of this together, the movement, the meditation manifestation, what and what’s required and what’s kind of being pulled into that experience is purpose and passion. And power is what we call like the Awakened Life like so what we’re really teaching in this whole thing is how do we live an awakened life? So that is the kind of the recap and the excitement about what’s coming tomorrow. But let’s get into today. All right, so the truth behind what yoga actually is why meditation is the key to ending all your struggles with life with life. Please, I’m not saying there will be no more struggle in life, but you will stop struggling with the reality of what life is if given what it’s offering. And so we What is the purpose of meditation? I apologize. We’re gonna go super deep real quick. But let me back up real quick. I first heard about meditation. I was in my like late teens, early 20s, right around that time, and I forget who I was actually like following and listening to, that kind of compelled me to do this. But I heard that if you meditate, you meditate for an hour. I was like, and when you meditate, you sit with nothing underneath you in a cross legged position, and you have to time it, but that’s what meditators do. You meditate for an hour in a cross like position on the floor with time and so that’s what I did. Oh my god, like 10 minutes into it. I was like, this doesn’t feel right. Like legs numb, right body shaking 30 minutes into it, and it’s an all out war in here. Now. I’m kind of type a like, I am like, I’m a quick start. You tell me what to do. I’m boom, I’m going I’m getting it. So like not like quitting halfway through, not an option. Literally by the end,


I’m like, convulsing.


I’m like having a seizure, because my body was so unconditioned for it. And my mind is like, you’re gonna die your legs, you’re gonna fall off, abort, abort, abort. And my consciousness was like, No, I can handle it. I can handle it. That timer went off, and I did not sit and meditate for an entire year. If you’ve ever meditated and struggled, can you put hashtag I relate. Oh, my God. I mean, that’s like, if you are if you think you’ve tried meditation, you think, Oh, I can’t meditate. Let me know with like a like or love or something like that. So you can feel where I was back in the day. Oh, my God, it was so painful. Literally. I didn’t do it again for a year. I was like, that’s what meditation is. No thanks. I’m good. My life is good enough as it is. So let’s talk about the real purpose of meditation. It is enlightenment, which is a state of complete bliss, every day, all day long enlightenment. state of complete bliss all day, every day. I don’t want that. Sounds crazy. Yes, I’m a yogi. And yes, I meditate every day. But let me be very honest with you. I know I’m so truthful with the fact that I will not, I’m not willing to put in the time and the energy and the effort to become an enlightened master. I’m just not. And, and I know that’s the purpose. I know. That’s the aim. And I meditate every day. So you may be thinking like, well, dude, if you’re not like, you’re not aiming for enlightenment, but you meditate every day. Like, why? And here’s the best analogy I have. Like, take a moment and just envision yourself, like on the beach, and like 50 yards away, you see this big bonfire, but the bonfire is far away, and it’s cold. it’s wintertime and you feel cold. Before I say there’s no one around you, you feel alone. And every day because your desires to get to that bonfire, and be with all the people who are there surrounding it feeling its warmth, you just commit to taking a step. And you commit to taking another step. And you commit to taking another step. And every day you choose to take a step, you may not feel the warmth. But as soon enough, at some point, you will get close enough to begin to feel the warmth. You won’t even be there yet. But you’ll feel the warmth, you’ll begin to hear the people and the love the connection that they’re creating. And you’ll start to experience that as your own. Maybe one day you get there, but maybe you don’t. This is my point behind enlightenment. I don’t care if I get there. But I’m totally committed to walking the path meaning I’m totally committed to meditating to sitting and with myself every single day. Because as short as I walk towards that bonfire, and I feel its warmth. I will sit in meditation, and I will feel what happens on the path towards enlightenment, which is more love. more self love, more belonging, right more joy, the things in my life that I’m looking for that meaning I don’t care if I get there, because the point of the goal is the person you become on your way to achieving it. The point of walking towards the bonfire is to feel its warmth. You may not get there, but you’re going to feel the warmth. You’re going to feel the connection, the point of meditation, yes, it’s enlightenment, but you may never get there. I’m really honest, I don’t think I’m gonna get there. But I’m feeling the love and the connection that’s born from walking the path. That’s why I meditate. Okay, so flashes of bliss. I may never get to enlightenment, you may never get to enlightenment, but that’s not a reason not to meditate. And in fact, you’ve experienced moments of enlightenment,


