The 4 Step Path to Mastery



Christoper Yax, founder of Yax Yoga Concepts and Hot House Yoga, discusses the framework they use to teach others how attain the Mastery level of any field of study.

The four step process, in itself, is an easy concept. But, as with most anything we try to learn, if we desire to achieve this Mastery level, requires a great deal of time, effort and energy.

Passion for a subject is very important because this will be a driving force in helping you remain dedicated and focused on your goal.

While learning about a subject you are passionate about, you will devour and absorb as much knowledge about your subject of study as you possibly can from all available means.

When you are learning something, you need to apply what you have learned through practice, remembering that through repetitive practicing and learning from your mistakes, only improves your understanding.

Mastery only comes with full, unwavering commitment. This type of commitment is the willingness to analyze and highlight your weaknesses. By doing so, this will then open up the opportunity for you to improve those weaknesses. In time, as those areas become strengthened, you will become a “well-rounded expert” in your field.

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