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The Truth About What Yoga Actually Is – How Meditation Is The Key To Ending All Your Struggles With Life

What Is This Episode About… In the episode, we are discussing meditation and how to achieve bliss for longer amounts of time without interruption from our mind. This is part three of our five-part immersion series to teach you the awakened life formula. Chris leads our discussion this week. The focus is on mediation and […]


Yoga Is More Than Poses – How These Simple Movements Set Us Up For So Much More

What Is This Episode About… In this episode, John continues the five day immersion course. He pulls us away from the belief that we must accomplish advanced poses to achieve healing. Ultimately, it’s that thought process and motion that causes more harm than healing. John focuses on movement in this week’s lesson as one of […]


Modern Day Yoga Is A Lie – Why Most Yogis Only Get A Fraction Of The Benefits Of Yoga

What Is This Episode About… This is the first episode of the rebranded Yoga Entrepreneur Secrets Podcast, now The Awakened Life Podcast. The new podcast will uncover the untold secrets of yoga and help you live your practice on and off the mat.   This episode is part one of the five-part immersion series Chris […]


The Last Episode of Yoga Entrepreneur Secrets and The Birth of The Awakened Life Podcast

  What Is This Episode About… In this episode, we say goodbye to Yoga Entrepreneur Secrets and hello to our new podcast The Awakened Life Podcast. This is an exciting opportunity to grow in our teachings and guide you in your healing journey on and off the mat. Just like many other businesses, coronavirus crumbled […]


41: What Do You Do When COVID-19 Shuts Down Your Yoga Studio

In this episode, John and Chris talk about what to do when COVID-19 shuts down your yoga studio. We explore how you can leverage online classes and social media to keep your members engaged.


40: Everyone And Their Mother Is A Yoga Teacher – How To Stand Out In The Sea Of Sameness

In this episode, we talk about how to differentiate yourself as a yoga teacher from the multitude of other teachers. Right now, there are so many yoga teachers and studios. To stand out from this crowd, and position yourself as a yoga teacher that people need and whose services are sought out for, you need to do these three things.


39: How Hard Are You Willing To Work For Your Success? – Lessons From A Surf Trip In Costa Rica

In this episode, we talk about the effort and sacrifice needed to succeed in life and in business. The bigger your goal, the greater the sacrifice, effort, and commitment you need.


38: Sneak Peek: How the Law of Attraction Really Works

In this episode, we explore the reasons why Yoga was developed


37: Don’t Make This $5000 Mistake: What We Learned (The Hard Way) About Paid Ads And The Customer Awareness Journey

In this episode, Chris will talk about the importance of understanding where potential customers are on their customer awareness journey.


36: Remember Your Why: How To Overcome Uncertainty And Overwhelm

In this episode, Chris will talk about the importance of the “Why” in business and how it keeps an entrepreneur moving forward.