literally moments


of so here’s the way to describe it. What the mind is doing all the time is it separating itself from experiences, you have an experience and you think about it, and you’re not in it, you’re now like trying to figure out how to work and how to do it. So think but you’ve had moments of bliss. what some of you it’s not Nature, you take a walk in the park, and you’re not thinking about it, you’re just experiencing the smell and the sight and sound. You’re just literally like you’ve merged, you’re in the experience. If your passion is like gardening, and you can just be there for hours, you’re not thinking about it. You’re just like your tune with the earth and you’re planting and you’re weeding, and you’re in that experience where time literally doesn’t matter. It literally stands still, there is no concept of tomorrow or the next day, you are in full rapture with what you’re experiencing. Or sometimes it’s making love. Right? for a lot of us that’s making love like it’s the moment of like, Man, you’re literally literally merging with somebody and experiencing this love and His passion is ecstasy. What happens for most of us is we have a brief moment of that, and then the mind kicks in, we start thinking about it. When you do that you now separated yourself, that experience those flashes of bliss. But it’s a flash because there’s a moment before the mind kicks in, where you’ve experienced life without the filter without the mind. So then the question becomes what keeps us from experiencing those more and for longer periods of time? Now, if you can relate to this alike or love so you know, like, Yes, I feel you’re on the I’ve had those moments, I’ve had those flashes, whether it’s holding the baby, whether it’s in nature, whether it was, you know, making love, whatever it


was, let me know that you feel me on that, because


it’s really important


that if you’ve had those, it means that you know what you’re looking for. And that’s so important. And then the question is what keeps us from experiencing those more and for longer periods of time? Okay? And the answer is, patterns of mind, typically return this patterns of consciousness, but we usually use that terminology and language in our teacher trainings. So it’s literally patterns of the mind, which is really a pattern of the brain But I’ll talk about that. And what I’m really saying with patterns of mind is subconscious programming. It’s really important that you know, because of evolution, you are the way you are. Meaning it’s not your fault. You’re crazy. is everyone’s crazy. And here’s why. We have old brains, literally hundreds of thousands, millions of years of evolution


is what we’re dealing with here.


This evolution has given us given the brain what you have in here, the brain, the number one priority, survival. It doesn’t care if you’re at peace, it doesn’t care if you’re happy. It doesn’t care if there’s joy in your life. And because of survival being its number one priority.


It has a negativity bias. What do I mean by that? Back in the day,


way, way back in the day like our way back ancestors when Every single day was a matter of life and death. Right? We don’t have sharp teeth. We don’t have sharp claws like we were prey. But we have these brains that allowed us to project out and plan and navigate our environment in ways that no other species could


that we know.


So here we are in that literal life or death situation. And the brain says, you noticing that stick that could be a snake, way more valuable than you noticing that flower. That’s beautiful. You noticing the movement of the brush in your periphery, that could be a big cat way more valuable than you noticing this


sunset that’s happening as you get eaten.


The point is, millions of years of evolution, have forced you to focus more on negative experiences than positive ones. Because avoiding a threat was much more immediately advantageous to your survival than like reaching for an opportunity. This is so important. One of you in the


thread. Amery, I believe it was,


you said, Why is it


so in the first journal writing we had you focus on what you’re struggling with what like the your your biggest hurdles in life right now. And the second was describe your best life. And what she wrote in the thread was, Why am I only or is it weird that I’m only focusing on day one, even after day two? I was like, no. And it’s because we you have a negativity bias. And so why so does everyone else your brain is wired to focus on the negative. Now fast forward to right now. It’s just so important. We’re not life or death situation anymore, right? You could argue the fact with the current pandemic we’re dealing with, but most of us what we’re doing now, because remember, this is subconscious programming. We’re playing out all of these scenarios in our head. It’s what we call the simulation. The simulation is you projecting out into the future, and like it’s like a daydream. But it’s kind of a de nightmare, because all of the simulations end up being worst case scenarios. Why? Because your brain cares about survival.


It doesn’t care


about your peace and your well being because it has a negativity bias, which helps you survive. Now what I mean survival and this will help articulate why the thoughts you have are the way they are and why some are predominant, and some are not. In terms of survival, there’s four key things the brain wants the four F’s, as we call it, it’s fight. Its flight, right? That’s sympathetic nervous system action. I’m either gonna run away, or it’s fight or flight, I’m gonna I’m gonna run away or I’m gonna throw some blows, right. The third F is feeding you need to eat food to survive, and the fourth F is Is procreation, and it’s procreation because this survival isn’t just for yourself but survival of the species. And so we’re predominantly looking at our environment like, do I need to run? Or do I need to fight something? it? Can I eat that? Or can I have sex with it? And those are the things that we end up


playing out over and over again.


So remember, now we’re not in life situations, we’re in normal daily life, right? Where what’s been replaced with the brush that could be a big cat or the stick that could be a snake is you know, conflict at work. You’re, you’re unhappy with your job. There’s issues in your relationships. And so the brain is focusing the mind is focusing on all of these things, playing out worst case scenarios, because we’re dealing with old programming that’s designed to keep you alive, not designed to make you happy. Understanding this, there’s a next real key thing point here, the brain and the body can’t distinguish reality from these mental simulations.


They can,


john and i, when we were in our like the throes of martial arts. It was we were basically doing MMA mixed martial arts. But it wasn’t called that back in the day it was prior to MMA, but we were so focused on what we call self preservation aspect of it,


kind of our motto was like,


learn it today to be able to use it tonight. But to be able to do that, we knew that you fight like you train. And we knew if we put ourselves if we simulated scenarios that could potentially be real scenarios in life. And see if our training is like working in those scenarios, we’ll be able to actually defend ourselves in a real way.


Every single day,


two times a day. Most days, we were having these real life simulations in our martial arts training. added with the craziness of our lives at the time, is what led to the hair analysis test that john got that said, like we’re experiencing acute stress disorder. Why? They weren’t real. It was john, I was fighting. I use my brother, I love them. But I was putting myself in a situation where the brain and the body couldn’t distinguish. And you know this, if you have experienced a moment where you’re simulating something, and all of a sudden you feel like if it’s obviously something negative, but something contentious and you feel like your palms sweaty, you feel your heart racing, you feel your blood pulsing through your body. Hashtag Yes, please, because it’s so important that you recognize what’s going on here has a physiological effect here in the body and the brain in the body. Literally, when you play something out the same neuro chemicals are dumping into your, your brain in your bloodstream, that is as if it were really happening. Okay, cool. So that’s that So then all that like, Oh, very negative Oh, it’s fight or flight this or that what happened? So the question is, how does this work? How does this work? And how can we be free of it? There’s a saying this is we got this from a book called Buddhist brain, it’s changed the mind, to change the brain, to change the mind, change the mind, to change the brain, to change the




What that saying is that if we can start controlling the simulations and what we’re focusing on, the brain will in turn start to reshape itself. This is called neuroplasticity.


There’s a period of our lives and like, not so distant ago, where we thought at the age of seven, we were hardwired, no more learning you are who you are, go live your life. It’s not true. Current scientists saying there’s neuroplasticity, you can actually change and evolve and adapt until


your death. It gets harder when you’re older. But like it’s still possible. And this is the way this is the mechanism. You change the mind what you’re focusing on which will change your brain, the neurons chemicals and what what you’re experiencing how you feel about life. And then that then changes your mind you will then the brain will be patterned.


There it is


to see this new perspective. So check this out. This is super This is like if you weren’t on our retreat in Costa Rica, the one we just went to, then you haven’t seen this yet. This is new information that we like, we had a brainstorm. And I was like, Oh, my God connects and what john is going to do tomorrow, overlays on this, and it’s so powerful, just these two trainings this one and then what john does tomorrow, if you add it and you lay this thing over each other, you will see all of the reasons why you are the way you are, period, and that is then the key to your freedom. So let’s look at this. This box says identity. This box says experience this box says stories. This box says beliefs. What is identity. That’s who I am, or who you believe yourself to be. But we say things like that, oh, that’s just who I am.


I’m not a morning person, just who I am.


That’s your identity. We then have experiences these experience is honestly if I’m really telling the truth, they’re all neutral. They’re not inherently good or bad. It’s the truth. But that’s not the reality. The reality is because of this, we start experiencing them as positive, negative or neutral. So


our minds lump


all the experiences into one of three buckets. It’s positive, it’s negative, or it’s neutral, which means the positive we end up chasing it, the negative, we end up running away from it and the neutral, we end up ignoring it. Let’s go down to stories.


The stories that we create it’s,


I’m talking about stories is what the simulations were all the stories that we’re playing out in our mind, there’s a saying that, like, all you think you’re thinking, you think you’re thinking, but all you’re really doing is telling stories to yourself, about yourself. And they all have this negative like color, this negative hue because of our brains, trying to wrap it all together. So these stories, what we’re really doing with the stories, we’re trying to create meaning of these experiences, there’s got to be meaning for this. And so the stories are it means this or it means that and what are the stories are really doing the real power of stories is so important is that they hold up our beliefs about this as how life is. This has meanings that says how life is. These stories are literally the scaffolding that supports beliefs. We all have them. And these beliefs become your identity. This is how life is. And that’s why I am the way I am. That’s just who I am. And then guess what? That becomes the filter. Oh, I have another experience. Oh, because of who I am and how this literally colors the way you see experiences. That’s why we lump it in positive, negative or neutral because we have a pre like a precondition set program to experience Oh, red light. I’m angry. Check program done story. Oh, you know, I’m always late. That’s why I’m always angry at red lights belief. Oh, yeah. This is how life is I’m all you know, it’s just, you know, life’s a struggle. And you know, when every time you’re late, there’s always going to be red lights. Oh, and this is just who I am. I’m just always That procrastinator, that late person and then experience that you see, it’s a feedback loop. Now, this is what’s really important.


The feedback loop doesn’t have to be negative,


it can be positive. So one of the like, the hardest experiences I’ve ever had in my life was the separation of my mom and dad, I would happen when I was very young. I was the youngest of six.


And when he left,


like he left like he stayed around, it was right. I could tell you that I can take the next year to tell you all the different stories, but he stayed around for a little bit, but then he was gone. Like he went to Europe. He then went to Arizona, he then went to California, then went to the Midwest, and he forgot every birthday. He was never around. Literally, I felt abandoned, but not just that I felt like he and my mom separating was


my fault.


And so here it is, like, I had an experience of my mom and dad separating. The story I told myself was that it was My fault. The belief I had was that I was unlovable because of that I felt abandoned. And because I took the responsibility from the story I was telling, I the belief I created was that I’m unlovable literally, it was like there’s a puzzle piece in me that was missing. And mind you, my mom is full loving, like she love me love me. But she couldn’t. What was broken inside of me was not something she could fix this create an identity of I am an unlovable person. And I will always be unlucky in love. Fast forward. Now. I’m in my early 20s. And I’m dating, and I’m dating this one girl, and it’s going great. And I’m like, Man, this could be the one. It wasn’t. And all of a sudden, like, she doesn’t tell me but I see her out at night and she’s with her ex. And so here it is an experience. The girl I was dating, left me for her for her ex, and didn’t tell me and the story I told was Oh, oh, it must be my fault. I must have done something. Oh, and it’s Oh, that’s right. I am I’m unlovable. Oh, that’s right. That’s my identity. like


six months later, I’m dating someone else.


I’m This is no shit. I promise this is real true life story.


She leaves me


for her ex without telling me. Same story. Same belief reaffirms my identity. I wish I was lying. It happened a third time. In that same year. She leaves me without telling me goes back to her ex. I mean, at this point, who can’t what believe that, like it was their fault that they’re lucky in love. And that’s just who I am. Right. So now fast forward. I’m in my later 20s and I’m dating my now wife. We’re living together. We’re lying in bed, and she gets a text. And then she gets another one. And then she gets another one. And then she gets another and all the sudden feel Like, angry, because I was like, Oh, she’s probably cheating on me. And she doesn’t tell me. And all I could do very passive aggressive, passive aggressive. I was like, Listen, if you’re gonna continue to get text, you’ve got to leave this girl and not leave like, forever, but like go in the other room.


Anyway, I wake up,


and I was super unnerved about I was not okay, but I didn’t say anything. I just kind of let it be. And I sat in meditation. I already had a form of meditation practice at this point. I was practicing yoga all the time. And I just sat with it. And I kind of like asked the question, What do I do? And I didn’t hear voices or anything like that. But the general sense was like, just chill. Like, just just be don’t do anything. Don’t do anything. So fast forward that this coming Saturday, the Saturday back then, and we’re going out to dinner because it was my birthday, my 30th birthday. And we’re eating dinner. It’s wonderful. We’re having a good time. I kind of like just put all that behind me. And, and she’s like, hey, do you want to go this other restaurant and have some dessert? Yeah, of course. So we go to the restaurant. I walk in Surprise. She set up a 30th surprise birthday for me. And I looked at her I was like, Wait a second. What were you doing in bed that night? Just like your your best friend was drunk texting me how awesome we are together, and I hope you make it and how much he loves me.


And I was like, oh my god.


Here it is. Here it is. This pattern of me feeling unlovable. Like there’s a part missing and this experience of her like texting just that one night. And then the story of like, Oh, I know she’s cheating on me. Why? Because I’m unlovable because I have one. That’s my journey, because I’ve had all these experiences that reaffirm that, all of a sudden, that story and that belief, almost sabotage, literally the woman of my dreams being in my life right now. This is the power. So the question is the power of meditation is my point. How do we create more positive feedback loops? How do we create more positive feedback loops. Because the same process, it’s just a process, it’s arbitrary. It’s not inherently good or bad. The way to do it is to hack into stories. This is why your identity when you say this is just who I am. How open are you to changing that? You’re not, it’s your identity, your beliefs, they don’t even have to be true. But there’s believable if I asked you, hey, what are your false beliefs? You’d be like, I have none. Because they’re your beliefs. They’re not false until someone presents different information that allows you to see it. How is that information presented and story form? What I’m saying is you have to hack into your stories, the stories that you’re telling yourself, hashtag, hack into stories, hack stories, hashtag hack stories, if you’re feeling on this, because this is the deal. This is not the entry point. You don’t have control over all the experiences. This is not the entry point to change because it’s your identity. It’s hardwired, it’s who you think you are. This is not the entry point because you don’t know false beliefs because then your belief period, you got to Start looking at the stories you’re telling yourself and asking, Are they empowering or disempowering? So how do we create more positive feedback loops?


And loops?


We hack into our stories when I just said, and how do we do that through meditation? Why meditation, because there are three main benefits. And I’ll be wrapping this up right here. So stay with me. And if you’re feeling it, say, keep going, because I couldn’t stop right here. If you’re like, you know what, that was good. I’m good. I gotta run. But if you want to keep going, hashtag Keep going. Keep going, cuz I’m energized. I’m gonna keep going this.


I’m gonna keep going anyway. I don’t care. I do care, but I don’t. Alright,


so why the three main benefits of meditation, and I’ll bring it right back to stories and that whole feedback loop that I just spoke of, because it increases your awareness. What do I mean by that?


You’re like, wait, I walk around. I’m aware of everything. No, you’re not. You’re aware of the things you tell your brain to be aware of. Right there are these things called rash receptors. JOHN, we’ll talk about it tomorrow. And it’s little literally what governs, like what your brain focuses on as significant in your environment and you tell it that


my point is meditation,


it heightens and expands your awareness. Not just generally, you may notice certain things a little bit more later, like have this heightened sense of like, I’m very attentive. But what it’s really giving you is an awareness of when you’re telling a story. Why does that work? Because think about it. I’m sitting in meditation, my eyes are closed, and I’m focusing on


my breath.


And that’s it. So simple, right? Should easy. It’s not, it’s the most difficult thing in the world. Why? Because all of a sudden, you’re breathing. And then your mind turns what it turns to a story that you’re telling to yourself about some future or past experience. Why? Because there’s something in your environment that has to be dealt with right now. No, it doesn’t. But what happens is, you now have juxtaposition you now have a benchmark of Oh wait, I was here and now I see myself. Lost and thought lost in the story. You heighten your awareness of when you’re not present, which makes you feel more crazy. That’s why most people don’t continue with meditation is because they feel crazy and that they can’t stop thinking. That’s not the point. I wish I had time to go into the deeper aspect of like, what success meditation looks like and why. But don’t


just know


that the process of focusing to the mind, and then being able to see and be aware of when you’re not breathing and focusing on your breath, and you’re lost and thought is the entry point to hacking into your stories. Here’s the next level impulse control. What does that mean? You feel called to act in the moment and you have the strength to not or you empaths out there. I’ll get to you in a second because I’m one you feel called to not say anything Just, I will, I will burn this in the fire of my own spirit. And I will reconcile that because I don’t want to hurt anyone else’s feelings or make anyone feel uncomfortable in the environment that I’m in. I just, I’ll just take it all in. So your impulse is to withhold information to not communicate that it’s the same thing. impulse control isn’t just stopping when you feel it’s doing when you don’t feel, right. This is what’s so important. awareness and impulse control, impulse control. So now I’m seeing it. And in the moment, I see my mind lost and thought I see the story I’m telling myself, I choose to come back to my breath. That every single time is a rep assures you put a weight in this hand you start pumping that iron, this is going to get stronger every single time you are focused and your mind turns you’re heightening your awareness because you can see it now you didn’t see it before and you also when you choose to come back to your budget. If you are building the muscle, of being able to stop and not act when it’s not right, or to act when you feel compelled to not, because you’re this what the value of this is choice, when you’re lost in simulations, and you’re running off subconscious programming, you don’t have a choice. It’s a program and experience happens. Bam, I hit it. So then empathy last bit last bit. Empathy is first and foremost, it’s not for someone else, it’s for yourself. You have to understand that the experiences you had in your life, what you experience in your life, all of the all of the reasons you made the decisions, all the mistakes, all the imperfections, all the things, you got to be on your own side. You have to have like, be willing to stop judging yourself and to step into your own shoes and experience all of your life as if it wasn’t a mistake. It brought you to where you are. Meditation increases your empathy first and foremost for yourself, because what are you doing? You’re sitting with yourself, and you’re experiencing your mind. And you get to just sit with it and be with it and stand in your own skin and be there. This is the value of meditation. But the real value of this isn’t just this and what our reforms then gives you this experience of what’s next. What’s coming tomorrow. Because the entire that yes, this could be enough. Yes, you will stop self sabotaging. Yes, you will create this, like experience of living where you’re being more honest and truthful with yourself with other people. But then the next question is, what do you really want in life? What do you want? What do you want to look like? That’s what we the journal writing was yesterday. Right? What do you want? But then the question, this is where power comes in. This is what John’s gonna talk about, how do we go about and get it with this foundation that I’m enough with this foundation of love, which is foundation of all this awareness? I can see all the stories that are holding me back and self sabotaging. I now have more impulse control to to make differences and make changes in my life because I have a choice and I can stand in my own skin and I feel okay, I feel comfortable with that. What do we do with it? What do we do then? That’s what John’s gonna talk about. Tomorrow’s what Do then. So who was like the homework tonight is? So we talked about what your best life looked like yesterday. Today is what holds you back from that. And you don’t get the out by saying the stories. I’m telling myself. It hashtag, I will not use that out. It’s like what is holding you back from it? What is it that’s keeping you from getting there and just listed, what you’ll find is you’ll create a list of I can’t, I won’t, and I’m not. And what this is going to highlight for you is all of the identities that you’re holding that you feel is keeping you back from experiencing this next level of life. So the homework time is what keeps you back what holds you back, what’s keeping you from experiencing the beauty of what you wrote about yesterday, the joy and the love and the connection, the peace


of what your best life looks like.


Thank you so much for joining. And please don’t forget tomorrow. It’s about power. It’s about creating that life and we’ll teach you the exact mechanics of how To go about doing that, I will I won’t, john well, so thank you so much. Have a wonderful rest of your day and we’ll see you soon.


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